.          all rights belong to Tanis Harms, © 2014
.             refer to

.                                – written by Tanis Harms

THEME:      relationship adventure scenarios
PREMISE:    party, variety show, or workshop idea
.           for an evening of fun,
.           allowing people an opportunity to try out
.           their acting skills with improv. games
NOTE:       You do not have to do all of the games,
.           but do try to keep them in order
.           as they may build on each other.
.           Depending on what you want to do,
.           use volunteers from the audience,
.           and/or use assigned actors.

.           $25.00 USD to receive a WORKSHOP PACKAGE
how you receive this & package description



HOST        Welcome everyone to an evening of improv.
.              (or whatever you want to call it)
.              (explain how it will work, EXAMPLE)
.           We all want to date and marry a superhero,
.           but do they really exist?  And if they do,
.           will it be everything you ever imagined?
.           Tonight we’ll playing a few improv. games
.           to hopefully shed some light on this enigma
.           of relationships.  But to begin,
.           before anyone can date a superhero,
.           one has to meet a superhero.
.           And before meeting a superhero,
.           let’s see if they even exist.


HOST        I need a volunteer...
.            (OR assign an actor, OR HOST can read...)
.           While I/they read this story narration
.           of a public information video,
.           4 volunteers (or assign actors) (2 men, 2 women)
.           will act out the story being read.

GAME 1 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):       2
(HOST assigns roles to volunteers or specific actors,
.           hands out the necessary props, and
.           slips of role descriptions found on printout,
.           try not to let audience know role-descriptions)
NARRATOR    prop:  narration printout
SELFIE-GIRL (lives to take selfies and post them)
.           prop:  cellphone
VILLAIN     (sinister)
.           prop:  black hat (or something like that)
CELEBRITY   (vain movie star, but loves photo ops)
.           prop:  feathered boa
SUPERHERO   (compassionate)
.           prop:  cape

(Start when all actors are ready.  NARRATOR should read
the story portion by portion, giving enough time for actors
to portray each scene bit.  ACTORS are allowed to talk.)

NARRATOR    Welcome.  This is a public information video.
.           Today’s top story:  solo-selfie-girl was seen
.           sightseeing at various San Francisco sites...
.           when a sinister presence began shadowing her
.           and photo-bombing all her selfies...
.           Witnesses say that she was disturbed
.           by these unwanted distractions,
.           until a certain celebrity, who was walking by,
.           willingly agreed to pose with her
.           in several self-marketing-type-selfies, BUT
.           the photo-bombing-villain only struck again...
.           Mayhem broke out as the celebrity tried to leave
.           but the damsel in distress insisted
.           they keep trying to get a selfie
.           without the photo-bomber villain
.           lurking behind them...
.           Then, a super hero of sorts appeared.
.           And using his cape, he blocked the face
.           of the photo-bombing villain.  Only until now,
.           we could only consider this strange phenomenon
.           a folklore myth.  This is only “thanks” due
.           to solo-selfie-girl accidentally hitting
.           the video-option-button.   Before anyone could
.           get his autograph, or any other photo images,
.           the superhero managed to slip away... as well as
.           the currently-on-the-lam photo-bombing villain.
.           The solo-selfie-girl is now about as famous
.           as the celebrity she bumped into, just
.           for capturing the illusive super hero in action.
.           This has been a public information video.

.                                                          2

HOST        I need 2 volunteers...  (OR assign actors)
.           You will both act out a scene.
.           As you do, each sentence must start with
.           successive letters of the alphabet.  So,
.           (to ACTOR 1) your sentence will begin with “A”,
.           (to ACTOR 2) then yours will begin with “B”,
.           the next with “C”, etc.  The scene will end
.           when you reach the letter “Z”.
.           The scene is:  you are X-men mutants
.           from the Xavier Institute.
.           If you don’t know what mutants are –
.           just make it up.  But -
.           some of your fellow mutants are missing
.           and might be in trouble.
.           What are you going to do?  And – action.

ACTOR 1     A message just came in.
ACTOR 2     Because?
ACTOR 1     Cat-eyes is missing.
ACTOR 2     Dare we go look for her?”... etc.

PROPS:      2 microphones

HOST        I need 4 volunteers... (or assign actors)
.           (2 men and 2 women)
.           These two women will hold these microphones
.           and provide all of the sound effects –
.           while these two men act out a scene
.           as Batman and Robin.
.           (assign a woman to a specific superhero)
.           (to MEN)  Superheroes, if you don’t
.           hear something, you need to wonder
.           if maybe something is not working and
.           try again and again until it does or –
.           try something else.
.           So, the scene that takes place is this:
.           Batman and Robin see the Bat-Signal.
.           Gotham City is being attacked by giant birds.
.           You have to get your costumes on,
.           choose your vehicles, get to the site,
.           and save the day.
.           Any questions?
.           And – action.

(Only offer suggestions if they are really stuck.          4
- are your weapons in order, do a test shot
- is your BatMobile in working order, if not
take the Batcycle, Batcopter, Batboat...
- do you seethose birds yet?

(Preferably stop the improv. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

HOST        I believe we have given enough examples to prove
.           the possible existence of super heroes.  So
.           if they do exist, exactly how does one meet up
.           with a superhero if you did not need saving?


HOST        Parties might be great place to meet up with
.           superheroes.  So the game we are going to play
.           is called Party Quirks.  I need 4 volunteers.
.           (or assign actors)  Here are your
.           role-descriptions.  Keep them secret.

GAME 4 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):
(HOST assigns roles to volunteers or specific actors,
.           hands out the necessary props, and
.           slips of role descriptions found on print-out,
.           try not to let audience know role-descriptions)
PARTY HOST  male or female  (has to guess who everyone is
.           and what their issues are,
.           DO NOT let party host see the role descriptions)
SPIDERMAN   is having trouble making webs, but
.           everything keeps sticking to his hands
CAT WOAMN   has a hairball
INVISIBLE WOMAN - is having trouble staying invisible
.           and keeps trying crazy things to test it out

HOST        The party host will try to guess who each
.           guest is and what issues each of them has.
.           When I motion (OR at the sound of the doorbell)
.           party guests will enter one at a time and
.           act out who they are and what their issue is.
.           If the host figures it out, that party guest
.           can return to their seat.  After (5) minutes,
.           if you haven’t guessed them all by then,
.           we’ll give the audience a chance to guess.

(Before buzzing in or motioning in each guest,             5
give each actor a bit of time to do something.
If the party host guesses something correctly,
HOST can say “Correct” or maybe even “Close enough”, then
you can fish for a little more information if you want.
After 5 minutes, do a double buzz or say “TIME’S UP.”
Then let the audience guess.  If they cannot, let actors
explain who they were and what their issue was.)

SET:        4 chairs (3 in a row, 1 set apart)

HOST        Another way to meet a superhero would be to
.           play a type of dating game.  But perhaps the
.           dating game’s goal should really be: to figure
.           out the pros and cons before you date.  So,
.           contestants will try to figure out the strengths
.           and the weaknesses of each superhero.  I need
.           some volunteers... (or assign actors)
.           (3 men, 1 woman;  or vice versa)

GAME 5 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):
(HOST assigns roles to volunteers or specific actors,
.           and gives them their print-outs to study.)

FEMALE CONTESTANT: prop: suggested questions printout
.         – Bachelor #1 (then 2&3), if you were to wear
.           a T-shirt that cleverly said something
.           about you, what would it say?  
.         – B1(2,3), let’s say you met me at a Oceanside
.           bonfire, what would be your pickup line?
.         – B1(2,3), I love romantic dates.
.           What would be your idea of a romantic date?
.         – B1(2,3), let’s pretend that we’re married.
.           How would you help out around the house?

CAPTAIN AMERICA: has super-human strength
.           and expertly handles his shield
.           as a weapon as well as protection.
.           His weakness:  his hair must always be in place
HUMAN TORCH: can become a burning mass
.           and set things on fire.
.           His weakness is a fear of going on boat rides
PROFESSOR X: is telepathic, so
.           he can move things using mind-control.
.           His weakness is he hates
.           being asked to houseclean or “fetch” things

MALE CONTESTANT: prop: suggested questions printout        6
.         – Bachelorette #1 (then 2&3), if you were to wear
.           a T-shirt that cleverly said something
.           about you, what would it say?  
.         – B1(2,3), if I were to meet up with you
.           somewhere, where would that most likely be,
.           and what would you be doing there?
.         - B1(2,3) if for some reason you had to change
.           your career, what would be your backup plan?
.         – B1(2,3), if I were to take you out,
.           what would be your idea of a perfect date?

WONDER WOMAN: has super human strength,
.           and her bracelets are used to stop bullets.
.           Her weakness is she “sees things”
.           as she may or may not have an invisible airplane
ATOM GIRL:  she can shrink down to any size.
.           Her weakness is her fear of bugs.
ELASTIGIRL: she can stretch and not break.
.           Her weakness is her insecurity,
.           as she does not like to be made fun of,
.           because she had been bullied as a little girl.  
.            (for example, and this you could mention:
.             kids never let her skip because they would
.             always use her as the skipping rope)

HOST        The contestant will ask questions,
.           while the superheroes answer them according
.           to their bios, without saying who they are,
.           but still alluding to their strengths
.           and weaknesses.  At the end of the game,
.           the contestant will try to guess what those are.

(After playing this game once or twice, ask the contestant
if they know who the bachelors/bachelorettes are
and what would be their strengths and weaknesses...
If they cannot guess, you can ask the audience if they know.
If no one can guess, have the actors say who they are
and what their strengths and weaknesses are.)

HOST        Once a person finds a superhero
.           they wish to date,
.           even after figuring out their strengths
.           and weaknesses, we would still wonder
.           what the dating experience might be like.

GAME 6:     CAN ONLY SAY                                   7

HOST        To find out, we will play a game called
.           “Can Only Say”.  I will need 4 volunteers.
.           (or assign actors)  (2 men, 2 women)

GAME 6 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):
(HOST assigns roles to volunteers or specific actors,
.           and gives them their print-outs to study.)

2 WOMEN     are the girlfriends to the superheroes


-You know I can see right through you.
-Do we get to leap over any tall buildings?

-I’m Batman.
-Only if we take my Batmobile.

-Just don’t make me angry.
-These clothes are custom made.

-Are you spinning a trap for us?
-My spidey-sense tells me I should bring my wallet.

HOST        This is how the improv. acting game is played.
.           The two women are the superheroes’ girlfriends.
.           (you can assign each woman to a superhero)
.           The scene is:
.           (to WOMEN)  you are planning a double date.
.           (to MEN)  While the women ask for feedback,
.           assistance, or try to get your approval
.           of every detail, the superheroes can only say
.           either of the two lines just given to you.
.           Simply pick which line would be
.           the most applicable at the moment.
.           Any questions?
.           And – action.

(Preferably stop the improve. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

GAME 7:     QUESTIONS ONLY                                 8
SET:        table, 2 chairs

HOST        Let’s play an improv. game where a superhero
.           is actually out on a date with a girlfriend.
.           This game is called “Questions Only”.
.           I need 4 volunteers (or assign actors)
.           (2 man, 2 woman, or more.  Motion to the set)
.           The scene is:  superhero, Aquaman,
.           and his girlfriend are eating at a restaurant.
.           The trick is: you can only speak in questions.
.           You two will begin the scene.  
.           If anyone forgets to make their line
.           into a question, you must switch actors.
.           So for example, if Aquaman makes a mistake,
.           you will hear a buzzer, and another man takes
.           his place and continues on.  Women can be on
.           this side, men, you are on the other side.
.           Any questions?  And – action.

(Preferably stop the improve. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

HOST        Now, once a superhero is dating a normal person,
.           and they’re thinking about maybe blending in
.           and living a normal life,
.           CAN they become productive normal citizens
.           without being showoffs?
.           Are they able to hold down normal jobs?

SET:        table
PROPS:      cat ears on a headband,
.           box of weird and random items

HOST        Audience, I need you to name
.           a personal issue that needs fixing.
.           (once you have your theme, continue...)
.           Now I’m going to ask for 2 volunteers, at least
.           one of them must be a woman. (or assign actors)
.           This game is called “Infomercial”.
.           Catwoman (can put on the cat ears),
.           keep in mind that you are part cat.  You will be
.           assisting the host as you demonstrate and pitch
.           the different products found in this box
.           which will address the issue of...
.           (name the issue the audience has determined)
.           Any questions?  And – action.
.                                                          9
(Preferably stop the improve. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

SET:        2 chairs, a pointer stick

HOST        This next game, called “Weird Newscasters”
.           will challenge our superheroes
.           to step up and get a real job.
.           I need 4 volunteers... (or assign actors)
.           (2 men, 2 women)

GAME 10 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):
(HOST assigns roles to volunteers or specific actors,
.           and gives them their printouts to study.)

ANCHOR      normal person (after an introduction to
.           the news show and perhaps a made-up news story,
.           introduce co-anchor, Huntress.
.           After her news-blurb,
.           introduce sports reporter, Thor.
.           After his sports-news-blurb,
.           introduce weatherman, Ironman.
CO-ANCHOR   HUNTRESS:  while giving a news blurb about
.           some made-up story on crime, stay in character
.           as the tough girl who likes to hunt for revenge
.           and would love nothing better than to hunt down
.           and “take care” of all criminals out there, and
.           she also suspects others of being criminals
SPORTSMAN   THOR:  while giving some made-up sports stats
.           and sports news stories, keep in character
.           that you are not that impressed with any sports,
.           because as far as you are concerned,
.           no one can throw a football, shot put, etc.
.           like you can throw your hammer
WEATHERMAN  IRONMAN:  while giving a weather report,
.           stay in character and feel invincible
.           because doesn’t matter how bad the weather is
.           anywhere else in the world, your robot suit
.           is climate controlled

HOST        We are now going to hear the news.
.           Any questions?  And – action.

(Preferably stop the improve. skit after all 4 have
done their bit, and end it at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

.                                                         10
HOST        As our superheroes become more and more
.           comfortable about trying to be normal,
.           they may even feel the desire to settle down.
.           And we wonder what that might look like.

SET:        2 chairs, pretend there’s an engagement ring

HOST        This game is called “Foreign Film Dub”.
.           I will need 4 volunteers... (or assign actors)
.           (2 men, 2 women)
.           Audience, which language should the actors
.           pretend to speak?  (get a language)
.           Okay, this is the scene.
.           (to MAN 1)  You will be proposing marriage
.           to Rogue (WOMAN 1).  If none of you know who
.           that is, Rogue is a young woman who cannot touch
.           anyone without wearing clothes or she drains
.           their energy from them and they die.
.           So, as these two act out the scene, while
.           pretend-speaking in (which language),
.           after every phrase they speak,
.           they will pause, and you two
.           (to MAN 2 & WOMAN 2) will interpret the lines
.           as to what you think they might be saying.
.           And we will see just how the story unfolds.
.           Any questions?  And – action.

(Preferably stop the improve. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)


HOST        For this game of “World’s Worst,
.           I need at least 4 volunteers
.           (or get assigned actors onstage).
.           You’ll stand in a line at the back of the stage.
.           When I read a request, as you get ideas
.           step forward and deliver your examples.
.           If someone beats you to it, simply wait.
.           When I feel they’re done with their example,
.           there will be one short buzz. Return to the line
.           and then the next actor can step forward.
.           When we’ve heard enough examples
.           of the one request, you’ll hear a double-buzz.
.           Then I’ll read another request.  And so on.
.           Any questions?  And – let’s get started.
.                                                         11
(HOST refers to the list of requests.)

HOST        Show us the world’s worst examples of
.           superheroes proposing marriage.
.           (remember to buzz after each example,
.            then double-buzz to move to the next)
.           World’s worst examples of
.           superheroes giving advice to their kids
.           about the boogie monsters under their beds.
.           (...)
.           World’s worst examples of
.           superheroes coaching their kids in sports.
.           (...)
.           World’s worst examples of
.           superheroes giving dating advice to their kids.
.           (...)
.           World’s worst examples of
.           superheroes at a job interview.
.           (...)
.           World’s worst examples of
.           superheroes reacting when asked
.           to help wash dishes.

HOST        Now that our superheroes have settled down,
.           what do you think married life would be like?


HOST        When people get upset, sometimes we do not
.           speak clearly.  This game “Change a Letter”
.           will demonstrate if superheroes
.           are the same way.  I need 2 volunteers...
.           (or assign actors)  (1 man, 1 woman)
.           In this improv. acting game,
.           Cat Woman is having an argument with
.           her husband about taking out the garbage.
.           He is tired after he gets home from work,
.           and she is afraid that she might find
.           something in there to eat or play with.
.           As you talk, you both have to change every
.           B to an F (or R to W, etc.)
.           Any questions?  And – action.

(Preferably stop the improve. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

.                                                         12
PROPS:      Rubber spider,  Handkerchief, Toy gun,
.           Something jiggly

HOST        Now let’s check out what might happen
.           in relationships once they are expecting
.           a baby.  This game is called
.           “Changing Emotions”.  I need 4 volunteers...
.           (or assign actors)  (2 men, 2 women)

GAME 13 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):
(HOST assigns roles to volunteers or specific actors,
.           and gives them their printouts to study.)

HOST        One of you men will be Red Tornado,
.           who is a highly intelligent android
.           capable of creating high winds and storms.
.           One of the women will be Phantom Girl, someone
.           who is able to go through solid matter, and
.           is intangible, which means no one can touch her.
.           She is sarcastic and a little rebellious
.           but can be a voice of reason when she needs to.
.           The other man will be Wolverine,
.           whose claws come out when angry.
.           One of you women will be Invisible Woman,
.           who is married to Wolverine,
.           and has just found out she is pregnant.
.           The scene you are going to act out is
.           where Invisible Woman gives this news
.           to her husband and their friends.
.           But there is a twist!  There are 4 props,
.           which represent an emotion.  When you are
.           in possession of that prop, that will be
.           your emotion.  At the sound of the buzzer,
.           you must quickly change props with someone
.           and take on the new emotion.
.           Here are the props.  (hand out randomly)
.           The spider represents fear.
.           The handkerchief is sadness and crying.
.           The toy gun represents anger.
.           And this jiggly thing is joy and laughter.
.           Any questions?  And – action.

(Sound the buzzer when you feel it makes sense.
Allow the props to be exchanged at least 4 to 6 times.
Preferably stop the improve. skit at a high point
which lends to a natural ending.)

HOST        We’re assuming being married to a superhero   13
.           will mean many years of happiness –
.           with a few squabbles along the way.
.           But wait, would they experience miscommunication
.           like the rest of us?

SET:        2 chairs

HOST        This last game is called “Interrogation”.
.           I need 2 volunteers... (or assign actors)
.           (1 man, 1 woman)
.           Superman is in trouble again for something,
.           but as usual, he does not know what it is.
.           Superman is going to sit in one chair
.           as his wife will sit in the other
.           and interrogate him.
.           The wife cannot say what it is,
.           but only allude to the issue by giving clues.
.           Superman can ask questions,
.           and when he thinks he knows the issue,
.           he must guess what it is.
.           I will now give the wife a card
.           which shows the issue.

GAME 14 ASSIGNMENTS (comes with a document to print):
(HOST gives WIFE a card with an issue.
You can play this game several times if you want,
using the same or different actors.)

ISSUE 1:  You always leave the toilet seat up.

ISSUE 2:  You act like you think you’re better than me.
.         (Remember, he’s faster than a speeding bullet,
.         more powerful than a locomotive, and
.         able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.)

ISSUE 3:  Your cape and uniform needs washing,
.         and you don’t trust me to do that for you.

ISSUE 4:  When I need help bringing in the groceries,
.         you are always too busy
.         saving other damsels in distress.