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UNMERCIFUL SERVANT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        mercy, forgiveness
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.18:23-34
Style:        allegory/conversation: Maggie is forgiven
.             her debts by Darlene, but meanwhile
.             refuses to forgive the minor debt of Gwen,
.             who is momentarily struggling to make
.             ends meet
Set & Props:  purse


(MAGGIE and NANCY enter and stop to chat.)

NANCY     So, Darlene did not ask for any
.         of that money back?

MAGGIE    Not at all.  Not one cent.

NANCY     Just how much did you owe her?

MAGGIE    One and a half million dollars.

NANCY     What?  That is a ton of money!

MAGGIE    Well, remember, I wanted to open
.         my accessories boutique?

NANCY     Yeah, but, she paid for the whole thing?
.         Why not just give you enough for
.         a down payment?

MAGGIE    My credit rating was not good enough
.         to get a loan.

NANCY     Why would Darlene take such
.         a huge risk on you?

MAGGIE    She’s a friend, at least.
.         If you’re my friend, how dare
.         you call me a risk!

NANCY     You – have a poor credit rating.
.                                                     2
MAGGIE    I could turn that around.

NANCY     Have you?

MAGGIE    What?

NANCY     Turned it around?  Is your boutique
.         making any money at all?
.         Are you showing any profits?

MAGGIE    Noooo.  Hey, it takes time
.         to establish a business.

NANCY     Not that much time.  You’ve had this
.         a couple of years, now.

MAGGIE    What can I say – times are tough.

NANCY     Or, you are a very bad manager
.         of time and money.

MAGGIE    Wow.  Are you sure you’re my friend?

NANCY     Hey, I’m just saying-

MAGGIE    Oh, look, here comes Gwen!

NANCY     You sound angry.

MAGGIE    I am.

(GWEN enters and MAGGIE pounces on her.
At the same time, DARLENE enters, and
stops to watch.)

MAGGIE    Gwen!  Remember, last week,
.         you borrowed a hundred dollars from me
.         to help pay your rent.

GWEN      Yes.  I am still working on that.
.         Sorry.

MAGGIE    Well?

GWEN      You’re not expecting that back
.         right away?
.                                                     3
MAGGIE    Immediately!  I want to have
.         my nails done this afternoon.

(GWEN frantically searches her purse.)

GWEN      I’m sorry.  Could you wait until next week?
.         I’ll try to scrape up the money by then.

MAGGIE    That’s a hundred dollars out of my pocket!
.         It’s mine, and I want it back right now!

GWEN      Maggie, please, understand.
.         I just lost my job.
.         I’m starting a new one next week-

MAGGIE    Not soon enough!

GWEN      There’s nothing I can do about it.

MAGGIE    Well, until you pay me back, I’m going
.         to make your life so miserable!

(GWEN rushes off crying.  MAGGIE angry, but pleased
with herself, turns around and comes face-to-face
with DARLENE, who stands there knowingly.)

MAGGIE    Dar-  Darlene.

DARLENE   Maggie.  I can see that you do not
.         appreciate anything I’ve done for you –
.         at all.

MAGGIE    No – I – do appreciate –

DARLENE   You will now pay me back.

MAGGIE    I can’t do that!
.         I don’t have the money!

DARLENE   You can sell your boutique.

MAGGIE    But – that’s - like my baby.

DARLENE   You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.

.                                                     4
(DARLENE exits in the direction that GWEN left.
MAGGIE swings back to NANCY.)

MAGGIE    Unbelievable.  Did you see what she did?

NANCY     Hey!  I cannot blame her, one bit.

MAGGIE    You’re on her side?

NANCY     Yeah!  You – are on your own.

(NANCY exits, leaving a bewildered MAGGIE.)