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ARE YOU READY? - written by Tanis Harms

PREMISE:    While entertaining, its purpose is to teach
.           the entire Bible’s eschatological context.
.           I’ve tried to take as few artistic liberties
.           as possible, while only alluding to and
.           downplaying the horrors of the Tribulation.
STYLE:      drama
TOPIC:      Eschatology: Rapture, Tribulation, Millennium
SCRIPTURE:  see this link for Biblical support
(ORIGINAL SHEET MUSIC comes with director’s package, but
I still suggest using recommended music where possible.)

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In the beginning,             LIGHT fades up.
mankind was created           ADAM & EVE come together.
and given a free will...      EVE holds up fruit to ADAM
They chose to disobey.        ADAM takes bite from fruit.
So their sin -
brought to all people –       ADAM & EVE suddenly pull
a spiritual death –           away from each other,
a separation from God.        heads hang in shame.
Because it was Adam and Eve   ADAM & EVE look up
who brought sin into          in “search” for God’s
the world, from their         presence.
descendants would come the
Messiah - who would provide   ADAM & EVE turn to each
salvation, reconciliation,    other and hug tenderly.
and hope to all nations.      LIGHTS dim.

The years that followed,
mankind was allowed to do as
they pleased, and they chose
evil;  so all was destroyed –
except for Noah and his family,
descendants of Adam and Eve.


From Noah’s descendants       LIGHTS fade up.
came Abraham, a God-fearing   ABRAHAM steps in and
man.  Abraham and his         looks down in prayer,
descendants were chosen       hands folded.
to be witnesses to the world  
of God’s holiness and
lovingkindness.  And God      Hands still folded,
established an everlasting    ABRAHAM looks up at God.
covenant with Abraham –
building on the promise
given to Adam and Eve –

Go to the land which I will   ABRAHAM looks up, prayerful
show you; and I will make     hands raised to his chin.
you a great nation, and I     ABRAHAM raises his arms
will bless you. In you, all   in praise.
the earth will be blessed.    LIGHTS dim.

(NARRATOR cont.)
With this covenant – came
the promise that WHEN they
were obedient, they would
enjoy blessings;  but when
they strayed, there would be
consequences.  Man’s heart
is easily distracted.  So to  LIGHTS fade up.
help them, God gave them      MOSES holds out 2 tablets
commandments and laws to      on either side.
reveal and set the standard.  LIGHTS dim.

God sent judges to establish
order. And upon the people’s
constant requests, God
ordained kings to govern.     MAN with crown appears.
When the kings obeyed and
followed God, the nation
enjoyed peace and blessings.  MAN folds arms defiantly.
But still, they strayed.      LIGHTS dim.

God sent prophets to expose
their sins and their need of
forgiveness, as well as to
offer encouragement that the
perfect King would one day
come.  The Messiah – who would
fulfill all of God’s promises.


God sent word to the          LIGHTS fade up.
prophet Daniel to bring       DANIEL appears, praying.
insight and understanding –
of the designated timeline
called the Jewish Age.

(GABRIEL’S RECORDED VOICE)    DANIEL writes on a tablet.
Four hundred and ninety
prophetic years have been
decreed for your people...
Then all promises will be
fulfilled.                    LIGHTS dim.

(NARRATOR cont.)
Nearing the end of the
Jewish Age, God sent His      (If scrim action is live-
only Son to earth...          then show slide of
Jesus – the Messiah.          Old Jerusalem)

(GOD’S/JESUS’ VOICE)          LIGHTS fade up.
Do you see all these things?  JESUS steps out with
I tell you, not one stone     DISCIPLE.  JESUS holds
here will be left on          a hand out at waist level.
another;  every stone will    
be thrown down.

(If scrim action is live, scrim is pulled to the side
to reveal JESUS and DISCIPLE.
If scrim action is recorded, JESUS and DISCIPLE step out
at down center left stage and resume pose as recording.)


old Jerusalem

(This action happens quickly:  JESUS sweeps his arm up
at the screen.  DISCIPLE looks at JESUS, curiously.
JESUS looks knowingly at DISCIPLE and puts an arm
around DISCIPLE’S shoulder.  DISCIPLE speaks as
they exit stage left.  Easiest if this
is also pre-recorded, then DISCIPLE just mimes.)

DISCIPLE      But when will this be?  What are the signs
.             of Your coming again, and of the end
.             of the age?


NARRATOR’S RECORDED VOICE                               4
.             The SIGNS for the end of the JEWISH age.
.             This is all the Israelites knew of
.             when this question was asked.
.             If only they had accepted Jesus THEN
.             as their King - they would have been spared
.             the last seven years, but they didn’t.
.             They rejected Jesus!

Jesus on the cross

.             And crucified Him.  God in His infinite
.             wisdom knew that this would take place,
.             and HAD to take place, to bring about
.             salvation, to keep His promise of blessing
.             all nations.  But as the Israelites
.             denied Jesus as their King, as prophesied,
.             the Jewish Age was interrupted.



.             Seven years still remain.  No one knows
.             when these last seven years will begin –
.             except for God – and it will only be –
.             when they are saying - “peace and safety.”


SOUND FADE IN:  happy city noise, traffic, kids, dogs...    

.                          SCENE 2
.                       THE CHURCH AGE

thriving modern Jerusalem

LIGHTS UP on town square, center stage.

creating a vibrant city scene.
KEITH and ELI enter and talk religion with NATIONAL,
who carries a Bible and refers to a page.)

ELI         Keith, will you just take a closer look.
.           This is really making me question things.
.                                                       5
KEITH       Get that book away from me.
.           I’m not interested.

(ELI shrugs to NATIONAL who then moves on to other people.
KEITH and ELI remain to mime an intense conversation.
Meanwhile PASTOR MARK leads in CHRIS, JODY, DAVID,
from cemetery area to town’s square to finish the tour.)

MARK        (to GROUP as they are still entering)
.           As you can see, there are a few
.           modern Christian grave sites here too,
.           AS WELL as the old tombs and catacombs
.           that we just saw.

(Done with the conversation, and disgruntled,
KEITH turns and bumps into CHRIS.)

CHRIS       (to KEITH)  Sorry.  – Peace, man.

(KEITH comments to ELI, loud enough for CHRIS to hear.)

KEITH       Tourists!

ELI         Take it easy, Keith, tourism is a good thing.
.           It’s a sign that our land is experiencing
.           a little less war and a little more peace.

KEITH       It’s still not good enough.

(KEITH and ELI exit through the graveyard.  
The GROUP continues to talk amongst each other.)

DAVID       Today was definitely the highlight of
.           our trip.  Thank you, Pastor Mark.  

SARAH       It certainly makes the history of the Bible
.           come to life, that’s for sure.
.           I’LL never forget this-

JODY        You guys are all just a little creepy,
.           if you ask me.

DAVID       What???  Death is just a part of life,
.           but it doesn’t mean it’s the end of life.

JODY        (motions to cemetery) Looks pretty final
.           to me.

MARK        Anyway.  Sadly, our tour of Israel has      6
.           come to an end.  I’ve really enjoyed this
.           journey with all of you.  So, well, take some
.           time to pack, and relax a bit, just don’t
.           forget - we leave for the airport at 4:30 a.m. –
.           sharp!  So make sure - you’re ready to go.  

EXTRAS      Thanks again, Pastor Mark.

(DERRICK nudges BOBBY and points to a restaurant on
the other side of the stage. They both walk over to enter
[or exit stage if you are using simpler stage settings].)

LIGHTS DIM on town square, center stage.

LIGHTS FADE UP on hotel lounge, stage left.

walk over to the Living Quarters [now the Hotel Lounge].
MARK exits STAGE LEFT door.  A few A.EXTRAS can follow,
a few stay behind.  DAVID laughs then speaks cryptically.)

SARAH       I hate packing.  I’m always afraid
.           that I’m going to forget something.

DAVID       Of course, for our FINAL trip,
.           which could happen at any time,
.           there’s no packing required.  
.           We just have to be ready to go.

(AM.EXTRAS laugh.  CHRIS and JODY are confused.)

CHRIS       I don’t get it.

SARAH       David is referring to us dying, or –
.           the rapture - happening at any time.

JODY        Rapture?  But the Bible never actually
.           uses the word “Rapture.”  Right?

DAVID       It does in the original Greek.
.           “Rapture” is the Greek word for “taken up.”
.           When the Lord calls and the trumpet blows –
.           all Christians will meet Jesus in the air
.           and be taken up to heaven.

CHRIS       I’ve never really studied that stuff.

DAVID       Well, Christians from all time will be
.           taken up and then judged at the Bema Seat-
.                                                      7
JODY        Bema Seat?  Is that another Greek word?

DAVID       It is.  It’s the judgment seat of Christ,
.           where only our good works will be judged-
.           to see if we did them with the right motives.

JODY        Isn’t doing something good – always good?

SARAH       You could do something “good” in order
.           to manipulate, or – to show off.

DAVID       Then, after the Christians are “raptured” –
.           the Tribulation will take place down here
.           on earth – for seven years.
.           These are the last set of years
.           left in the Jewish Age.

JODY        (pleads for it to end)  Daaaaavid!

DAVID       Information overload?

CHRIS       But wait!  Aren’t there signs, or something?

SARAH       None.  We’re just supposed to be ready –
.           like - it could happen right now –

DAVID       Exactly.  Anyway, so once the rapture
.           happens...  HELL - ON – EARTH!
.           But if you’re ready,
.           you don’t have to worry about it.

JODY        That just doesn’t make any sense.
.           So if you can’t answer the “when,”
.           then answer the “why.”  WHY would God do that?

DAVID       To judge the nations, and to make Israel see
.           the signs that their Messiah is coming soon.

CHRIS       So there ARE signs?  This is so confusing!

JODY        So these signs are NOT for the rapture?

DAVID       No.  The disciples asked Jesus
.           for the signs of His second coming?
.           For the end of the Jewish Age.
.           They wanted to know when their covenants
.           would be fulfilled.  The Church Age had not
.           even started yet. So the SIGNS described are
.           the same JUDGMENTS described in Revelation.
.                                                    8
CHRIS       All that because you tried
.           to make a joke.

DAVID       Sorry!  I get carried away.
.           Well, I might as well get ready to go –
.           as in - PACK.

(EVERYONE exits STAGE LEFT door, except for CHRIS.
JODY stops and looks back at Chris.)

JODY        Coming?... Are you all right?

CHRIS       Oh yeah.  It’s cas’. (slang for “casual”)
.           Just gonna watch some TV.
.           Hah!  That David – hanging out with him
.           can be like the Twilight Zone,
.           (sings the theme)
.           doo-doo-doo-doo, doo-doo-doo-doo...

JODY        I know what you mean.
.           Well, see you in the early morning.

(JODY exits at STAGE LEFT door.  CHRIS turns on TV.
Not getting good reception, he fiddles with some buttons,
then pounds on the TV set a few times.  
When he does...)

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER stands at podium in front of office set.)

ANNOUNCER   -as peace talks continue here
.           in Jerusalem, the people become excited
.           for the possibility of obtaining their
.           rightful land, and for worldwide unity-


(CHRIS hits the TV set again.  
He steps back to channel surf using
the remote control without success.
As he paces, CHRIS pauses to watch the lights dim.)

LIGHTS DIM SLOWLY at Hotel Lounge, stage left.

(Once dark, CHRIS discreetly and quickly hides in H.P.2.
It’s important later to think he hasn’t moved an inch.)

.                          SCENE 3                   9
.                 THE RAPTURE & BEMA SEAT

black, with growing bright light

JESUS       (shouting from back, or could be recorded)  
.           All of my followers come forth!

SOUND:      Loud trumpet blast with thunder.

(ANGELS stand ready at every possible entrance,
all around the congregation.)

ANGELS      (shouting)  “Give glory to God!”

SLIDES ON SCREEN: (or this can be a video you create)
alternating sky blue and gold colors

(JESUS walks down center aisle and up STAGE LEFT,
to the stand in front of the throne with arms out...
Meanwhile ANGELS trickle in from every door possible,
from the back and sides of congregation and stage.
They seemingly float alongside aisles toward the stage,
onto the stage and surround the heavenly scene.
BILL rises from the tarp in the cemetery with a shout,
subtly knocking over the gravestone.)

LIGHTS UP at heaven scene, DL, and down center stage.

(BILL rises from the tarp in the cemetery with a shout,
subtly knocking over the gravestone.)

LIGHTS FADE at graveyard, UL.
LIGHTS UP at heaven scene, DL, and down center stage.

(BILL approaches throne, followed by MOSES, DISCIPLE,
etc., and modern characters: NATIONAL, DAVID, SARAH,
A.EXTRAS and MARK who enter discreetly from STAGE LEFT.  
Meanwhile ANGELS go swiftly but smoothly over to ALL with
white sashes and belts for ALL to “change” in a twinkling
of an eye. As JESUS arrives, standing in front of throne,
ALL kneel before JESUS, who CAN keep his back to the
congregation and mime to a recorded voice.)

JESUS       My bride, welcome home!  To eternal joy,
.           where there is no more sorrow, pain,
.           sickness or death.  It is time to reward you
.           for your faithful service to Me on earth.
.           In My Word I promised that when I forgave you
.           of all your sins, I chose to remember them
.           no more.  And so all works that were done
.           with impure motives have been burned away.
.           Whichever works are left, whichever works
.           glorified Me, these will be rewarded.

(JESUS motions for MOSES to rise and approach.
[an ANGEL can discreetly pass crowns to JESUS
stored behind throne as JESUS reaches behind his back].)

(JESUS motions for MOSES to rise and approach.         10
[an ANGEL can discreetly pass crowns to JESUS
stored behind throne as JESUS reaches behind his back].)

JESUS       Moses, you submitted to my calling and placed
.           your trust in me to lead My people out of Egypt
.           while persevering the trials in the wilderness.
.           Here is the crown of righteousness.
.           (places crown on MOSES’S head)  And here
.           is the crown of glory for shepherding
.           my flock and being a faithful example to them.

(JESUS hands MOSES another crown, then hugs MOSES.
MOSES bows and backs away.  JESUS motions for BILL.)

JESUS       Bill, my faithful one, in your life you
.           served me with a joyful spirit.  As an Elder,
.           you selflessly guided the church and led
.           several souls to Christ.  Here is your crown
.           of rejoicing.  (puts crown on BILL’s head)
.           And as a missionary, severe persecution came
.           to you, eventually leading to your martyrdom.
.           Here is the crown of life.

(JESUS puts crown in Bill’s hand, then hugs BILL.
BILL bows and backs away.  JESUS motions for DAVID.)

JESUS       David, you were one of those young people
.           willing to outwardly live as a Christian.
.           You showed a great dedication to devotions
.           and prayer – and leaned upon My wisdom.
.           You were not afraid to take a stand for what
.           was right. Because of your self-control,
.           your reward is the incorruptible crown.
.           (places crown on DAVID’S head, DAVID bows)

MUSIC 2:  WORTHY IS HE    (or “We Exalt Thee” by Petra).

(During song, each CHRISTIAN approaches JESUS, who gives
most people either one or two crowns.  Not everyone gets
a crown but ALL get a hug.  CHRISTIANS then bow slightly
to JESUS as they back away and another approaches.  Most
ANGELS form a big semi-circle, encompassing entire scene.
You can have DANCERS dressed as angels, begin a slow
ballet-like patterned-step.  At the end of the song,
CHRISTIANS all kneel before JESUS, placing their crowns
at his feet, then bow.  Song goes into the recording...)


(JESUS, ANGELS and ALL BELIEVERS exit quietly.)    11

.           “And round the throne were 4 and 20 seats;
.           and upon the seats I saw 4 and 20 elders
.           sitting, clothed in white rainment;
.           and they had on their heads crowns of gold.
.           And when those beasts gave glory and honor
.           and thanks to Him that sat on the throne,
.           who liveth for ever and ever.  The 4 and 20
.           elders fall down before Him that sat on
.           the throne, and worship Him that liveth
.           for ever and ever, and cast their crowns
.           before the throne saying...”

(While exiting or from the back and the exit points,
CHRISTIANS can join in the recording of these
voices which will help supplement their volume...)

.           Thou art worthy, O Lord!

.                          SCENE 4
.                  THE DAY OF THE RAPTURE

a slightly darker Jerusalem

LIGHTS FADE UP in hotel lounge, at stage left.

(As if no time has elapsed, CHRIS stands, still looking
up at lights.  When lights come back on, he continues
to pace and try the remote control.  JODY bursts back
into the room from STAGE LEFT door.  She is terrified.)

JODY        CHRIS!  Oh, Chris!  I’m so glad you’re here!
.           I – I can’t – I’m not sure what I just saw!

CHRIS       What’s up? - Jody, calm down.

JODY        They’re gone!
.           Did you NOT JUST hear that noise?

CHRIS       There’s a lot of noise in this country.

JODY        Chris-they’re GONE!  They just all –
.           I don’t know –Chris –

CHRIS       Just calm down, okay.  It’s cas’.

JODY        No, no it’s not cas’, Chris!  It’s – it     12
.           could have been-the rapture! Remember, we were
.           JUST talking about it.  And - now – this -

CHRIS       Maybe, everyone went out for a bite to eat.

JODY        Right before my eyes, Chris.
.           Sarah – just – vanished.  Disappeared.
.           I went to look around.  They’re all gone.

CHRIS       (angry)  Well, Ugh!  How COULD they!
.           I don’t understand. Why am I still here then?
.           (paces, thinking, then realizing...)
.           Ohhhhhh!  It must be some kind of joke.
.           (yelling)  Okay guys, I know what’s going on.
.           (to JODY)  You were good, Jody.  REALLY good!
.           You really had me going. I’m going to have to
.           figure out a way to get you back.  Just wait
.           and see, one day when you least expect it.

(Chris begins to plot while JODY remains serious and
just shakes her head.  CHRIS is now confused.)

CHRIS       Well, they must be somewhere.
.           Come on.  Let’s go find them.

LIGHTS DIM in hotel lounge, stage left.
LIGHTS FADE UP on the town square, center stage.

SOUND FADE UP:  sirens, cars honking, whistles blowing,
.               people shouting.

(Still serious, JODY follows CHRIS out into the square.
CHRIS looks around while JODY stands her ground.
WOMAN runs from STAGE RIGHT, across the square crying.
CHRIS returns to JODY’s side.)

WOMAN       (desperately)  Joel?!  Rebecca?!
.           (to CHRIS & JODY)  Have you seen my children?
.           There were-were just here, a minute ago!

(JODY shakes her head and WOMAN continues into graveyard.
CHRIS wonders, then thinks of something.  Pulling out
a cell phone he hands it to JODY to call out.)

CHRIS       (to JODY)  Your parents!  Just call
.           your parents.  They’re Christians, right?

JODY        This will be a very expensive phone call.

CHRIS       Hey, it’s cas’.  Whatever it takes      13
.           to put your mind at ease.

(Waiting while it rings, CHRIS nods his head with
confidence that it’ll be okay.  Not getting any answer,
JODY hands phone back to CHRIS like, “I told you so.”)

CHRIS       (matter-of-factly)  So they -
.           went out and forgot their cellphones-

(A group of MEN run past from the graveyard
and through the square to the STAGE RIGHT’S “street”.
DERRICK and BOBBY step out of restaurant, laughing and
reeling, and briefly balking at the MEN running past.
CHRIS and JODY show relief at the sight of them.)

DERRICK     I wonder if anyone’s still up– hey-
.           (to the MEN)  Hey!  Watch it!
.           (sees C&J)  Look! There’s Chris and Jody.

JODY        There’s Derrick and Bobby.

CHRIS       So this WAS a joke!?

JODY        (unsure)  They’re Christians, right?

(JODY grabs CHRIS’s cell phone that is still in his hands
and dials out, as DERRICK and BOBBY approach.)

CHRIS       (laughs)  You guys!  Were you in on this too?

DERRICK     In on what?

CHRIS       This “rapture” joke?

BOBBY       What are you talking about?

DERRICK     (excited & changes the subject)
.           Hey, so while we were eating, we had this
.           awesome view of the street below –

BOBBY       Oh yeah, so all of a sudden, there’s
.           all this noise, and we see a car moving
.           down the street with nobody in it.

DERRICK     SOMEbody forgot to put the emergency
.           brakes on.  Duh!

(DERRICK and BOBBY laugh and brace each other up.  
CHRIS now looks confused. JODY yells into the phone.)
.                                                   14
JODY        (into the phone)  Mom?  Ah, come on Mom,
.           if you’re there please pick up.  (crying)

CHRIS       (to JODY) There’s got to be some explanation.
.           Because – I am - a Christian.
.           I’ve gone to church all my life, prayed,
.           read the Bible – sometimes.  A bit.

JODY        Yeah?  What about that born-again stuff? Huh?
.           And that whole THING about putting God first?

(CHRIS thinks about this.)

DERRICK     What?  Aw, now don’t YOU start up
.           with all that Jesus-stuff.

JODY        So you’re not a Christian?

DERRICK     WHAT’S a Christian?!  It’s what you MAKE of
.           it.  There are many roads and paths, right?

JODY        (to BOBBY)  Bobby, are YOU a Christian?

BOBBY       (looks for wood and sees crate pile)
.           Yes-I-am.  (knocking 3 times)

JODY        Really?  I mean, how do you really know?

BOBBY       (shrugs)  Well – duh - I’m an American.

(DERRICK and BOBBY laugh.)

JODY        So... while you were having supper –

CHRIS       And obviously a few drinks –

DERRICK     Yeah, so what?  Will Pastor Mark send us HOME
.           now?  (mocks) Oh no, I don’t want to go HOME.

(DERRICK and BOBBY laugh and knuckle-punch again.)

JODY        What is up with you guys?

DERRICK     I don’t know, but I like it.

JODY        Whatever.  So you’re bad. (firmly now)
.           Did YOU see – anyone – disappear?

DERRICK     Only our stupid, forgetful waitress!  
.                                                  15
(MEN from the street come back into the square,
pushing each other and begging each other on to fight.
KEITH is among them.  ELI beckons to KEITH.)

ELI         Keith, forget them.  It’s not worth it.

KEITH       (seeing CHRIS)  YOU again!

(ELI steps up, ready to break up any possible fight.)

JODY        Did – any of you –notice anything weird
.           just happen?

DERRICK     (aside to JUDY)  Jody, you’re too trusting.

ELI         (to JODY)  Why?  What did YOU see?

KEITH       (pulls ELI away)  Come on,  we should
.           report them.  They may be in on it.
.           Some kind of terrorist conspiracy!

DERRICK     Psh. Lunatics.  YOU’RE the terrorists!

KEITH       (overhears)  What did you say? What did you–

(ELI continues to push KEITH toward the street.)

JODY        Come on, let’s get back to the hotel.

DERRICK     Do what you want.  The fun has just begun.

BOBBY       I’m in on that!  (to CHRIS)  Coming?

CHRIS       Nooo, ahhhh, I still gotta pack.

BOBBY       Dude.  See you chumps later.

(DERRICK and BOBBY saunter up the street [& discreetly
hide in H.P.1].  CHRIS turns to JODY.)

CHRIS       Okay-okay.  I guess I’m NOT a Christian.

LIGHTS DIM on town square, center stage.
LIGHTS FADE UP in hotel lounge, stage left.

(CHRIS leads JODY back into the hotel,
CHRIS picks up the remote and tries to turn on the TV
while JODY sits on the sofa, waiting.)

CHRIS       Hey maybe there’s something on TV        16
.           about all this.  I mean, there could be
.           another explanation.  Right?
.           Maybe we’re just reading into things.
.           (gasping)  This stupid TV.

(As CHRIS goes to hit the TV-)

LIGHTS GO UP at podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER stands at the podium, strangely excited.)

ANNOUNCER   As reports keep flowing in about thousands,
.           and perhaps millions of people,
.           just vanishing into thin air, we will do
.           our very best to bring you the latest
.           developments on this strange phenomena.

LIGHTS GO UP in office area, stage right.

(While ANNOUNCER still speaks, PRESIDENT [PRES.] and
VICE PRESIDENT [V.P.] enter office with briefcases.
PRES. puts laptop on desk and opens it.  Taking out
a piece of paper, he hands it to V.P.)

ANNOUNCER   (continues) We are taking this incident
.           very seriously.  The station will continue
.           to bring you full coverage as they are
.           determined to get to the bottom of
.           WHO is behind this worldwide debacle.

(V.P. goes through the door and hands paper to ANNOUNCER
and returns to office.  PRESIDENT and V.P. then leave.

LIGHTS DIM in office area, stage right.

ANNOUNCER   (continuing)  We now know that experts
.           have stepped up to take control
.           and assess the situation.
.           They suspect an alien invasion is responsible
.           for the mysterious disappearances.
.           We will keep you posted
.           as further details become available.

LIGHTS DIM at podium, DR.

(At hotel, CHRIS turns off TV.  JODY turns to CHRIS.)

CHRIS       So – aliens?  That’s what they’re saying?

(DERRICK and BOBBY sneak in.)                      17

JODY        (sarcastically)  Couldn’t find a party?

BOBBY       It’s really weird out there.  Eerie, in fact.

JODY        That’s because the RAPTURE just happened.

DERRICK     There must be a better explanation.

JODY        The news said it was an alien invasion.

BOBBY       There you go!  Of course!
.           It’s obviously an alien invasion.
.           Like in the movie “Independence Day.”

JODY        And THAT’S more realistic?

DERRICK     In any case, we should probably
.           try to get to the airport NOW already.
.           Catching a taxi might be a challenge.
.           Where are the others?

JODY        I told you, they disappeared.

DERRICK     (thinking)  I don’t like that.  At all.
.           So I say, we just worry about ourselves.

(CHRIS, JODY, BOBBY and DERRICK exit through the door,
as if they are going to collect their luggage.)

LIGHTS DIM in hotel lounge, stage left.
LIGHTS FADE UP in the office area, stage right.

(PRES. and ANNOUNCER enter office.  PRES. sits down at desk
to do paperwork.  ANNOUNCER sits to primp and touch up
makeup, then smiles sweetly at PRES to get his attention.)

ANNOUNCER   So, Mr. President... (waits, finally...)
.           do you think the people will follow you,
.           despite the fact that you took control
.           in the most unconventional manner?
.           (PRES. glares at her questioningly)
.           I mean, this is totally off the record.
.           just shooting the breeze.  I’m just saying,
.           this will be GREAT for ratings.  Just the
.           fact that you chose to give me an exclusive
.           for all stories and insights –
.           gives me–gives us - a leg up on things.

PRESIDENT   (intensely)  Just as long as you           18
.           report everything exactly as I determine.

ANNOUNCER   Yes... of course, Mr. President...

(ANNOUNCER wilts under the stare of the PRESIDENT,
then nervously uncrosses her legs and sits rigidly.  
PRESIDENT goes back to his work.)

LIGHTS DIM in the office area, stage right.

LIGHTS FADE UP in the graveyard, UL, town square, center,
and hotel lounge, stage left.

(CHRIS, JODY, DERRICK and BOBBY drag their luggage from
the graveyard area, through the square, and back into
the hotel lounge.  While they do so, people scuffle and
rush through the town square, looting and snooping.)

JODY        (trying not to cry)  I just want to go home.
.           How could every flight be cancelled?
.           I wonder how long we’ll be stuck here?

DERRICK     I’m so hungry.  Hey, let’s raid the place.

(DERRICK and BOBBY knuckle-punch then run out the door.)

JODY        What are we going to do, Chris?

CHRIS       Well, I’ve decided, I’m becoming a Christian.
.           What about you?

JODY        I decided THAT hours ago.
.           But I’m still scared!
.           Remember what David said!
.           The Tribulation  was going to be –
.           like - “hell” on earth?

CHRIS       I wasn’t really listening the whole time.

JODY        I think I remember some things from our
.           Youth Group studies on Revelation.

CHRIS       Sure-sure, war, famine - bugs.
.           (JODY studies CHRIS with disbelief)
.           (defensively)  Yeah, SOMEtimes I listen.
.           At the time, that part sounded really cool,
.           you know, like some horror movie.

(DERRICK and BOBBY rush back in angrily.)

DERRICK     Looks like someone beat us to it!          19

BOBBY       (to DERRICK)  Let’s find some other place
.           until we can catch a flight home.
.           (looks at CHRIS and JODY coolly)
.           You guys are on your own.  Take it easy.

DERRICK     (back at CHRIS)  And be careful.
.           I just saw a guy walking around with a gun.

LIGHTS DIM at hotel lounge, stage left.
LIGHTS FADE UP at town square, center.

walk out into the square toward the restaurant.
As they near it, V.P. and KEITH step out from street.
V.P. accost DERRICK and BOBBY, but KEITH is concerned.)

KEITH       You’re not going to ask THEM?
.           They’re just tourists.

V.P.        (to KEITH)  Remember the covenant.

(V.P. remains professional and in control.  
KEITH angrily braces himself as
V.P. turns back to DERRICK and BOBBY.)

V.P..       We are recruiting for government positions.
.           You could be one of the first -

BOBBY       (laughs and nudges DERRICK)
.           Who wants to WORK?!

V.P.        Serve – and you’ll be fed.

BOBBY       We don’t need you!

V.P.        When you do, the offer still stands.
.           When things get worse –
.           it will be better for those on our side.

DERRICK     (laughing)  Okay, thanks.

(DERRICK and BOBBY enter restaurant,
while V.P. and KEITH walk back into street.)

LIGHTS DIM at town square, center stage.

.                          SCENE 5                   20

LIGHTS FADE UP on the heaven set, DL, and down center.

alternating darker blue and gold colors

PLAY SONG:  “Praise Hymn” by Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart

MUSIC 3:  WORTHY                         (or“Praise Hymn”
.                         by Mylon Lefevre & Broken Heart)

(CHRISTIANS swarm around throne, singing, which is optional.
If using “Praise Hymn”, can sing along,
then continue playing song for the dialogue,
adaptation of Rev.5, or recite it.  
ALL stop and pose in an ethereal scene.)

NATIONAL    “I saw the throne of the Holy One –
.           the Almighty One who lives forever.
.           And lightning and thunder
.           issued forth from the throne.
.           And there were voices in the thunder...
.           Then I saw a scroll in the
.           right hand of the One sitting on the throne,
.           and it was sealed with seven seals.
.           And a mighty angel with a loud voice
.           was shouting out this question –“

BIG ANGEL   “Who is worthy to break the seals?

NATIONAL    “And no one in all of heaven and earth
.           was permitted to open and read it
.           Then I wept with disappointment,
.           because no one was worthy
.           - Then one of the 24 elders said to me,”

OLDER XIAN  “Stop crying, for look!”

NATIONAL    “The Lion of the tribe of Judea was coming.
.           So I looked and saw a Lamb standing there
.           before the 24 elders in front
.           of the throne and the living beings...”

(JESUS enters and stands beside the throne.)

NATIONAL    “And on the Lamb were wounds
.           that once had caused His death”

(JESUS holds out his arms, spread at 45 degree angles,
to show the nail prints on his wrists.)

NATIONAL    “And He stepped forward and took        21
.           the scroll from the right hand
.           of the One sitting on the throne.
.           And as He took the scroll
.           the 24 elders fell down before the Lamb,
.           each with a harp and a golden bowl filled
.           with incense, the prayers of God’s people,
.           - And they were singing Him a new song
.           with these words,”

(JESUS pulls a scroll from just behind the throne.
CHRISTIANS bow down.)

CHRISTIANS  “You are worthy to take the scroll
.           and break its seals and open it,
.           for You were slain and it was Your blood
.           that bought people from every nation
.           its guilt for God,
.           and You have gathered them into a kingdom
.           and made them priests of our God, and
.           they shall reign upon the earth forever.”

LIGHTS DIM at heaven scene, DL, and down center.

(ALL quietly exit while dialogue is delivered.)

NATIONAL    “then... I heard the singing of millions
.           of angels surrounding the throne.”

ALL HEAVEN  “The Lamb is worthy!”

NATIONAL    “Loudly they sing it”

ALL HEAVEN  “The Lamb who was slain
.           is worthy to be praised!”

SOUND:  Thunder.

.                          SCENE 6  
.                  THE JUDGEMENTS BEGIN

SOUND:      Thunder blends to the sounds of war,
.           guns and explosions.  

LIGHT EFFECTS:  orange flashes of light in the sky

barren Jerusalem with less foliage

LIGHT FADES UP on town square, center stage.
.                                                     22
(Carrying a bag, CHRIS sneaks from street to restaurant.
He quickly ducks behind crates to hide from 2 soldiers
rushing past, then CHRIS continues on to hotel.)

LIGHT DIMS on town square, center stage.
LIGHT FADES UP in hotel lounge, stage left.

(CHRIS looks around, and calls out quietly.)

CHRIS       Jody!  Jody?

JODY        (comes from behind the sofa)
.           I’m here-I’m here.  Find anything?

(CHRIS holds out a bag.  JODY grabs it quickly and
sits down to see what it holds.)

CHRIS       It’s not much.
.           (JODY holds out a piece of bread to CHRIS.)
.           No-no, go ahead, I already had some. Really.
.           (JODY quickly gobbles at the bread.)
.           Except, you really should eat slower.
.           (JODY looks then tries to be more lady-like.)
.           I don’t mean that you have to be more –
.           lady-like.  I just don’t want you to get
.           a stomachache.

(JODY picks up her eating-speed slightly with a nod
and talks with her mouth full.)

JODY        How is it out there?

CHRIS       Soldiers are everywhere.  And trust me,
.           if they see you – they will shoot.
.           You cannot trust anybody.

SOUND: creaking and door closing

(At the sound, CHRIS and JODY freeze.  More creaking.
JODY moves closer to CHRIS.  More creaking, then a door
is heard closing.  JODY sighs, then starts to shake and
cry so hard she cannot continue eating.)

SOUND: gunshots in the distance.

(DERRICK and BOBBY run across square and into the hotel.
CHRIS and JODY jump in fear.  DERRICK and BOBBY see
the bread in JODY’s hands and grin.)

DERRICK     Hi, guys.  You still here?                23

BOBBY       You don’t have any extra food, do you?
.           We’re starving.

JODY        You can have some –

(JODY holds out a bread piece, but DERRICK grabs it all.
DERRICK and BOBBY gobble it down while CHRIS and JODY
stand by helplessly watching.)

BOBBY       Have anything else?

JODY        No, you pretty much - took it all.

BOBBY       Where’d you get this?

CHRIS       B – begged it off some guy.  Cost me my jacket.

DERRICK     Okay...  Okay.  I guess we know
.           what we have to do then.

(CHRIS and JODY wait in fear as DERRICK and BOBBY look
around suspiciously.  DERRICK studies the TV.)

DERRICK     How much do you think that TV is worth?

CHRIS       Absolutely nothing!  Could not give it away.
.           It works maybe 10 percent of the time.

CHRIS       Notice – nobody has stolen it yet.

BOBBY       Anyway, I guess if we ever have to find you,
.           we KNOW where to find you!

(DERRICK and BOBBY leer evilly at CHRIS and JODY,
then leave toward square and exit via street.
CHRIS collapses on the sofa with head hanging.)

JODY        Do you think we can still trust them?
.           What’s wrong?...  Chris, you’re scaring me.

CHRIS       I’ve – ah, been lying and –
.           I stole, okay.  Remember?
.           That first day before we left
.           for the airport?  I was the one
.           who went into everyone’s rooms
.           and took whatever money I could find.
.           THAT is what I’ve been using to get food.

JODY        That’s – well - I’m sure that’s okay.    24
.           I mean, it’s not like they needed it.
.           I mean – they would have wanted us
.           to have it.  Right?  Besides...
.           I took David’s Bible.  I KNOW
.           he would have wanted us to have THAT.

CHRIS       So you’ve been reading Revelation?
.           So you know exactly what’s coming?
.           (JODY collapses onto the sofa.)
.           Do I even WANT to know?

JODY        SOME good things will happen.  Like, 144,000
.           Jews will be sealed, or protected by God, so
.           they’ll live through the entire Tribulation.
.           They’ll preach the gospel to the whole world,
.           and MANY people will become Christians.

CHRIS       Sure would be nice to find some
.           other Christians, huh?

JODY        Then, there are these - two witnesses -
.           that the Bible talks about.  They’ll be
.           be out warning everyone about the Beast.
.           Pretty sure that’s the President, since
.           he is talking about world government and
.           having one religion.  (thinking)  
.           Then, half way through the Tribulation,
.           he’ll want everyone to take some kind of mark
.           and worship him and the False Prophet -
.           his partner.  Both will be possessed by Satan,
.           or something like that.
.           They’ll even perform fake miracles...
.           pretending to be the Messiah.

CHRIS       Can I see?

(JODY pulls Bible from sofa cushion and hands it to CHRIS
who studies it, while she turns TV on and goes to hit it.)

LIGHTS GO ON at the podium, DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  People –
.           here, via world satellite,
.           is the President of NEW Europe,
.           the UNITED Europe.

(ANNOUNCER steps back proudly, allowing PRES.
to approach the podium.)

PRESIDENT   Dear people of United Europe - and people of
.           the world – make no mistake.  Today, I have
.           accomplished what many men have been trying
.           to accomplish for centuries.  I have united
.           Europe, with New Babylon as its capital.
.           I will not stop here, I will unite the world,
.           without any territorial or religious wars.
.           There will be complete freedom and equality.
.           Under my regime, I will be committed to making
.           our society better.  And I will be committed
.           to making this nation prosperous and peaceful.
.           Once the entire world witnesses the benefits
.           of my leadership, we will finally have
.           a WORLD that is united.

(While the PRES. gives his speech...)

LIGHTS FADE UP on town square, center stage.

(V.P. and KEITH walk out from street to square
to mime a conversation.  KEITH looks hopeful, even happy.
ELI enters from street and eavesdrops from around crates.  
KEITH and V.P. shake hands in some sort of agreement.)

LIGHTS DIM at podium, DR.
LIGHTS FADE UP in office, stage right.

(PRES. enters office and sits down as V.P. enters and
spreads out paperwork to display and refer to.)

(In the square, as KEITH starts to walk to graveyard,
DERRICK comes from street and gets his attention.)

DERRICK     (to KEITH)  Hey.  Wanna buy a TV?
.           I know where to get one.

KEITH       Not even if I had money!

(DERRICK waves KEITH off and exits back into street area.
As KEITH turns around, he almost runs into ELI.)

KEITH       Eli. I’m going now to prepare my sacrifice.

ELI         Sacrifice?  We haven’t practiced that in ages!

KEITH       The PRESIDENT is making it possible for us
.           to get back to what we SHOULD have been doing
.           all these years, and in Jerusalem – no less!
.           Next, we will have our land!

ELI         These are all just lies.  Besides, we do not
.           have to make sacrifices for our sins anymore...
.           (KEITH stops to study ELI with suspicion.)
.           I’ve heard a message, the gospel.  
.           It all makes sense now.  The Jesus who we
.           crucified years ago, WAS and IS our Messiah.
.           Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice who died
.           in our place, in order to pay the price
.           for all sins – forever.  All we have to do-

KEITH       And you BELIEVE THAT?!  (feeling betrayed)
.           After all that has happened here?

ELI         WHAT has HAPPENED here?!  Some man -
.           from Babylon - has made some empty promises.

KEITH       The PRESIDENT will fulfill the covenant.
.           He promises prosperity and BLESSINGS.
.           He just might be our Messiah.
.           LOOK how LONG we’ve had peace.

ELI         Look around you.  There is still fighting.
.           But Jesus brings a message of inner peace
.           which is salvation, which is even found
.           in our own scriptures - in the Old Testament.
.           We just chose to ignore it.  And -
.           remember the words from the prophet Daniel,
.           warning us of the prince of destruction.

KEITH       We are the chosen ones, remember?
.           And Jerusalem is being rebuilt, right now.

(KEITH exits through graveyard.  ELI shakes
his head and turns to exit through the street.)

LIGHTS DIM at town square, center stage.

LIGHTS FADES UP at podium, DR. and office, stage right.

(ANNOUNCER stands beside podium, twiddling her thumbs.
PRES. hands V.P. a paper.  V.P. then exits through door.  
Seeing PRES. approach podium, ANNOUNCER jumps up.)

ANNOUNCER   Why can’t I interview you, instead?
.           It would look better for my career-

(PRES. glares at ANNOUNCER, who then quickly nods in
submission, then puts on her “presentation face”.)

.                                                   27
ANNOUNCER   (at podium, puts on a big smile)
.           A news update.  The warring continues, but
.           the President of the United Europe is here
.           with us now, to offer us hope and peace.

PRESIDENT   (steps up to podium, speaking with power)
.           All of the nation’s reserves are suffering,
.           except for the United Europe which falls
.           under my authority.  We are heading
.           for battle and we are surely gaining ground.
.           (softer voice, confiding)  It is not too late.
.           I can fulfill this promise of peace to everyone.
.           But, make no mistake, I will continue
.           the fight until all nations submit.

(PRES. returns to office desk and calmly does paperwork.
Throughout all the noise and effects, he remains calm.)

SOUND:  siren howls.  

LIGHT DIMS on office, stage right.

dark scenes of famine

DIM LIGHTS flicker on town square, center stage.

(Some people run across the dimly lit stage.  
As they go, someone can shift a shutter on one of
the storefronts [if designed to adjust quickly from fixed
to broken and back to fixed].  Someone screams offstage.)

LIGHTS FADE OUT on town square, center stage.
LIGHT FADES UP on podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER at podium is startled, then collects herself.)

BACKGROUND SOUND:  heavy bass drum slowly builds

ANNOUNCER   A news update.  The latest death toll
.           has been calculated.  Within three
.           and a half years, a quarter of the earth’s
.           population has been killed: through famine,
.           diseases and war.  Our crops have been
.           neglected and our supplies have been looted.
.           Our President encourages all of us to
.           work together in the efforts to do away
.           with the fighting and criminal activities.

LIGHT DIMS at podium, DR.
.                                                   28
SOUND: gunshots being fired, explosions

war scenes

DIM LIGHTS FLICKER at town square, center stage.

(SOLDIERS scatter across stage.  As they go, someone can
pull half an awning down from one of the storefronts
[if designed to be hinged and unhinged quickly.)

LIGHT GOES ON at podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER at the podium.)

ANNOUNCER   Germ warfare is suspect for many of the
.           new diseases that have emerged.  There is not
.           enough medication or penicillin to even touch
.           a small percentage of the victims in this
.           mass genocide.  Many more people will die
.           UNLESS the world will look to the President
.           of the United Europe for its answers.

LIGHTS DIM at podium, DR.

SOUND:  sirens and only a few gunshots ring out

war scenes

DIM LIGHTS FLICKER at town square, center stage.

(SOME PEOPLE huddle together suspiciously, then scatter
as SOLDIERS run towards them shaking swords and clubs
at them.  A woman screams as she is dragged off stage.)

LIGHT GOES ON at podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER at podium.)

ANNOUNCER   Productivity is down, crime and mayhem
.           continue to rise.  We find that even
.           our bullets are in short supply.  And still
.           in this desperate hour, the President
.           is willing and ready to take full control
.           and relieve the world of its afflictions
.           and its senseless killings - if ONLY
.           the nations would trust him.

LIGHTS DIM at podium, DR.

.                                                        29
.                          SCENE 7

darker Jerusalem

LIGHTS FADE UP at town square, center stage.

(DERRICK and BOBBY tentatively stagger in from street.
BOBBY collapses on the crates.)

DERRICK     Déjà vu.

BOBBY       Whaaa?! Don’t make me learn another language.
.           I’m so hungry, I can’t think.  At all!

DERRICK     (angrily)  I mean, this place looks familiar.
.           Isn’t that the hotel where we stayed?
.           Like, over three years ago!

(DERRICK pulls out a liquor bottle in a bag from
his pocket and tries to sip it without BOBBY seeing.)

BOBBY       Has it been that long?
.           (seeing DERRICK)  You – you have something,
.           and you’re keeping it from me?!

(BOBBY grabs the bottle and takes a quick swig.  DERRICK
winds up to punch BOBBY, but is distracted when CHRIS and
JODY sneak out of the hotel.  DERRICK now only nudges
BOBBY, while BOBBY quickly hides the bottle.)

CHRIS       (sigh)  It IS you.  You’re still alive.

BOBBY       Barely.

JODY        Do YOU have any food?

(DERRICK rips bottle from BOBBY and puts it into pocket.)

DERRICK     No!  Do you?

BOBBY       I think it’s time to join
.           the President’s army.

JODY        Why would you join the President’s army?
.           The President is an evil man.

BOBBY       (suspiciously)  At least we’ll be fed.

DERRICK     But we’d have to work.  And we could die
.           while fighting a war that’s not even ours.

BOBBY       (stronger)  But we’ll be fed.
.           I want to eat, Derrick.

DERRICK     (shrugs)  So then it’s time to hunt down
.           another little animal.

CHRIS       (curiously) Where do you find little animals?

BOBBY       Do you REALLY want to know?

JODY        (gagging)  Do you mean – like – a pet -

BOBBY       It’s mostly rats, things like that.
.           Pets are hard to find.  You going to join us?

CHRIS       (seeing JODY’S horrified expression)
.           Ah, no, thanks, I think we’ll pass this time.

(DERRICK and BOBBY exit by street.  
CHRIS and JODY go back to hotel.)

LIGHTS DIM on town square, center stage.

LIGHTS FADE UP on office, stage right.

(ANNOUNCER sits in chair working on her nails.
V.P. enters office and stops to watch PRES. working.)

PRESIDENT   (finally looks up)  It is time...
.           Time to carry out the next step.

(V.P. nods.  ANNOUNCER stops preening and gathers notes.)

LIGHTS UP at podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER approaches podium.  During ANNOUNCER’S speech,
PRES. packs up his briefcase and exits SR.)

LIGHTS DIM at office, stage right.

ANNOUNCER   Sad news today.  The world weeps at the
.           President’s passing.  We all mourn his loss,
.           and with that, the hope of any future
.           for all our nations.

LIGHT DIMS at podium, DR.

LIGHT FADES UP at town square, center stage.        31

(KEITH and GROUP are in a huddled discussion.  Upset,
KEITH steps away and paces back as the rest slowly
disperse.  ELI comes from graveyard and looks around.
Seeing KEITH, ELI approaches.)

ELI         What’s the commotion?

KEITH       Haven’t you heard?  The President has been
.           fatally wounded.  BUT!  We all have faith
.           that the President will rise again.
.           Both the President and the Vice President
.           had a great ministry, which included
.           healing and working miracles.  But you’ve
.           been too busy with that dumb Jesus story
.           from way back when!  When you should be
.           concerned with what’s happening right now!

(KEITH sees MAN and catches up to him to exit via street.)

ELI         (to himself)  I am, Keith.  Trust me, I am.

LIGHTS DIM at town square, center stage.

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

(V.P. enters podium area and whispers to ANNOUNCER, who
has been waiting.  She smiles and approaches podium.)

ANNOUNCER   (happily)  This is an update.  We have
.           an exciting piece of news to broadcast.
.           Here to report on this amazing turn of events
.           is our Vice President.

(During speech, PRES. enters and waits in background.)

V.P.        Good news, and glad tidings.
.           The President is alive.  The President
.           who was mortally wounded does live.
.           He lives to bring peace to the world
.           and continue his reign, stronger than ever.
.           Among you, an image of our President
.           will be made, a special image will
.           be placed in the Temple of Jerusalem,
.           for us to remember the great affliction
.           that he has suffered – for us all –
.           to bring us hope and give us leadership.
.           I give you now - the President!

photo of the PRESIDENT with golden tint

LIGHTS FADE UP in town square, center stage.

(PEOPLE and SOLDIERS come out to cheer.  Among these
are KEITH, DERRICK and BOBBY.  ELI stands off to one side
of the square.  CHRIS and JODY stand off, at other side.)

(PRES. steps up to podium grandly, arms outstretched.)

PRES.       I love you all. Love everyone you can. Enjoy.
.           I live again, for you, for world government,
.           for world religion, and for world economy.
.           As the world’s President, I now have in place
.           a universal code which will clearly identify
.           whether you are part of our brotherhood or not.
.           Having this mark will demonstrate, and be
.           proof of your complete support, as well as
.           enable you to partake in the benefits that
.           I will so generously bestow to all those
.           who are part of my family...


MUSIC 4:  BEWARE      (or “Six Sixty Six” by Larry Norman)

(During the song:  With dread and sadness,
ELI watches from upper SL, while
CHRIS and JODY watch from lower SL.  
PRES. mimes the rest of his speech,
while PEOPLE in the square mime cheering.
PRES. and V.P. enter office and
pretend to give each other a mark on their foreheads,
then arrange some papers for distributing the mark.  
ANNOUNCER gets her mark then returns to her post.
PRES. and V.P. step out into the square, where
KEITH, DERRICK and BOBBY line up with most of the crowd.  
As PRES. puts [pretend] mark on each persons’ forehead,
V.P. checks off their names in a file.  
V.P. then waves them on to exit through the street.
As song ends, DERRICK and BOBBY are the last
to step forward to get their marks.)

PRESIDENT   How come you have not joined my forces yet?
.           Are you not willing to serve?

DERRICK     Ah, I – we – figured – you know, we’re not
.           really from this country.  We were here
.           as tourists when all this - stuff - started.

PRESIDENT   We are all one nation now.  Why would      33
.           you not want to make this your new home?

BOBBY       I’ll be happy if I just get some food.

PRESIDENT   We have a great supply of food.

BOBBY       Sign us up!

V.P.        Men of action.  That’s what we like to see.

PRESIDENT   Indeed.  (to V.P.)  See to it that
.           they are fed, equipped, and assigned tasks.

V.P.        This way, men.

(V.P. motions for DERRICK and BOBBY to follow him through
street exit.  PRES. smiles and enters office to work.)

(In the square, ELI notices CHRIS and JODY standing
and watching the scene also.  They speak very guardedly
through the entire conversation.)

ELI         I notice things.  You did not get the mark.

CHRIS       (suspiciously)  Neither did you...
.           I guess - I’m not - really sure yet.
.           Maybe I’m too hungry to think clearly.

ELI         I think it will be very important
.           to think clearly.  And find someplace safe -

JODY        We’re good.  We’ve been fine just staying –

(CHRIS shushes her with a look.  ELI looks suspiciously
at the two before slowly leaving through the graveyard.)

JODY        Why’d – why’d you shush me – with that –
.           look–thing that you did?!  That face was scary.

CHRIS       Jody, we can’t trust anyone.  I just have –
.           a very bad feeling.

(SOLDIERS are heard yelling as they make their way
from the street.  CHRIS pushes JODY to run.  Seeing the
crates right there, CHRIS dives behind those, while
frantic JODY runs into hotel and hides behind the sofa.)

LIGHTS FADE UP in hotel lounge, stage left.

(Entering square with the SOLDIERS, DERRICK and BOBBY now
wear red armbands too and each have a sword between their
belts and pants at their backs.  DERRICK carries a small
pad of paper and stops to check it.  Looking up, DERRICK
remembers the hotel and him and BOBBY march toward it.)

BOBBY       Chris!  Jody!  It’s us, Derrick and Bobby.
.           (DERRICK finds JODY and pulls her out)
.           (looks around suspiciously)  Where’s Chris?

JODY        I – I don’t know.

DERRICK     (skeptical)  Really?  Are you sure?
.           If we find him here, you’re in big trouble.

(JODY nods as BOBBY looks around the room,
exits, then reenters a few seconds later.)

BOBBY       No sign of him.

(BOBBY stands behind JODY to intimidate her further.)

JODY        You–you – took the mark –and joined –them.

DERRICK     Yes.  And we can see that you did not.

JODY        And, I’m not going to,
.           I don’t think I’m going to.

DERRICK     Not taking the mark is rebellion against the
.           President.  You do understand what that means?
.           (JODY doesn’t know what to do or say.)
.           If you do not take the mark, you must die.

(JODY looks around and fidgets like she’s going to bolt.)

BOBBY       There’s no where to run, Jody.
.           Even if you try, we’ll get you.

JODY        (incredibly)  How - could - you do this?

BOBBY       Kids are turning in their own parents.
.           It’s very easy.  If you’re not for us -
.           you’re against us.

DERRICK     This is your last chance, Jody.  Are you
.           going to come with us to get the mark?

JODY        ...I, I can’t.  I’m - not –
.           going to take the mark.
.                                                     35
DERRICK     You’re willing to die for fear
.           of a little mark?

JODY        I am willing to die – because I love God.

LIGHTS DIM in hotel lounge, stage left.

(DERRICK and BOBBY grab JODY by the upper arms and
drag her out into the square.)

JODY        (yelling)  Nooo! I didn’t do anything wrong-
.           Our Father, who Art in heaven,
.           hallowed be Thy name, Thy kingdom come -

(DERRICK and BOBBY keep JODY’s back to congregation.
DERRICK takes out a knife and slits her throat, just as
she says ‘Thy kingdom come.’  JODY slumps to floor.  
DERRICK and BOBBY march off through street exit.  
CHRIS jumps out from crates.  Seeing JODY,
CHRIS rushes over to JODY.  Finding her dead,
CHRIS becomes angered and begins to
chase after DERRICK and BOBBY.)


(ELI jumps out from graveyard area and clamps a hand
over CHRIS’ mouth.  As KEITH enters from the street area,
ELI pulls CHRIS behind the crates.  SOLDIERS come from
graveyard and look into hotel, then move on through
square.  Seeing the SOLDIERS, KEITH calls after them.
and points up at screen with the PRESIDENT’S golden photo.)

KEITH       Hey, hey you!  You tell that President –
.           he has desecrated our temple by putting that,
.           that idol in here.  It doesn’t belong there!
.           (SOLDIERS march up to KEITH and grab him.)
.           What do you think you’re doing?

SOLDIER     Cleansing the temple.

KEITH       But, we had a covenant.

(SOLDIER slits KEITH’s throat, keeping KEITH’S back to
congregation.  KEITH falls to ground, remaining there.)

SOLDIER     Now you don’t.

(SOLDIERS exit via street.  CHRIS emerges from crates and
watches ELI as he approaches and examines KEITH’s body.)
.                                                    36
CHRIS       What’s happening? We should be doing something!
.           I don’t know if I can hang on much longer.

ELI         (an ah-ha moment)  You ARE a Christian!
.           (CHRIS nods carefully.)
.           Don’t be afraid.  I’m also a Christian.

(CHRIS exhales carefully, still not sure.)

SOUND:      (18 second) EARTHQUAKE


(EVERYONE on stage tries to hang to things to keep their
balance.  When earthquake is done, ELI looks around.)

ELI         We need join the others in the wilderness.
.           Things are about to get much worse.

CHRIS       (motions to the two bodies)
.           Wait.  We have to something, or no one will.
.           Or haven’t you noticed all the dead bodies
.           lying everywhere?

ELI         (looks around)  We can -
.           get them into this graveyard here, then
.           we can make our way to the city gate.

(ELI and CHRIS quickly drag their friends into graveyard
and out of sight.  Exiting for only a few seconds,
ELI and CHRIS run back into the square.)

ELI         They must have JUST blocked that entrance.

CHRIS       This way!  In here!
.           (leads ELI into the hotel)

LIGHTS DIM in town square, center stage.

LIGHTS FADE UP in hotel lounge, stage left.

CHRIS       So now what?  Just wait for our turn to die?

ELI         (encourages CHRIS to kneel in prayer)
.           We need to pray!  For God’s mercy!
.           And for the Messiah to come soon.

LIGHTS DIM in hotel lounge, stage left.

.                                                      37
.                          SCENE 8

very dark, bleak, barren Jerusalem

LIGHTS FADE UP in office, stage right.

(V.P. enters side door to report to PRES.)

V.P.        (pacing, worried)  The sun has become black.
.           The moon is blood red.  Stars have shifted.
.           Entire islands and mountains have shifted.

PRESIDENT   (controlled anger)  I am aware of that!

V.P.        A lot of our men in leadership have run
.           for the hills to hide, or escape.

PRESIDENT   There are more men we can use.

V.P.        There are lots of people following OTHER
.           false prophets.

PRESIDENT   Fine!  As long as they’re not following God!

V.P.        Then... there’s news.  Many people ARE
.           turning to God.

PRESIDENT   (struggles to hide his fury)  We’ll just
.           work harder to change their minds.  Or we
.           will find them and put them all to death.
.           But we need to do something about those
.           two witnesses!  They are warning the entire
.           world about us.  They must be destroyed!

V.P.        People have tried to kill them.
.           They’re indestructible.  Not only that,
.           but they turn around and destroy our men
.           with fire and plagues.

PRESIDENT   Regardless, they must be destroyed.
.           Put out a reward for their death.  Next?

V.P.        (clears throat, afraid, under his breath)
.           The Jews have fled into the wilderness.

PRESIDENT   Send out a large army!  We cannot
.           allow any of them to live.  We cannot
.           give God any reason to come back to earth!
.                                                       38
V.P.        Well, that’s sort of inevitable-

PRESIDENT   (interrupts with fierce anger)  No more on
.           that! We will change the prophesized outcome!

LIGHTS DIM in office, stage right.

LIGHTS BARELY FADE UP in hotel, stage left.

(CHRIS and ELI peer cautiously outside.)

CHRIS       Listen, no wind.  Not even a breeze.

ELI         Like the calm before the storm.
.           The calm before the worst of judgments.  


CHRIS       Oh!  Some of the power is back on.

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

ANNOUNCER   (steps up to podium)  We are back on the air.
.           Due to causes beyond our control, our
.           satellite system had been down.  As we have
.           intermittent power, we will broadcast when -


hail, lightning, fire

SOUND:  pounding hail and thunder

Someone screams.

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

ANNOUNCER   (clings to podium, then gathers herself)
.           We have experienced international disasters
.           of extreme proportions where –
.           hail and fire storms have –
.           damaged and destroyed (checking notes) -
.           one third of the world’s trees and land.


red rivers and seas

Someone moans, others cry and wail.
.                                                    39
LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  It was reported that
.           a large mass of fire hit the Great Ocean.
.           One third of the seas became blood, destroying
.           all sea life and every ship in the area.


dead sea creatures on the shore

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  A-a great star, which scientists
.           have named “Wormwood,” has just crashed
.           onto the earth, causing one third of our
.           fresh water system to become bitter.


falling stars to starless Jerusalem

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  Scientists are telling us that
.           our solar system appears to be losing its
.           source of power.  The sun and stars are
.           only generating one third of their light
.           and heat.  Now, more than ever, we must
.           look to the President for improving our
.           quality of life for our society- (gasps)


LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

(ANNOUNCER hugs podium as a terrible voice roars out.)

.           O horror!  Horror!  How horrible
.           it will be for all who live on earth
.           when the sound comes from the trumpets
.           that the other three angels must blow!

VERY DIM LIGHTS FLICKER on entire stage.

SOUND: (30 seconds of) flying LOCUST

(EVERYONE except CHRIS and ELI wipe away insects.)
.                                                   40
DRY ICE FOG creeps across stage.

(EVERYONE coughs and chokes as the earth is covered
in smog/smoke.  Even in the hotel, CHRIS and ELI
start coughing and wiping their eyes.)

CHRIS       (coughing)  Where’s the smoke coming from?
.           It sure, is hellish!  Hey!...  What is
.           that sound?  Are we actually getting rain?

ELI         L-look, over there.  A cloud of some sort.

LIGHTING EFFECT giving impression of locusts flying.

(CHRIS raises himself to look out [pretend] window,
then jumps back from a scare as a [pretend] locust
lands right in front of him.)

CHRIS       Ugh!-Ugh!-Ugh! What, is that? Ugh–get away.

(CHRIS jumps then shoos another away. ELI peeks outside.)

ELI         I’ve never seen locust like that.  But why
.           aren’t they eating the grass or leaves?
.           They usually eat everything in sight!

CHRIS       I remember!  The plague of locust, although,
.           they’re more like – armor-plated monsters.
.           And they sting like scorpions.  But it’s okay.
.           God will not let them touch us.  But they will
.           attack anyone with the mark of the Beast.

(ELI moves further inside with respectful fear.)

(Entering from street area, DERRICK and BOBBY rush over
to restaurant doorway, where they crouch in pain,
trying to protect themselves from locust.)

(In office, PRES. tries to keep his cool despite the
locust.  V.P. has a bigger problem keeping his composure.
Squealing in terror, ANNOUNCER tries to duck and hide.)

V.P.        Because of these - locust, men are trying
.           to commit suicide.

PRESIDENT   With the help of Satan, they will not succeed.
.           We need every man available in case
.           of a supreme battle.

V.P.        It’s been five months of this.  How will     41
.           we keep the people happy and on our side?

PRESIDENT   Begin a vast distribution of amphetamines for
.           their troubles, on the house, for one week-
.           And then tell them to meditate on my image.
.           That’ll keep their feeble minds occupied.

(DERRICK and BOBBY step outside the restaurant, rigid,
itchy and paranoid of everything.)

BOBBY       Are they gone?-Please tell me they’re gone.

DERRICK     Evolution must have gone haywire!  First,
.           that nasty swarm of freaked-out locust.
.           Now an invasion of some, sick, deformed army!

BOBBY       You saw it too?  I thought I was
.           hallucinating.  Were those even men?

DERRICK     They did not look like men to me.

BOBBY       What about those horse-things they ride on?
.           Derrick, tell me what you saw...
.           I don’t know if I’m seeing right.  

DERRICK     I’d rather believe they’re hallucinations.

BOBBY       Derrick – what did you see?
.           Tell me that those horse-things
.           do NOT have heads – like lions.

DERRICK     Whatever!  They’re like fire-breathing dragons.
.           With tails that look like snakes.

BOBBY       I thought I saw their tails biting someone.
.           Do you think it’s another alien invasion?

DERRICK     Know I understand what the President
.           has been saying.  God!  God is behind
.           all of this.  I hate Him.

BOBBY       The President?  You CAN’T hate the President.

DERRICK     No!  I hate God.

BOBBY       Yeah, I hate Him, too.  The nerve, huh?

LIGHTS FADE UP at podium, DR.

(As PRES. escorts ANNOUNCER to podium,             42
she tries to run away.)

ANNOUNCER   Careful.  Okay?  I’m done with this!
.           (PRES. catches her and returns her to podium)
.           Okay-okay... (clears her throat)

(PRES. stays to make sure ANNOUNCER does as she should.)

ANNOUNCER   It was a dark time for us all, but the
.           President was able to keep his kingdom intact
.           against the alien army of two hundred-million.
.           One third of the world’s population has been
.           killed by these strange creatures.  Many more
.           are suffering the wounds of the bitter,
.           vicious battle.  But...
.           (throws a questionable glance at PRES.)
.           -the President managed to communicate
.           with their leader and draw up a truce.

(PRES. nods approval with a slimy smile.
ANNOUNCER tries to hid her sigh of relief,
and exhales very slowly while trying to smile.)

ANNOUNCER   Now on a much lighter note...
.           the President has put an end
.           to the two witnesses from Israel,
.           and their senseless killings.
.           The President has declared the next few days –
.           an international holiday - to FEAST our eyes
.           on the two deceased bodies;  the two witnesses
.           who will torment us - no more.


(EVERYONE on stage shields their eyes at the light,
fearful of what is about to come next.)

.           There will be no more delay!  But when
.           the seventh angel blows his trumpet, then
.           God will accomplish His secret plan, as
.           He announced to his servants, the prophets!


(DERRICK and BOBBY are camped out in restaurant doorway,
both drinking from a liquor bottle wrapped in a bag.)

BOBBY       What was THAT voice all about?
.                                                    43
DERRICK     Ha-ha-ha–duh!  Just another hallucination.
.           Ignore it, it’s just God trying to trick us.

(DERRICK and BOBBY clink bottles as in a toast.)

DERRICK     Happy hholidaysh! chelebration!  At least
.           they finally killed those two witnesses.

BOBBY       Thankhs to the Preshident.
.           (lifts his bottle in a toast)

DERRICK     They got what they deserved!
.           And we get another celebration.

BOBBY       Thansh to the Prshident.  (lifts his bottle)

(In hotel, CHRIS and ELI watch TV, sickened by the news.)

CHRIS       I can’t believe they’re televising this-
.           three and a half days of the two witnesses
.           just lying there in the street, dead.
.           How morbid!

ELI         Hey, one of them just moved!

CHRIS       I remember.  The Bible says they are going
.           to rise from the dead.

(ELI and CHRIS both watch the TV closer.)

SOUND:      (8 second) EARTHQUAKE

DIM LIGHTS FLICKER across entire stage.

(EVERYONE on stage shakes and holds onto things to keep
their balance.  EVERYONE is afraid.)

(In office, PRES. hangs onto desk until the earthquake
is over.  Slightly irritated at the interruption,
he continues to write a note while V.P. begins to pace.
Looking in her pocket mirror, ANNOUNCER fixes herself.)

V.P.        Those two witnesses have made us look
.           like fools!

PRESIDENT   It’s not over yet!  I have a plan.

LIGHT FADES UP at podium, DR.

(PRES. finishes the note and hands it to ANNOUNCER.   44
She reads the note on the way to her podium and she
throws on a smile.  PRES. follows her warily.)

ANNOUNCER   A news update.  Regarding the two witnesses.
.           What you saw was only an apparition.
.           I repeat, only an apparition.  A visual trick
.           due to the tampering of our transmitting
.           services.  We HAVE arrested the Israelite
.           guerillas who hacked into, and vandalized,
.           the international satellite system.  Ah-
.           (looks at PRES questioningly, then continues)
.           There was also at this time... a SMALL
.           earthquake, that destroyed only one tenth
.           of Jerusalem.  7,000 men were found dead.
.           The rest of the city panicked and turned
.           their backs on the President.  Those people
.           will be severely, and justly punished -


DIM STAGE LIGHTS FLICKER over entire stage.

(ALL shake with earthquake and hang on in fear.  Then ALL
react to voices, MOST cower in fear, SOME are angered.)

ANGEL 1’S VO:  Honor God and praise His greatness!  For
.           the time has come for Him  to judge mankind.
ANGEL 2’S VO:  She has fallen!  Great Babylon has fallen!
.           She made all people drink her wine –
.           the strong wine of her immoral lust!
ANGEL 3’S VO:  Whoever worships the Beast and its image,
.           and receives the mark on his forehead
.           or on his hand will himself drink the wine
.           of his fury, which He has poured
.           at full strength into the cup of His anger!

(ANNOUNCER finds a “boil” on her arm.  She tries
to maintain composure despite her pain and discomfort.
PRES. rudely prompts her to continue.)

ANNOUNCER   News update. On the, I, ah, (composures self)
.           There appears to be an unknown germ warfare
.           being aimed against our kingdom.
.           Those with the mark, over the entire world,
.           have developed, terrible, painful boils.
.           We believe Israel’s underground terrorists
.           to be the instigators of this evil attack.

.                                                     45
red seas and dead sea creatures

LIGHT FADES UP on podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  The sea has become contaminated
.           with vile blood, which has killed all sea life.
.           The President suggests saving as much water
.           as you possibly can, in case
.           of further contamination.


red rivers and fountains

LIGHT FADES UP on podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  Extreme water rationing
.           is in effect, and an international search
.           for a fresh water source has begun as all
.           rivers and fountains have now become blood.  
.           Israel’s network is suspect.  


solar flares and burned up land

LIGHT FADES UP on podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium, wipes her forehead)  News update.
.           Ecologists suspect the Earth’s orbit has
.           shifted and continues to move closer to the sun,
.           which is causing the sun to appear darker,
.           albeit hotter.  In some areas, solar flares
.           have destroyed pockets of the earth’s
.           population.  The President has scientists
.           seeking out other livable planets.


sick and dying people

LIGHT FADES UP on podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium)  News update.  A disease of
.           epidemic proportions has struck. The President
.           has his top medical researchers looking into
.           a cure.  Israel’s network is responsible.

.                                                   46
desert-like river basins

LIGHT FADES UP on podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium) News update. The Great Euphrates
.           River - has completely dried up.

LIGHT DIMS at podium, DR.
LIGHT FADES UP at office, stage right.

(PRES. marches angrilly into office and up to V.P.)

PRESIDENT   It is time!  Call the troops!
.           We’re going to Armageddon!

(V.P. exits via side door.  PRES. stays to organize.)


DIM LIGHTS FLICKER across the stage.

(EVERYONE on the stage reacts.  As it dies down,
back at the hotel, ELI looks at CHRIS.)

CHRIS       The end must be near!  It’s been 7 years.
.           And according to the signs given-

(ELI and CHRIS kneel and pray with fervor.)

ELI         Messiah!  Please!  Thy kingdom come!

LIGHT FADES UP on podium, at DR.

ANNOUNCER   (at podium) News update. The worst
.           earthquake of all times has just occurred.
.           Jerusalem has been split in three.
.           Every major city of every nation
.           has been destroyed.  Every island
.           and mountain has disappeared.
.           Storms with hailstones weighing as much as
.           100 pounds have killed countless people-

(PRES. approaches podium, pushing ANNOUNCER aside.)

PRESIDENT   The time has come.  I have summoned all
.           nations to descend upon Israel and destroy
.           them.  They have deceived the world long
.           enough... (continues to mime a fiery speech)

FADE OUT THE PRESIDENT’S SPEECH.                      47

MUSIC 5:  ARMAGEDDON        (or “Messiah” by Larry Norman)

(During entire song:  ELI and CHRIS pray fervently.)

(For all the rest, during first verse:  
V.P. enters office via side door.  
PRES. finishes speech.  PRES. and V.P. meet in office
to look over notes & maps, discussing strategy.  
Meanwhile, out in the square, SOLDIERS, DERRICK and BOBBY
meet beside office to sharpen their knives,
getting ready for battle.  PRES. and V.P. approach group.
PRES. watches as V.P. gives the strategy to the SOLDIERS.)
PRES. lifts his sword, motioning to begin the battle.  
V.P. seconds motion by raising his sword.)

STROBE LIGHTS flicker over center stage.

(During last verse:  SOLDIERS, DERRICK and BOBBY,
move slowly to center stage, swinging swords, miming
the slaughtering of people in photograph-like poses.
PRES. and V.P. bring up rear, only once in a while
killing “someone” who has slipped passed through.)

(Meanwhile, JESUS strides forward from behind congregation,
followed by all ANGELS.  Flowing up from stage left,
they move across stage toward SOLDIERS.)


(JESUS approaches battle line with arm outstretched,
his hand in a fist with palm side facing out signifying
His strength, His word, His sword and His victory.
SOLDIERS, DERRICK, BOBBY collapse to the ground.
JESUS meets up with PRES. and V.P.
and with both arms outstretched symbolically
motions them back toward the stage right door
which now represents the Lake of Fire.
The door opens as if by itself.)

EFFECT: SMOKE pours out of stage left door.

(ANNOUNCER hides behind office desk, sobbing.)

.           She has fallen!
.           Great Babylon has fallen!

.                          SCENE 9                     48
.                 THE JUDGMENT OF NATIONS

(Suddenly quiet and very still for a few seconds,
then EXTRAS, including SAMUEL and SHELLY
enter from street and graveyard area to watch and wait.
JESUS walks toward throne, 2 ANGELS stand on either side.
With powerful arm movements, JESUS first “pushes”
all living and dead NONBELIEVERS to the left of him,
so they are standing beside office area and podium.  
The dead SOLDIERS sweep themselves up from the floor,
and KEITH and other EXTRAS come from graveyard
or from their seats to join.  
They all cower with anger and silent rebellion.  
JESUS then “pulls” all living believers toward him
so they stand to his right, beside hotel area at stage left.
CHRIS, ELI, SAMUAL and SHELLY are part of these people.  
If pre-recorded, JESUS can face way from congregation.)

JESUS       The seven years of Tribulation are over.
.           The battle of Armageddon has been won.
.           God’s almighty power prevails and
.           I hold the authority to judge the nations.

(JESUS turns to all those who are CHRISTIANS.)

JESUS       Come, you that are blessed by my Father!
.           Come and possess the kingdom
.           which has been prepared for you
.           ever since the creation of the world.
.           I was hungry and you fed me,
.           thirsty and you gave me a drink,
.           a stranger and you received me
.           into your home, naked and you clothed me.
.           I was sick and you took care of me,
.           in prison and you visited me.
.           Whenever you did this for anyone
.           of these brothers of mine,
.           you did it for Me.

(JESUS turns to NONBELIEVERS and speaks firmly.)

JESUS       Whenever you refused to help
.           one of these least important ones,
.           you refused to help me.
.           And thus, have chosen eternal punishment.

(Two ANGELS walk towards NONBELIEVERS with arms held out
as if to herd them down, off the stage to the front row.)

.                                                     59
.                         SCENE 10
.                      THE MILLENNIUM

sunrise over Jerusalem

(Two ANGELS return and ALL ANGELS surround the BELIEVERS.
JESUS turns to BELIEVERS.  This can be prerecorded and
JESUS would then have back to congregation and mime.)

JESUS       The Beast and the False Prophet,
.           have been thrown into the Lake of Fire, and
.           Satan has been bound for a thousand years.
.           All Saints who have died before now have been
.           risen and have received glorified bodies.
.           YOU, who lived through the Tribulation,
.           still with earthly bodies, will marry,
.           have long life, and have many children.

(CHRIS and SHELLY smile shyly at each other.)

JESUS       YOU are all believers.  But continue
.           to seek God’s will in everything that you do,
.           and pray and be witnesses to your children
.           so that they also will become believers.
.           These thousand years are man’s final test
.           under perfect conditions.  Remember,
.           God’s power and holy wisdom is available
.           to everyone through the guidance of
.           the Holy Spirit and my perfect judgment.
.           During this time, I will reign and
.           and reside here in Jerusalem.
.           And all of you – will assist in my reign
.           and judgment here on earth.  Now,
.           a lavish banquet has been prepared
.           on the Holy Mountain at Jerusalem.
.           Come, meet my Bride and celebrate
.           the thousand year wedding feast with us.
.           Your covenant has been fulfilled,
.           my chosen ones!

BACKGROUND MUSIC plays joyously.

LIGHTS DIM as everyone exits.

(ALL cheer as they follow JESUS off stage.
Quietly fix up set [ie. Shutters, awnings, gravestone].
ALL exit, except for ELI and SAMUEL who enter office
and go through some papers from a briefcase.)

LIGHTS FADE UP in office area, stage right.            50

ELI         Hi Samuel.  I hear all twelve Israelite
.           tribes have been settled already.

SAMUEL      (referring to a map on the desk)
.           Yes.  All according to the ABRAHAMIC covenant,
.           from the Nile to the Euphrates.
.           And it’s incredible that it’s the same place!
.           Jesus has helped us turn a dry wilderness
.           into a green, productive land.

ELI         Unbelievable to think... before
.           the Millennium we fought so hard, without
.           the help of God, for a mostly barren piece
.           of land.  If ONLY we had accepted Jesus
.           as our Messiah when He FIRST came!

SAMUEL      But, as we NOW understand, Jesus had to die
.           in order to bless the nations and provide
.           salvation.  I’m still not going to pretend
.           to totally understand God’s mind.
.           I’m just excited that I get to speak directly
.           with Jesus and ask Him questions.  As well as
.           enjoy health, peace and a stable economy...

ELI         It helps to have a perfect King on the throne!
.           So the crops and vineyards are underway?

SAMUEL      I’ve never seen anything so productive.  I’ve
.           never seen people so eager and happy to work.

ELI         Speaking of work - I must seek Jesus’ council
.           on a certain matter.

SAMUEL      A problem?

ELI         With administration.  Well, it’s not
.           a problem yet, but I’d like to clear this up
.           before it becomes one.

LIGHTS DIM at office, stage right.

LIGHTS FADE UP at throne area, DL.

(ELI goes to JESUS who sits on His throne.  ELI is very
timid in approaching JESUS and stops as if hesitating.)

JESUS       Welcome, Eli.  Enter.

ELI         You knew my name.  (embarrassed)          51
.           Of course you know my name.

JESUS       Talk to me about your problems with
.           administration.

ELI         H – how did you – right.

JESUS       You have nothing to fear.

ELI         Of course. (sighs and gathers himself)
.           I’m so grateful you’re right here to listen
.           to my problems and help me.  So, here’s
.           the thing I’d like to run past you...

LIGHTS DIM at throne area, DL.

children playing, end with lush crops

(ELI and SAMUEL exit discretely.)

LIGHT FADES UP at center stage.

(JODY enters from center aisle, walking onto the stage.
DAVID walks in from the street area and sees JODY.)

JODY        David!  Great to see you again!

DAVID       I still can’t express how awesome it is
.           that you made it here.

JODY        Well, your testimony sure had an impact,
.           that’s for sure.  Where are you off to?

DAVID       I’m checking in on Chris.

JODY        Mind if I tag along?

(DAVID motions for JODY to join him to living quarters
where they find CHRIS and SHELLY sitting on the sofa.
CHRIS reads a newspaper and SHELLY holds a baby.)

SOUND: of baby cooing and gurgling

DAVID       Hi, Chris!

CHRIS       (looking up)  David, come in.  Jody!

(CHRIS puts down his newspaper and stands up.)

JODY        Yeah, ‘Bro’, it’s been, like,           52
.           a couple of decades.

CHRIS       You’ve met my wife, Shelly.  Shelly,
.           you remember David, a friend of mine from
.           before the rapture.  And Jody.  We went
.           through some of the Tribulation together.

SHELLY      Please, come in.

JODY        (notices the baby)  You’ve just had a baby!
.           Girl or boy?

SHELLY      Boy.  This is Daryl.
.           We have 12 children in all.

JODY        (giggling)  Who’d have thought.  Well, I pray
.           that all your children become believers.

(CHRIS motions for all to get comfortable.  CHRIS sits in
his chair. JODY sits down on floor. DAVID grabs a chair.)

CHRIS       Yes, so far so good.  Although,
.           despite our Eden-like existence now,
.           and even though Jesus is right here on earth
.           to guide us – we know of some children from
.           other families who are already growing up
.           thinking THEIR own way is better.

SHELLY      I always thought it would make a difference
.           if people could only SEE Jesus face to face.
.           That’s not so.  I mean, how much more
.           evidence does one need?

JODY        I suppose, when times are easy, it’s easy to
.           think that you do not need God in your life.

LIGHTS DIM in living quarters, stage left.

(ALL exit.)

luscious forests with lakes, rivers,
.           fountains, flower gardens, orchards and
.           pastures, ending with a green Jerusalem

LIGHTS FADE UP at throne area, DL.

(JON approaches JESUS and kneels on the floor.)

JON         My Lord.
.                                                     53
JESUS       Jonathan.  

JON         You know, my Lord, some missionaries under my
.           administration are discouraged.  We have come
.           upon some stubborn, proud people who think
.           that they don’t need You.  And with the
.           Millennium almost over, time is running out.
.           They need salvation before it is too late.

JESUS       It saddens me more than you know.
.           But they have the freedom to choose.
.           You can only love and pray for them.
.           And through my work, and other people’s
.           testimonies, they know they way,
.           and they know the consequences
.           of not seeking salvation.  Jonathan, you and
.           the missionaries are doing a great job.
.           Keep your motives pure and keep doing
.           your best through God’s abundant strength.

LIGHTS DIM at throne area, DL.

LIGHTS FADE UP at town square, center stage.

(ANGIE walks in from street, and stops to look back.)

ANGIE       Come on, Mike.  What’s your problem?

(MIKE saunters out from street.  ANGIE walks on
while MIKE talks.)

MIKE        This Highway of Holiness stuff
.           is really starting to get to me.

ANGIE       (stops short)  Pardon me?  Mike, I’ve been
.           wondering about your attitude lately.

MIKE        Lighten up, will you?  The last thing
.           I want is a sermon from my sister.

ANGIE       Well, you need one!

(MIKE looks for a diversion.  As JON has gotten up and
is leaving JESUS, MIKE points to JON.)

MIKE        Oh no, there’s your friend, Jonathan.

JON         Angie, Mike.  Great to see you.

(While ANGIE and JON chat, MIKE stands, irritated.)   54

ANGIE       How’s missions going?

JON         You wouldn’t believe the amount of people
.           becoming Christians, and how excited
.           all believers are becoming.  My staff has
.           more than tripled in the last month.
.           It’s largely due to, well, what with
.           the inevitable coming.

MIKE        (arrogantly)  What inevitable?

(ANGIE looks helplessly at JON.  Both try to stay calm.)

ANGIE       You know full well that Jesus’ thousand year
.           reign here on earth is coming to a close.

MIKE        (mumbling)  Finally.

ANGIE       That’s not funny.  You know Satan will
.           be released and he will deceive the nations.

MIKE        Maaaaybe-the ending will be different.

ANGIE       It will not end differently, and you know it.

JON         There’s no reason to argue.

ANGIE       There is too!  He’s my brother – and I love -

JON         (calmly)  I know, but it’s not our job to
.           change his heart and mind.  It’s completely
.           his choice.  (to MIKE)  Sorry, Mike.
.           You know, Jesus can explain things
.           a lot better than I can.

ANGIE       We were just on our way to worship before
.           the Lord.

JON         Well don’t let me stop you.  Take care, Mike.

(JON exits.)

MIKE        Yeah-yeah.  (mumbling)  Why do we have to
.           keep in touch with HIM?  And I certainly
.           don’t need Jesus explaining anything to me.

ANGIE       (stopping again)  Life is all about
.           being more like Jesus.
.                                                     55
MIKE        Well, clearly, you need a lot more help   
.           with THAT, yourself.  You kind of lack
.           the patience-thing.

ANGIE       You’re right.  I’m sorry.  Please forgive me.

MIKE        (rolling his eyes)  And WHY exactly
.           do we want to be more like Jesus?

ANGIE       My question to you is – why not?

(MIKE shakes his head and rolls his eyes again as he
follows ANGIE to kneel before JESUS at the throne.)

MUSIC 6:  MORE   (or “More of Jesus” by Mylon Lefevre
.                                     & Broken Heart)

(During song, ANGIE goes to intently speak with JESUS.
MIKE follows behind and broods the entire time.)

LIGHTS DIM in throne area, DL.

LIGHTS FADE UP in town square, center stage.

(ANGIE and MIKE now enter the square.)

MIKE        Who does Jesus think He is anyway!?!  
.           My thoughts, my life - it’s my business.

(Group of REBELS enter from street area and stand around
the entrance to mime a conversation. MIKE glances over
at them and waves coolly.  ANGIE notices this.)

ANGIE       They look like they’re up to something.

(MIKE turns to glare at ANGIE.  DAVID and JODY come from
the once-graveyard area and run into ANGIE and MIKE.)

JODY        Angie!  Mike!  It’s good to see you again.

DAVID       I don’t know if you remember us,
.           we were friends with Chris, your –
.           (counts on his fingers)
.           great, great, great, great... great –
.           ah, well, 10 greats of a grandfather –
.           from before the Rapture.

ANGIE       Yes, I do remember.  How are things?

DAVID       (looks at MIKE)  I know that Chris       56
.           would have appreciated us –

MIKE        What?!  Checking up on us?

DAVID       On his entire family, yes.  He lived such
.           a long, purpose-filled life with the Lord,
.           and wanted that for his entire family.

MIKE        It IS my choice!  Why don’t you all just
.           leave me alone!

DAVID       Only that the thousand years is up, Mike.
.           You still have a bit of time, but –

MIKE        Save it.

(Stage right door opens seemingly by itself.)

EFFECT: SMOKE pours out of stage right door
(representing SATAN being released).

(REBELS all look in that direction.  MIKE starts
walking toward the group of REBELS.)

DAVID       (calls after)  Do not be deceived, Mike.

(MIKE completely ignores the pleas and keeps walking.
DAVID, JODY and ANGIE exit by the once-graveyard set.)

.                         SCENE 11
.                     THE LAST BATTLE

(MIKE joins REBELS where they hand out swords.)

REBEL 1     We’ll finally be free of this dictatorship
.           once and for all!

MIKE        Alright!  My kind of talk!

REBEL 1     Grab a sword.  We have a new leader, and
.           we’re going to war.  We’ve gathered
.           a great army from around the world,
.           and we’re ready.  We will not have God
.           telling us what to do anymore.  Satan has
.           promised us that we will win this battle.
.           And then we can do what we want –

.                                                   57
MIKE        Yeah!  Who needs God anyway! –

REBEL 2     We’re sick of Jesus being in control! –

REBEL 1     Let’s go!  



(REBELS follow REBEL 1, waving their swords.
Meanwhile, all ANGELS enter from the stage left door,
ready to follow JESUS.  JESUS stands up and walks toward
the REBELS holding up his arm with his hand in a fist,
with the palm side facing out.  All the ANGELS follow.
The REBELS and MIKE simply collapse to the ground.)

.                          SCENE 12
.                  THE WHITE THRONE JUDGMENT

LIGHTS DIM on entire stage.

alternating very dark colors

LIGHT FADES UP at podium area, DR.

(JESUS goes to the podium where he opens a big book.
SOME ANGELS stand by.)

JESUS       The White Throne Judgment is upon you.

(REBELS and MIKE slowly get up to join all other
NONBELIEVERS from entire drama.  They form a long line
along the front of the stage, all with solemn but
bitter expressions.  This group should include:
MIKE, all REBELS.  Can be pre-recorded.)

JESUS       From all times past, you who stand before me,
.           are the ones who chose not to believe in me.
.           You will now face the White Throne Judgment.
.           I am the fair and just Judge,
.           who will consider all your deeds.

(When called, ANGEL motions for “ANDREW” to step forward
to stand before Jesus.  When standing in front of JESUS,
they should all stand at an angle so congregation cannot
see their faces.  Can be pre-recorded with quiet music.)
.                                                     58
JESUS       I call upon Andrew Thomas Manning.  ANDREW,
.           your name is not found in the Book of Life.
.           And as I look through your records I am
.           saddened at this waste, and your countless
.           sins.  Yes, you did once offer a girl a ride
.           home because it was raining, but for ulterior
.           motives.  You rebelled against your parents
.           and caused them many sleepless nights.
.           You cheated on multiple tests and exams.
.           You thought no one saw that, but I did.
.           I see everything.  You gave to charity
.           a few times, but only to impress your peers.
.           You had a sickening and perverted thought life.
.           In your mind you committed adultery against
.           your wife.  You made your children frustrated
.           and angry.  And you lied and played mind games
.           with anyone who associated with you, coyly
.           manipulating people to your advantage.
.           Many times you heard the Word of God,
.           and even went to church, but
.           you threw around my name frivolously
.           and mocked what I represented.  Many times
.           you saw My character of love, truth and power
.           in and through My creation, but you closed
.           your eyes.  You chose not to be saved.
.           (ANDREW motions with his hands, ‘oh well’)
.           Since you chose not to accept me as your
.           personal Savior, and you did not want to be
.           part of God’s family, Andrew Thomas Manning,
.           you are sentenced to eternal death in the
.           Lake of Fire, where there is no goodness,
.           an eternity in the complete absence of God –
.           as you have chosen.  Go then -
.           to your punishment.

MUSIC 7:  FAIR AND JUST    (or “Hymn” by Randy Stonehill)

(During song: ANGELS usher ANDREW out stage right door.
Then ANGELS usher all sinners one at a time, first to
face JESUS who mimes judging each with just one motion.
Then ANGELS usher SINNERS to door.  Each SINNER shows
anger or mild resistance.  Actions should be very subtle
so as not to make this scene comical.)

(Time it so there are a few seconds leftover at end
of song.  JESUS puts his head in his hands, elbows
resting on podium, as in great distress and sorrow.)


.                                                   59
.                          SCENE 13
.                       ENTERING HEAVEN

alternating light blues

(JESUS goes to his throne, with ANGELS following.)

LIGHTS FADE UP at throne area and center stage.

(ALL CHRISTIANS from entire drama are gathered, waiting.
All wear white sash, belt and crowns. This should include
JON, ANGIE...  ANGELS stand around entire scene
while JESUS addresses everyone.)

JESUS       Here is eternal life, my brothers and
.           sisters.  The old earth and old heaven have
.           passed away.  I present to you a new earth
.           and new heaven.  Now, all of you have eternal
.           mansions here, and all of you have glorified
.           bodies, so there is no more sin because there
.           is no more flesh of the human nature.
.           With every goodness available from God,
.           as God is our light, we will live with Him
.           for eternity in perfect joy.

.                        (or “Immanuel” by Stuart Townend)

photos of light blues getting whiter,
.                  ending in white

(During first verse:  XIANS, ANGELS, JESUS fellowship.
During second verse:  CHRISTIANS, JESUS, ANGELS
slowly walk up center aisle to back,
arm in arm, shaking hands, hugging, smiling, etc...
optional & if there’s time:  DANCERS can fill the stage.)


(Right at the end of the song:  the bright light shines
as a beckoning beacon.  And the DANCERS rush off stage,
joyously exiting through the audience
as if racing towards heaven.  THEN...)


“Are you ready?  (white words on black)