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UNCONDITIONAL LOVE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        unconditional love, be forgiving
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 17:4, John 10:27-30, Jude 1:21
Style:        drama/conversation:  a group of kids hear
.             that a friend let a secret slip out.
.             They want to shun that person,
.             but another friend wants to forgive her.
Cast:         LISA, MANDY, PEOPLE 1 – 3 (if there are
.             more actors, you can split up the lines)
Set & Props:  


(PEOPLE 1, 2, and 3 [or more] gather to talk.)

P 1    Hey, everyone, I’m getting so excited
.      for Lisa’s surprise party!

P 2    Well, don’t get too excited.

P 1    Why?  What happened?

P 3    Mandy blew it.

P 1    What?!

P 2    She opened her big mouth and
.      let the cat out of the bag.

P 1    So Lisa knows?

P 3    Everything!

P 2    Mandy let part of the secret slip out, and then
.      she figured she’d just tell her everything.

P 1    Well, now we know we can’t trust Mandy anymore!

P 2    I think we should tell Mandy that
.      she is not allowed to come to the party.

P 3    I say Mandy can NOT be our friend anymore.

P 1    I agree.  If you can’t trust someone,
.      you do not want them as a friend.

(LISA enters and walks up to the group.)
.                                                       2
P 2    Let’s just ignore her from now on.

LISA   Who?  Me?

P 3    Hey Lisa.  No!  Not you.

P 1    Never you!  And so sorry, by the way,
.      that the surprise party has been totally ruined.

LISA   I don’t think it’s been ruined.

P 2    Mandy totally ruined the surprise for you!

P 1    I just can’t believe she was that stupid.

P 3    So we are uninviting her to the party.

LISA   But I want her to come to the party.

P 2    You can’t!  Not after what she did.

LISA   She’s still our friend.

P 1    No she’s not.  We totally unfriended her.

LISA   But why?

P 1    You can’t be friends with someone you can’t trust.

LISA   I trust her.  So she made a mistake.

P 2    A BIG mistake!  We worked so hard to make this
.      a great surprise.

LISA   It still is.

P 3    No, it’s not.  Everything’s totally ruined.

P 1    Oh, here she comes.

(GROUP becomes quiet as MANDY enters and approaches.)

MANDY  Hi... everyone.

(GROUP ignores MANDY.)

P 2    Do you hear something?

P 3    Not really.  Just some annoying little sound.
.                                                       3
LISA   (balking)  Hi, Mandy.

MANDY  What’s – going on?

(GROUP continues to ignore MANDY.)

LISA   (to GROUP)  Come on, guys!  

(MANDY wipes a tear from her eye.)

MANDY  I’m really sorry.  I didn’t mean to-

P 2    To give away the whole surprise?  How could you?

MANDY  I’m terrible at lying.  And Lisa could tell-

P 3    Excuses-excuses.

LISA   Guys!  I knew something was up.  I kind of –
.      tricked Mandy into saying something.
.      It’s not really her fault.

P 1    It’s still not cool, Lisa.  You can’t
.      make excuses for someone when they mess up.

MANDY  You guys, I am really sorry.  Can you forgive me?

P 2    No way!

LISA   I forgive you, Mandy.

P 3    What?  No, you can’t just forgive her.
.      She has to pay for what she did.
.      Mandy, you can’t come to the party.

P 1    And we don’t want you as a friend anymore.
.      We just can’t trust you.

LISA   Guys!  It’s my party, isn’t it?  I say,
.      Mandy should come.

P 2    We’re the ones planning it.

P 1    We’ve worked very hard at planning this,
.      and now it’s ruined, all because of Mandy.

LISA   It’s NOT ruined.  I was surprised that
.      you cared enough to plan a party for me.
.      And the party can still be good.
.                                                       4
P 3    It won’t be the same.

LISA   It could be.  You know, all of YOU
.      are now ruining the surprise.

P 1    What are you talking about?

LISA   Any kind of party – that would have
.      all my friends together and getting along –
.      would be a great party.  And it still could be –
.      if you forgive Mandy, so we could go on –
.      all being friends.

P 2    I just can’t be friends with someone
.      who would do that.

LISA   (to P 2)  Are YOU so perfect?

P 2    Well... noooo.  But –

LISA   No one can promise that they will
.      never do anything wrong.

P 3    Friends should be able to trust each other.

LISA   Yeah, but more importantly, we have to
.      be able to trust each other to STAY friends.
.      I mean, I know I’m not perfect.
.      So the next time - I make any little mistake –
.      are you going to stop being my friend?

P 2    Ahhhh...

LISA   (to P 3)  And when you promised to meet me
.      at the shopping mall, and didn’t show up,
.      I forgave you.  Should I have just
.      stopped being your friend?

P 3    I totally forgot.

LISA   Right, because we all are not perfect.
.      We ARE going to let each other down sometimes,
.      even when we don’t want to.  If we stop
.      being friends with everyone who makes a mistake –
.      then we are not going to have any friends left.
.      At all.

P 2    But Mandy has done this sort of thing before.
.      I think it should be – 3 strikes and you’re out!
.                                                       5

P 1    Ah, and how many times did you say you
.      were going to help me with homework,
.      and then you said you had something better to do?

P 2    Ahhh, you’re right.  I’m sorry.

P 3    I guess we’ve all let each other down.

MANDY  So you all forgive me?

P 1    Sure.

P 2    Yes.

P 3    We forgive you, Mandy.  Can you forgive us
.      for being jerks?

(MANDY pretends to think.)

MANDY  Ahhhhhh-

(PERSON 1, 2 and 3 look at MANDY.)

MANDY  Of course I do.  Thanks, guys.

LISA   Okay, so I’m looking forward to my party now.
.      (continues speaking as they all walk out together)
.      I still have no idea what you all have planned,
.      so it will be a total surprise to me.