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WE LIKE SHEEP – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       going astray
SCRIPTURE:   Matt.18:12-14, Lk.15:4-7, 1Pt.2: 25,
.            Ezekiel 34:11-16, Ps.23
Style:       allegory/conversation:  one sheep goes
.            astray when it leaves the fold
.            to hang out with the goats
Cast:        LAMB (new Christian),
.            SHEEP (mature Christian),
.            NARRATOR
Set & Props: an exit or something where SHEEP
.            can walk to and hide behind


NAR.    WE - are like sheep – and should not stray…

(LAMB walks up to SHEEP.)

LAMB    Baaa.

SHEEP   Sure, that’s easy for you to say.
.       You’re a sheep.

LAMB    Ah, you’re a sheep, too.

SHEEP   Naw, I’m a maverick!

LAMB    A what?  I thought for sure
.       you were a sheep!
.       Once a sheep - always a sheep.

SHEEP   It’s getting old.

LAMB    I think it’s NEW!

SHEEP   That’s because you’re just a lamb.
.       Wait a few years.

LAMB    But, I was talking to
.       the old ram over there, and
.       he finds that no matter how old he gets,
.       every day is like a new one.

SHEEP   He must be senile!  Now, take a look        2
.       over there at our shepherd.
.       Every day is the same.
.       We follow him, while
.       he tries to keep us in line.

LAMB    I like him.  He makes sure
.       we’re fed, and safe –

SHEEP   He does what he has to.
.       But notice, EVERY DAY IS THE SAME!
.       We walk, we stop, get something to drink,
.       we eat, we sleep!

LAMB    (shrugs)  What more do you want?

SHEEP   I want – adventure!
.       I want to do something - dangerous.

LAMB    Well, the other day when we were walking
.       along that cliff, I slipped and fell –

SHEEP   Oh!  So YOU were the one holding us up.
.       I was wondering why I wasn’t going anywhere.
.       Boy!  You’re not only a wimp, but a klutz too.

LAMB    Hey, it happens.  The path was steep there,
.       then I thought I heard wolves howling,
.       and glanced around to see –

SHEEP   Paranoid, too.

LAMB    Anyway, for those few seconds,
.       I wasn’t trusting in the shepherd
.       to take care of us.  And
.       I wasn’t watching where I was going,
.       and I fell.  Got stuck on a ledge, and
.       wasn’t even afraid.   I just
.       called out to the shepherd.
.       He came and picked me up
.       and made sure I wasn’t hurt.

SHEEP   (like baa’ing)  Blaaah, blaah, blaaah.

LAMB    Well, I like being a sheep,
.       and I like our shepherd.

SHEEP   You see, I’m getting tired of being         3
.       a sheep and following the shepherd.  Now!
.       (motioning to the side) –
.       look at those sheep up there,
.       up on that ridge.
.       Wow! Are THEY lucky!

LAMB    But, what are THEY doing
.       that’s so different?
.       They’re just up on a ledge
.       that looks slippery.
.       And they don’t have a shepherd.

SHEEP   Right.  And I think I’m going to join them.

LAMB    I don’t know...
.       Sheep need to follow something.

SHEEP   And I want to follow my fantasies.
.       I want to go join those sheep.

LAMB    (looking)  What if they’re not sheep?
.       Maybe they’re wolves!

SHEEP   Wolves!  Take a better look.
.       They hardly look like wolves.

LAMB    (taking a longer look, skeptical)
.       They don’t LOOK like us.  ACTUALLY,
.       they look more like mountain goats.

SHEEP   That’s got to be better
.       than hanging out with all you bleat heads!
.       Besides, I‘ve known a few goats –
.       they’re not much different.

LAMB    It’s one thing to be with goats
.       when the shepherd is near,
.       but just to go off on your own.
.       You’re asking for trouble.

SHEEP   So what!  I just don’t care anymore.
.       (starts to leave)

LAMB    Don’t go.  You won’t be happy.

SHEEP   I’m not happy NOW.
.                                                   4
(SHEEP leaves and disappears.
LAMB keeps talking and glancing in the direction
that SHEEP went.)

LAMB    You won’t be happy up there with them.
.       (last minute pleading)
.       You’ll be out of your environment.
.       It’s very cold up there.
.       And there’s no grass or drinking water.
.       You won’t be letting the shepherd help you.
.       It’s just too rocky...  Oh oh...
.       (bites fingernails and cringes)

SHEEP   (from off stage)  HEEELLLLPPP!

(SHEEP comes limping back)

SHEEP   Whew! That was close!

LAMB    What happened?

SHEEP   At first it seemed exciting.
.       Maybe it was just the lack of oxygen.
.       And when I reached the top,
.       one goat said, “Come and join us,
.       come right over here, my friend.”
.       But then another goat rudely told me
.       to “Get lost.”

LAMB    Why didn’t you leave?

SHEEP   He was just kidding with me... I think.
.       But the first goat seemed so friendly.
.       Then he pushed me over the edge.
.       I asked for help, but they just laughed.
.       Then they started fighting with each other,
.       and left me there. I felt so alone.
.       They just didn’t care.

LAMB    So how’d you get back.

SHEEP   I tried getting out of the crevasse by myself,
.       but I hurt my leg when I fell.

LAMB    Why didn’t you call the shepherd.

SHEEP   I finally tried calling for the shepherd.   5
.       I really didn’t think he’d hear me.
.       And even if he DID hear me,
.       I figured he wouldn’t bother to get me.
.       I mean, I ran away.  And I was a LONG way off.
.       I was REALLY in a mess.
.       But he found me in no time.
.       Seemed he knew exactly where I was.

LAMB    But you know how much he cares for you.
.       You know he’d give his life to save ANY of us.

SHEEP   I know.  I thought I could handle it on my own.
.       I mean - I AM older than you,
.       And more mature.  I SHOULD know better.
.       I guess, no matter how much one knows:
.       we still do stupid things, and
.       the shepherd ALWAYS knows best.

LAMB    Yeah, that’s the one thing I DO know.
.       And I never want to forget that.

(SHEEP puts his/her arm around LAMB and they exit together.)

NAR.    1 Peter 2: 25
.       “For you were like sheep going astray,
.       but now you have returned to the Shepherd
.       and Overseer of your souls.”