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BEAT STREETNOTES - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:     A reporter goes into a questionable
.            neighborhood to film a documentary about
.            young adults facing prevalent temptations,
.            only to find a particular group who
.            try to keep each other accountable
.            and on the “straight-and-narrow.”
STYLE:       street dancing and drama
TOPIC:       temptation
SCRIPTURE:   1Cor.10:13, Gal.3:26-29, Eph.4:31-32


SET:         optional, CITY SCENE in rough neighborhood

PROPS:       video camera;  books and backpacks,
.            bagged liquor bottle or a “bag”
.            “baby” and baby stroller,

MICS:        Only one handheld microphone is needed.
.            REPORTER would hold this out to catch
.            everything everyone is saying.
.            This way dancers do not have to worry
.            about mics flying off their heads.
.            You could give a head-mic
.            to REPORTER and/or CAMERAMAN.

CAST NOTE:   some lines can be assigned to others
.            or can be split up to have more actors

CAST:        (description)
REPORTER     (bold, savvy New York white woman)
CAMERAMAN    (skeptically cautious New York black man)
ENSEMBLE #1  SCHOOL KIDS (any number, male & female)
ENSEMBLE #2  SCHOOL KIDS (you can use the same kids)
BOY          (part of E#
2, these lines can be split)
GIRL         (part of E#
2, these lines can be split)
GANG         (any number, male & female)
GANG MEMBER  (part of GANG, male)
GOOD “GUYS”  (any number, male & female, Christians)
TERRENCE     (part of GOOD male in late 20s, early 30s)
FRIEND       (part of GOOD, male in late 20s, early 30s)
ADDICT       (male adult in late teens, early 20s)
IRENE        (female in late teens, early 20s)
WHITE GROUP  (any number, male & female)
GUY          (part of WHITE GUYS, white male in late 20s)
.                                                       2
MUSIC NOTES: Purchase suggested songs at places like
Amazon, or find other appropriate songs.
.            I’ve given sample YouTube links.
.            If necessary, it is up to you to
.            get the necessary rights to use.

SONG 1:      “
Youth of the Nation” (P.O.D., Satellite)

SONG 2:      “
I Want a Mac Daddy” (by TruDog)
.            (TobyMac, True’s Reality, Eye On It)

SONG 3:      “
Living on the Edge” (X-Sinner, Get It)

SONG 4:      “
Come Unto the Light” (Whitecross, Unveiled)

SONG 5:      “
She’s Cold” (The Elms, The Chess Hotel)
.            (A bad recording, but gives you the idea)

SONG 6:      “
Kountry Gentleman
.            (Family Force Five, Business Up Front)
.            (CD’s song does not include story-start)

SONG 7:      “
Irene” (TobyMac, Momentum)

SONG 8:      “
Ill-M-I” (TobyMac, Welcome to Diverse City)

SONG 9:      “
Make Your Move” (Third Day, Move)

SONG 10:     “
Jesus is Just Alright
.            (dc Talk, Intermission)

SONG 11:     “
.            (TobyMac, Welcome to Diverse City)

SONG 12:     “
Save your Life
.            (Newsboys, Born Again: Miracles)

SONG 13:     “
Spark” (The City Harmonic, I Have a Dream)

SONG 14:     “
Electric Avenue” (Tait, Lose This Life)