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WISHES FOR LIFE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       seek, know & obey God’s will
SCRIPTURE:   Matthew 22:37; Luke 11:10; John 8:32
Style:       satire/conversation: a sister is seeking
.            answers.  A genie grants her 3 wishes,
.            but only God can answer them.
Cast:        LORI, BARB, GENIE
Set & Props: book, table & chairs, lantern, veil,
.            emery board, cups, pitcher, Bible


(BARB reads a decorating magazine.
LORI sits down sighing.)

LORI   Life seems so overwhelming right now.
.      I could really use a fresh perspective on things.
.      Sometimes I wish –

BARB   Oh please don’t go all perspective on me.

(LORI sees a lantern on the ground and picks it up.)

LORI   Hey, look what I found.  What is this?

BARB   Looks like a piece of junk from the neighbors.

LORI   I bet if I would just polish it up a bit –

(As LORI rubs it in the direction of an entrance.
A GENIE “appears”-hold a veil up, step behind it,
let the veil drop.  LORI shrieks.)

GENIE  I am - a genie. (to LORI)  Your wish
.      is my command.  You have three, actually.
.      My bad - You get 3 wishes –
.      You’re THREE wishes are my command.
.      See?  That just doesn’t sound right.

LORI   Well, anyway - wow!  Well, let’s see now,
.      I’ve got to think about this.

GENIE  Take your time.

BARB   Ooohhhh, you shouldn’t have said that.
.      Lori has trouble making up her mind –
.      on everything.
.                                                       2
LORI   I like to process things.
.      It’s healthy to process.  Or contemplate.
.      Some call it – meditation.
.      It’s all the same, really.
.      But a person can’t just –
.      hear something SOOOO huge,
.      and then just – accept it.
.      It first has to sink in –

GENIE  Okay, go ahead.  Please - let it sink.
.      (to BARB)  I see what you mean.

(As LORI walks around contemplating.)

GENIE  (to BARB in sing-song-voice)
.      So what are you reading?

BARB   Redecorating Cottage Homes.

GENIE  Ah, redecorating one’s house –
.      a VERY common wish.

LORI   I think I’m on to something!
.      You see, right after
.      our mom and dad died,
.      I found out that I’m adopted.
.      It was a LOT to digest.
.      It shook my world.  Tore it apart –

GENIE  She has a flare for words, doesn’t she?

BARB   You have no idea!

LORI   I needed to readdress my entire life
.      and what it meant.  And I still don’t know.
.      I need to know.  I need to know what is true
.      and what is not.  I WISH –

GENIE  Oh, this is where I come in.

LORI   Genie, I WISH to find truth.

GENIE  Ahhhhhhh, one minute, I’m thinking...
.      Are you sure - you don’t want the usual – A car?
.      A new house?  A speed boat?  A new wardrobe?

LORI   Hmmmm, no.  I have this nagging feeling
.      in my heart.  I really need to find out
.      what is truth.
.                                                       3
(GENIE thinks, “exists” into house while “singing”
“I Dream of Jeanie” song, comes back with a Bible,
hands it to LORI.)

GENIE  There you are – truth... It’s a Bible.
.      You’re really not making me work here.
.      Now, what’s your second wish?

LORI   I don’t know yet, I still have to
.      check this one out.

GENIE  Of course, so regurgitate or
.      whatever you need to do.

(LORI sits and studies the Bible. BARB tries to read.
GENIE pulls out an emery board and files her nails.)

LORI   Regurgitate!  I can’t re-chew something
.      I’ve never bit off in the first place...
.      Like here – it says in
.      (reading) John 14:6, “Jesus said to him,
.      ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life;
.      no one comes to the Father, but through Me.’”
.      (looking up)  Wow!

BARB   (disinterested)  Hm.

LORI   (reads)  “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

BARB   Yeah.

LORI   You’re not even listening.
.      (reading)  “He who is of God HEARS the words
.      of God;  for this reason you do not hear them,
.      because you are not of God.”
.      (looking up)  WHAT does that MEAN?

BARB   (sarcastically)  I really don’t know,
.      but I really WISH - you’d take a break.

GENIE  (perking up)  You call?  Oh, I hoping it was
.      WONDER-woman here making her second wish.
.      Continue.

BARB   Nooooo! I can’t take much more.

GENIE  She can’t stop, or we’ll be here forever.

LORI   I can’t stop!  I must know more. I’m just afraid–
.                                                       4
GENIE  If you’re afraid, you could wish for
.      a top-of-the-line home and car security system.
.      Oh! Or a bodyguard.  Hey? A big, strong bodyguard?
.      I’ll throw in some good looks as a bonus.
.      How ‘bout it?

LORI   I’m not afraid like THAT.

BARB   What else could you be afraid of?

LORI   It’s more a fear – of the future.
.      I mean, of the  unknown.  I have a feeling
.      the key to ALL of that is in this book.
.      See? It says right here in
.      (reading) Philippians 4:7,  “and the PEACE of God,
.      which surpasses all comprehension,
.      shall GUARD your hearts and your minds
.      in Christ Jesus!” (looking up)
.      That sounds so AWESOME!  But I need
.      some COMPREHENSION in order to get that.
.      Genie, I WISH to understand
.      what this all means.

GENIE  Are you kidding me?

LORI   But - it’s like when someone tells a joke.
.      It’s never funny when I DON’T get it.

GENIE  This probably happens often?

BARB   Oh yeah.  She overanalyzes everything.

LORI   See?  I need to GET IT.

GENIE  Look, AGAIN, can’t really help you here.
.      You have to pray and ask God
.      to sort that out.

LORI   That’s it?  That’s it!  Of course!
.      I need to pray!  Pray for understanding
.      so I can know.

(LORI clutches the Bible and bows her head.)

GENIE   (to BARB)  This is going to take a while.

BARB   So - I’d love to hear some of your
.      decorating ideas.

GENIE  Like I said, I’ve quite a few makeovers          5
.      in my time.

BARB   I bet.  So I want to redo our family room,
.      and I’m thinking murky green.  What do you think?

(LORI has gone back to reading the BIBLE again.)

LORI   Wow! Amazing!... (sad realization)  Oh no!

BARB   Ah, how are you doing there, sis?

LORI   (looking up)  Oh, ah, well, great.
.      I’ve had a life- altering experience,
.      which is hard to put into words.

BARB   I’m sure you could find a FEW ways!
.      But did you find the peace and understanding
.      you were looking for?

LORI   Yes! Definitely peace!  I’ve been saved.
.      I found truth and have been set free.
.      And I don’t have to be afraid of the future.
.      I’ve been ADOPTED into God’s family!
.      We can ALL be adopted into God’s family.
.      Chosen! - Huh?!  It really IS
.      a very awesome thing?

BARB   So what’s wrong then?

LORI   Well - with understanding, I’m just beginning
.      to get it more and more.  Like this-
.      (reading) “You must love God with all your heart
.      and all your soul and all your mind.”
.      See - it’s totally mind-blowing!
.      The more I read – the more I realize – I can’t do
.      everything I’m expected to do!  I’m only human.
.      I’m going to make mistakes.  Like, Paul
.      for instance.  He writes here in Romans...
.      (reading)  “For that which I am doing,
.      I do not understand;  for I am not practicing
.      what I would like to do, but I am doing
.      the very thing I hate.” (looking up)  If Paul
.      can’t obey perfectly, who can?  I just WISH –


LORI   (sighing) I WISH – to obey and live successfully
.      in what God wants of me.

GENIE  Well, seems like I’m out of a job here.          6
.      Once again –

BARB   Oh! Only God can help – and do it for you?

LORI   Of course!  As it says in (reading) Romans 8:28,
.      “And we know that God causes all things to work
.      together for good to those who love God, to those
.      who are called according to His purpose.”

GENIE  Okay, so WHAT exactly am I supposed to do?
.      I mean, I can’t go back into my lantern until
.      I fill three wishes by you.

LORI   Okay, here are my three wishes:
.      I wish YOU will hear God’s truth,
.      and I wish YOU will know God,
.      and I wish YOU will LIVE for God.

GENIE  You know, I still don’t know what to do with that.

(LORI hands the Bible to GENIE.  
GENIE stops to look at the lantern.
LORI motions GENIE to go back into the house.  ALL exit.)

BARB   You’re not really a genie are you?
.      (thinking)  Heeyyy, aren’t you that
.      crazy lady down the street?
.      Not that you weren’t still helpful.