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WICKED TENANTS – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus’ sacrifice
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.21:33-44; Mk.12:1-11; Lk.20:9-18
Style:        allegory/conversation:  landowner discusses
.             with his assistant the need for his son
.             to tend to estate business despite
.             the inevitable rejection
Set & Props:  table, chair, paperwork


(LANDOWNER sits at a desk, looking over paperwork
when ASSISTANT enters.)

ASSISTANT   Bad news, sir.

LANDOWNER   (sadly)  Again?

ASSISTANT   At your vineyard.

LANDOWNER   I spent a lot of money fortifying it,
.           and hiring skilled servants, so that
.           everyone would stay safe.

ASSISTANT   Obviously, the crimes are being committed
.           by those living and working within
.           your estate.

LANDOWNER   What is it this time?

ASSISTANT   This last servant that you sent - they –
.           beat and killed him.

LANDOWNER   How many does that make?

ASSISTANT   You have lost a lot of servants in this way.

LANDOWNER   Yes.  Well, I know what I must do then.

ASSISTANT   You’re not going to go?

LANDOWNER   I will send my son.

ASSISTANT   I fear – they will-                        2

LANDOWNER   You don’t believe they will respect him?

ASSISTANT   Just knowing how those people think–
.           they will think... They will think
.           that if they kill the heir-
.           then everything will become theirs.

LANDOWNER   Go, get my son.  Go on.

(ASSISTANT exits with hesitancy and returns with SON.)

LANDOWNER   I need you to go- see to the people-

(SON nods obediently and begins to leave.)

ASSISTANT   But, you know what they will do.

SON         This is something that I must do.

(SON exits.  LIGHTS dim.)

LANDOWNER   (whispering)  They will reject and kill him.