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WHY WORRY? – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        worrying gets you no where
SCRIPTURE:    Matt. 6:24-27, 1 Peter 5:7
Style:        drama/conversation: a child worries
.             about everything and learns that
.             it doesn’t help one little bit
Cast:         CHILD 1 – 5 (or if you have more,
.             you can split some of the lines)
Set & Props:  cookies, water bottles, sweaters


(CHILDREN 1-3 pretend to play hopscotch.
CHILD 4 stands off to the side wringing his/her hands
with worry.  CHILD 1 notices and approaches CHILD 4.)

C 1   Hey!  Why don’t you come play with us?

C 4   Oh, I don’t think I can.

C 1   Why not?

C 4   I might get hurt.

(CHILD 2 hears this and comments.)

C 2   You could get hurt just standing there!

C 4   (more worried)  What?!  Really?!  How?!

C 2   Someone could be riding their bicycle
.     and lose control and run right into you.

C 4   Oh no!  What should I do?  Should I move
.     to another spot?  Should I just go home?!

C 3   More accidents happen in the home!

C 4   What?  Seriously, then I’m doomed!

C 1   (to C 2-3)  Don’t be saying all that.
.     (to C 4)  And there’s no need to worry.

C 4   Obviously there is!
.                                                       2
C 1   We are told in the Bible that we do not have
.     to worry about anything.  God loves the sparrows,
.     and God makes sure that the sparrows
.     have enough to eat –

C 4   Are we going to starve?  I don’t want to starve!
.     Oh no, now I’m going to die of starvation!

(CHILD 5 enters with a plate of cookies.)

C 5   Mom thought you might be getting hungry,
.     so she sent me out with some cookies.
.     Supper will be in a couple of hours.

(CHILDREN all grab a cookie to eat.  CHILD 5 exits
with the empty plate.)

C 1   See!  Mom is on top of things.
.     She has never let us starve.

C 4   Well now I’m thirsty. I’m so thirsty.
.     (gets dramatic)
.     Help me!  I’m going to die of dehydration!

(CHILD 5 enters with water bottles this time.)

C 5   Mom thought you’d all be thirsty.

(CHILDREN all grab a bottle of water.
CHILD 4 is desperate and frantic.
After a drink, CHILD 4 sighs nervously.
CHILD 5 shakes head and exits.)

C 4   Ah, that was close!  Far too close!

C 3   Seriously!  God designed the body
.     so that you could live for
.     at least 3 days without water.

C 2   Just like Mom, God always makes sure
.     that His children have what we NEED.

C 4   Except that I’m starting to get cold.
.     So very cold!  Brrr.

(CHILD 4 starts to jump around a bit to keep warm.)
.                                                       3
C 4   Oh no, we’re going to freeze to death.
.     What are we going to do?
.     We are going to die of hyperthermia.
.     This is the end, I just know it!

(CHILD 5 enters carrying sweaters.)

C 5   Mom saw that the temperature was getting cooler,
.     so she sent me out with your sweaters.

C 4   Just in the nick of time!

(ALL put on the sweaters.)

C 1   (shakes head)  You have been worrying
.     all afternoon.  What good has it done?

C 4   What do you mean?

C 2   Well, you didn’t have any fun at all.
.     You spent all your time worrying about stuff.

C 4   Because something could have happened.

C 3   But nothing did happen.  You worried
.     all for nothing.

C 1   And let’s say something DID happen,
.     how does worrying help you?

C 4   Ahhhhh...

C 2   In fact, worrying about stuff - can make you sick.

C 4   (gasps)  Oh no!  I’m going to get sick!

C 3   There you go again.  And if you keep going,
.     yeah!  You’ll probably get sick.

C 4   Ah!  But I’m afraid to stop worrying?

C 2   Now you’re worrying - about being worried!?

C 1   Seriously, did your worrying bring out the cookies?
.     Or the water?  Or your sweater?

C 4   Nooooo... I suppose not...                        4

C 2   You suppose?  It all happened because Mom
.     cares about us and is looking out for us.

C 3   And God cares about us - even more than Mom does.

C 4   But bad things still happen.

C 1   Sure, but worrying about stuff will not STOP
.     that from happening.  And if and when
.     the bad things DO happen, God will still
.     make sure that we have what we NEED.

C 2   The only thing that worrying does –
.     is makes sure - you do NOT enjoy yourself.

C 3   Don’t you want to have some joy in your life?

C 4   Yes!  Yes I do!  And I think I’ve wasted
.     enough time.  So, let’s go do something.

C 1   Finally!

C 2   How about we play on the swings?

C 3   Or, we could play some baseball?

(CHILDREN exit as they give suggestions.
CHILD 4 happily joins in.)