.                      About Myself (Tanis Harms):

My B.A.in Radio, T.V. & Film comes from
Messiah College (Grantham, PA), via Temple University.
I have worked in these fields over the years,
and became a member of the Writer's Guild of Canada.
I continue to write freelance,
and serve in our church's drama ministry.  
As early as the age of seven,
I have been very involved in the arts,
school bands, choirs, theatrical performances...
What more can I say?  
I love to create and express ideas through drama,
but most importantly, I love to serve the Lord, my God
using the gifts that He has given me.

Besides w
anting to serve the struggling church,
I do feel that it is not right for people to be paying
for something that they cannot fully see,
so I post my skits, dramas and program ideas
to be used with integrity.