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UNSCHEDULED LOVE - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:      relationships, love
SCRIPTURE:  Prov.17:17
Style:      dramody/conversation: a man talks
.           with a friend about how he's not
.           going to get his wife anything
.           for Valentine's Day because he doesn’t
.           want to be told to do something.
.           He realizes this is not a wise stance.
Cast:       SUSAN, BART, JAY


(SUSAN walks in from one direction, BART and JAY
from the other.  BART remains very aloof.)

SUSAN  Hi dear.

BART   Hey.

(SUSAN cocks her head, waiting for something.
BART stands there coolly.  JAY shuffles
his feet awkwardly.)

SUSAN  Ahhh, do you have any idea
.      what day it is?

BART   Yes.

JAY    (whispering to BART)  Valentines.

BART   (whispering back)  I know that.

SUSAN  Aaaaand...

BART   And nothing.  I refuse to be told
.      when to say something about my love.

(SUSAN stifles a cry and runs off. BART just shrugs.)

JAY    Dude.  Are you nuts?

BART   (defensively)  I should not allow
.      someone else to schedule a time
.      for me to tell someone I love them.
.      It’s just a gimmick to make money anyway.
.      Showing love should never be scheduled.
.                                                       2
JAY    So, if you have a baby,
.      you’d have to feed the baby every day.
.      And then, when Thanksgiving came along,
.      or some other celebration
.      where lots of eating is involved –
.      would you make a point of starving the baby?

BART   Huh?  You’re crazy.  What is with
.      the crazy analogies?  Look,
.      I just refuse to play their game.

JAY    At the expensive of Susan?

BART   But she should refuse to play that game too.

JAY    Your logic would only work if she agreed with you.
.      You DO love her, don’t you?

BART   Yeah.

JAY    And aren’t we supposed to love at all times?

BART   Y - yeeaah.  And I basically tell her every day.

JAY    So, just because some organized day recommends
.      you do something special for those you love –
.      you’re going to go out of your way to NOT
.      do anything at all?

BART   (thinking – suddenly)
.      I messed up big-time, didn’t I?

JAY    Ah, I’d say so.

BART   Aw man.  I’m in trouble.  Big-time trouble.

JAY    Especially if you don’t go after her right now.

BART   Shouldn’t I first think of something –

JAY    Dude, if there’s anything I know about women,
.      the longer you wait on this,
.      the more hurt she’s going to feel.

(BART runs out in the direction that Susan left.
JAY shakes his head and exits in the other direction.)