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TRIVIAL WORRIES (video) - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       worry, trust
SCRIPTURE:   Matthew 6:25-34
Style:       dramody/spoof of a 1940s dramatic movie
.            where a Betty Davis type-woman worries
.            "frets" about getting a new wardrobe
.            and lunch
Cast:        woman
Style:       1940s style acting
Set & Props: 1940s style clothing, clip on earrings,
.            purse, table, telephone, chair,
.            notepad, pen


(Keep the tone of a black & white film, with the old
1940s style of dramatic yet under-emphasized acting.  
WOMAN always remains composed with very proper
and lady-like actions and well-enunciated speech...
very Betty Davis.)

(WOMAN paces “anxiously”, then strikes a pose to study
her watch.  Eyeing the telephone, she goes to dial out
and wait for an answer, removing an earring for comfort.
WOMAN tries to remain collected.)

W     Hello, darling, I am rather curious
.     as to your whereabouts.

(WOMAN pauses and sits down from hearing bad news.)

W     Oh, I see.  This is most dreadful and upsetting.

(WOMAN pauses and goes into a pout.)

W     I am quite sorry to hear that, but -
.     I was really counting on you –
.     to take me shopping.

(WOMAN pauses, getting “angry”.)

W     You do realize, don’t you,
.     that you left me in a lurch?
.     I mean, really!   I simply
.     cannot go one more week
.     wearing LAST season’s fashions.

(WOMAN pauses, anger turning to self-pity)              2

W     Of course, I DO understand if you must.
.     I do hope your mother’s health crisis –
.     takes a turn for the better -
.     I really do.  Ta-ta, darling.

(WOMAN begins to put her earring back on,
but thinks of someone else to call.
Her countenance switches to upbeat.)

W     Hello, darling, this is Rebecca.
.     How ARE you doing?

(WOMAN pauses, hopefully.)

W     Splendid.  Well, I was hoping you could collect me-
.     we could do lunch, and then be off to shop-
.     What’s that you’re saying?

(WOMAN pauses, feeling very let down.)

W     Oh, so sad to hear, for my part.
.     But, congrats to you, I suppose.
.     Promotions are - usually positive events -
.     but - must you really work today-of-all-days?

(WOMAN pauses, then becomes sarcastic.)

W     Yes, you are quite right.
.     I suppose I am most fortunate
.     to inherit a truckload, as you put it.
.     (angrily)  But what am I to do?
.     I find myself in a conundrum,
.     and in desperate need of updated outfits.

(WOMAN pauses, sighs, then goes back to pouting mode.)

W     You do realize, this is causing MUCH anxiety.
.     I’m also in DIRE need of some nourishment.

(WOMAN pauses, matter-of-factly.)

W     Simply put, my cook has the day off.

(WOMAN pauses with an angry pout.)

W     Oh, all right, I’ll leave you
.     to your work then-Ciao.

(WOMAN hangs up, then poses in a concerned position,    3
freezing in a thinking-mode.  Then she dials out.)

W     (pleading)  Hello, Mabel, dear.
.     I do realize you have the day off,
.     but could you possibly find it in your heart
.     to rush right over and fix me something to eat?

(WOMAN pauses, then begins moaning her words.)

W     Of COURSE you have a FAMILY to feed,
.     but I’m MOST certain I CANnot survive without you.

(WOMAN pauses, taken aback.)

W     But – WHAT shall-I-do?  What are you saying?
.     One moment!  I need a piece of paper
.     so I can write down what you are saying!

(WOMAN quickly takes out pen and paper to take notes,
scrambling helplessly in confusion.)

W     Okay, you were saying- Bread?  In the pantry.
.     Butter, in – the - refrigerator.
.     Along with the cucumbers, you said?
.     (pauses, perplexed)
.     But how ever does one make them so pretty,
.     and finger-sized?

(WOMAN pauses, astounded.)

W     Simply cut off the crust.
.     Really?  In any shape desired?!  
.     You have such confidence in my abilities,
.     although, I can only trust in
.     your well-intended instructions.

(WOMAN pauses.)

W     Yes, I suppose these things ARE rather trivial,
.     and I SHOULD stop worrying so.
.     (sincerely)  Thank you, Mabel, darling.
.     You always seem to be there for me,
.     even when you are not.  And - I certainly trust
.     I will you will be there tomorrow, then!
.     (hangs up sighing, then speaks while exiting)
.     Could there be ANYONE else more dependable?