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WHAT WOULD THEY HAVE SAID? –(script eg.) written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus’s birth
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew, Luke 3:23-38
Style:        satire/conversation: a parent and child
.             set the scene, letting us know that this
.             is only coming from a human perspective.
.             God and Jesus discuss the job at hand
.             while playing catch as any
.             father or son might do.
Cast:         MOM, CHILD, FATHER (God), SON (Jesus)
Set & Props:  list, pen, football


(MOM and CHILD walk past a group of carolers who
have just finished a song about Jesus leaving His throne,
i.e. “Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne”.)

(MOTHER tries to make it from stage right to stage left
while studying her shopping list.  CHILD follows behind
while looking around and thinking.)

CHILD    There are SO many names.

(Concerned, MOTHER stops to count the names on her list.)

MOM      We have a big family – and I don’t want
.        to miss anyone.

CHILD    No, I mean, the names in Jesus’s family.
.        There are so many.

(MOM is caught off guard with this huge question.)

MOM      What?

CHILD    Well, there’s a big list of names in the book
.        of Matthew, and then there’s a big list of names
.        in the book of Luke.

MOM      Oh... oh, those names.  Those are the ancestors
.        of Jesus.

(MOM tries to go back to her shopping list and check
things off.)

CHILD    Why are the lists different?
.                                                       2
MOM      Wh?  Oh, aaah, ah, one of the lists is Mary’s
.        genealogy, and the other one is Joseph’s.

CHILD    But Joseph wasn’t Jesus’s REAL dad, right?

MOM      Right... but - Joseph was His legal father.
.        You know, just like - when someone is adopted.

CHILD    Oooohh...

(MOM begins to walk away.  CHILD takes a step,
but stops while pondering deeply.)

CHILD    Why?

(MOM stops and turns to give CHILD her full attention,
trying to remain patient.)

CHILD    Why does the Bible even tell us all of that?

MOM      To show that Jesus – was in line to be
.        the rightful king of Israel...

(MOM stands there frozen, thinking, knowing there’s
so many more details to explain.)

CHILD    (happily)  Okay.

(MOM is relieved and turns to start walking, only CHILD
thinks of more questions.)

CHILD    But, GOD is His REAL Father!  And Jesus
.        is God’s only Son - right?

MOM      (pausing)  Yes, that is correct.

CHILD    And Jesus is God!

MOM      Yes.

CHILD    This is very mind-blowing!

MOM      It is.  Especially right now.  We have sooo
.        much shopping to do.  Not that your questions
.        aren’t important.  You know, you should ask Dad
.        ALL about this stuff when we get back home.

CHILD    Okay.  

(CHILD fires questions at MOM as they exit.)            3

CHILD    So do you think God and Jesus ever talk?

MOM      I’m sure that they do.

CHILD    Do you think they ever play catch –
.        like me and Dad do?

MOM      Ahhh, that I - cannot say.

CHILD    I wonder what they talk about?
.        I wonder what they said right before
.        Jesus came to earth as a little baby?

MOM      I guess, one can ONLY imagine.

(As MOM and CHILD exit on stage left,
FATHER and SON enter from center stage.  
FATHER leads and SON walks right behind FATHER,
so that when FATHER goes to stage right,
SON splits off to stage left –
like the one become two.
SON carries a football.)

SON      Hey Dad... catch.

(FATHER turns and SON throws the ball to him.)

FATHER   It’s almost time.

SON      I know.

FATHER   I’m sending the angel tonight, to let Mary know.

(FATHER throws the ball to SON.)

FATHER   Besides having the proper genealogy,
.        she is a very godly, young woman.
.        That is why I chose her.

SON      Well - the news she is about to get,
.        will cause her to ponder life, that’s for sure.

(SON throws the ball to FATHER.)

FATHER   It’ll help her to see her relative Elizabeth.
.        Seeing the miracle in Elizabeth’s life
.        will erase any trace of doubt in Mary’s mind.

(FATHER smiles.)                                        4

FATHER    Mary has a lot of faith, so she will be
.        just fine.  She ALREADY knows that
.        all things are possible through Me.

SON      She is going to make a great mother.

(FATHER tosses the ball back to SON.)

FATHER   And Joseph - is a righteous man.
.        He will be a great father.

SON      (laughing)  Yes, a great EARTHLY father.
.        Once he hears about what is happening –
.        he will do some serious soul-searching.
.        And You’ll be sending out another angel.
.        But -

(SON tosses the ball back to FATHER.)

SON      I am looking forward to – physically -
.        living with them.  And instead of creating
.        something by just saying a word, I can’t wait
.        to build something with my very own hands...
.        Being a human is going to be such
.        a new experience.

FATHER   It won’t be easy.

SON      (knowingly)  No.

(FATHER throws the ball to the SON.)

SON      To live among the people, and physically feel
.        their pain and sorrows.  And having certain –
.        physical limitations – I certainly won’t be
.        used to that.

(SON throws the ball to the FATHER.)

FATHER   Things won’t be as comfortable as you’ve had it
.        all these years.  Hm! My Son, the King of Kings,
.        to be born in a stable with a humble upbringing.

SON      Well, if I’m going to take their place,
.        it must be done so that everyone can relate,
.        rich – or poor.  But I will miss being
.        right here WITH you.

(FATHER throws ball to SON.)                            5

FATHER   You know I will always be with You –
.        in Spirit.

SON      Yes... except for those three days...

(SON hangs his head.)

SON      If only that were done and over with already.

FATHER   It has to be done.  It is the entire reason
.        for Me sending You.

(SON looks up at FATHER.)

SON      Of course it is.  But if only we could skip
.        to the part where I go down to the earth
.        as the conquering King, and lock up all evil
.        to bring about physical peace.

(FATHER looks out.)

FATHER   That time will come, soon enough.
.        We created them with a choice,
.        and they chose to sin –
.        causing a SPIRITUAL separation...
.        Still, My desire is for every one of them
.        to be My child...  So - they first
.        need to find spiritual peace.

SON      Most will not understand this.
.        And not everyone will accept this gift.

(SON walks over to FATHER.  They stand side by side,
both looking out.)

FATHER   Still, I love them.

SON      Yes, I need to take their place –
.        so that every single soul
.        has an opportunity to be saved from their sins,
.        so they can know You personally
.        as their Father in heaven.
.        Just as I know You.

(SON looks at the FATHER.  FATHER still looks out.)

FATHER   It has to be done.

SON      I know that the physical rejection,            6
.        and the physical beatings will be painful.
.        But the worst will be – all that shame -
.        –all that guilty weight pressing down,
.        taking on all the sins of the world –
.        and the separation I will have from You.
.        My heart will almost break.

FATHER   As will mine, My Son.  You know I cannot
.        be near sin.  That is why.  It has to be done.

SON      Of course.  No one can enter heaven
.        unless free of all sin.  This is the only way.
.        I - am the only way.

FATHER   I love them so much.  Enough to send –
.        My one and only Son - to suffer and to die.

SON      Your will - be done.

(FATHER and SON turn to face each other and embrace.
Finally FATHER pulls away and holds SON’S shoulders.)

FATHER   It is time.

(FATHER and SON turn to walk back to center stage exit.
Stopping, SON hands the football to the FATHER,
then exits stage right.  FATHER watches until
SON is gone, then exits center stage.)