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WHAT BREAKS YOUR HEART? - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         obedience to God’s leading, compassion
SCRIPTURE:     Hab.2:1-4, Jer.22:3
Style:         drama/conversation: a family watches TV
.              and reacts to different news items.
.              (DAD, MOM, BROTHER, SISTER),
Set & Props: - sofa (or 4 chairs): where family sits
.              and watches the “TV”,
.            - for “TV”: maybe a big box with a cutout
.              screen so NEWS ANCHOR can step into it,
.              or just have him/her off to the side
.              and stepping up to a microphone


NAR.  What breaks your heart says a lot about you
.     and your priorities.

(FAMILY sits down. DAD picks up remote and clicks.)

DAD   Let’s see what’s happening in the world today.

(NEWS ANCHOR steps up.)

N.A.  In the world today, inflation is on the rise,
.     and our economy hits an all-time low.

DAD   Nooooo. We can’t take another hit
.     like that right now!

N.A.  With another game loss, the Eagles lose
.     their chance to go to the championship playoffs.

BRO  I can’t believe it!  This is so crazy bad!

N.A. In the world of fashion, yes folks,
.    elephant pants are back in style.

MOM  Oh please say it isn’t so.  They can’t be serious.
.    I look hideous in those things!

N.A. Last night, police raided a puppy farm and saved
.    55 dogs from horrible, abusive conditions.

SIS  Oh, those poor little puppies.  Oooohhh!
.    How can people be so cruel?
.                                                       2
N.A. These dogs will first receive some much-needed
.    medical attention and then be available
.    for adoption to any loving and caring family
.    to receive some much-needed compassionate attention.

SIS  Oh, can we adopt one?  Can we?  Look at those poor
.    little things.  They’ve gone through so much.

MOM  I think that would be a wonderful idea.

DAD  We could spare a little to help out at least one.

BRO  In school last week, we were talking about how
.    it feels good to do good.

SIS  Yeeaah.  Let’s go tomorrow.

N.A. Crime and drug-use is on the rise again.  With these
.    problems come many neglected, homeless children.

(FAMILY shoes no reaction.)

N.A. I said– there are many neglected, homeless children.

SIS  Oh yeah, that’s bad too.

N.A. Because so many children are malnourished,
.    the schools are asking for help from the community
.    to set up breakfast and lunch programs.

BRO  Why don’t they just pack a lunch?

N.A. These children have nowhere else to turn.
.    With no other options, many can only turn
.    to crime themselves.  As resources are limited,
.    city officials can only do so much.
.    But as they say, it takes an entire village
.    to raise a child.  And for these children,
.    this is their only hope.
.    (FAMILY still does not react.)
.    We are– their only hope.  You– are their only hope.

MOM  I guess we should really do something.

DAD  Yes. Yes! Considering what we have, let’s go see
.    what we can do.

(FAMILY turns off TV and leave.)