.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s power
SCRIPTURE:    Exodus 5:1-12:51
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Israelites at the time Moses
.             asked Pharaoh to let God’s people go
Set & Props:  Bible;  2 staffs


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         Last time we saw that Moses met up with
.             his brother, Aaron, who was going to help,
.             just as God said.  I’ve been wondering
.             if Moses learns to trust God more?

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(MOSES and AARON enter, each with a staff.)

DARREN        There’s Moses and Aaron now.
.             They have already spoken to the Israelites
.             to let them know what God plans to do.

BROOK         Do the Israelites trust Moses now?

MOSES         That went well!  Thank you, Aaron.

AARON         God deserves the praise. God gave me      2
.             the words to say.  And God gave the power
.             so you could perform those miracles.

MOSES         Yes, I now see that it is all from God.
.             I need to trust God, and obey!
.             Come!  It is time to face Pharaoh.

(AARON and MOSES exit in the opposite direction.)

BROOK         What miracles were they talking about?

DARREN        (reading)  God gave power so that Moses
.             could make his staff become a snake
.             then go back to being a staff, and
.             he could make his hand become leprous
.             then go back to being healthy.
.             This was to help the Israelites see
.             that Moses and Aaron’s words came from God.

BROOK         Okay, so the Israelites trust Moses now.
.             Are they all going to totally trust God?

(DARREN turns a page in the Bible.  
PHARAOH steps out.  MOSES and AARON approach.)

MOSES         Pharaoh, the God of Israel, says
.             “Let My people go that they may celebrate
.             a feast to Me in the wilderness.”

PHARAOH       Who is God that I should obey His voice
.             to let Israel go?  I do not know God.

MOSES         If you do not let His people go,
.             the God of the Hebrews will fall upon us
.             with pestilence or with the sword.

PHARAOH       Because you want to take the people away
.             from their work, I will assume they are all
.             lazy, so I will make them work even harder.
.             And if they don’t, they will be beaten.

(PHAROAH exits. MOSES & AARON exit the other direction.)

BROOK         Oh-oh.  Do you think the Israelites
.             will be angry at Moses again?
.             Moses was only doing what God asked.
.                                                       3
(MOSES enters and gets down on his knees, pleading.)

MOSES         O Lord, why did You ever send me?  Because
.             of You, Pharaoh is now punishing us.
.             You have not delivered Your people at all!

BROOK         What’s going on?  What is God’s plan?

DARREN        (reading) God reminds Moses of the covenant
.             made with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

BROOK         Oh!  I remember that promise.
.             The more the Israelites obey God,
.             they get more of their land and blessings-

DARREN        Exactly!  So if the Israelites ever
.             want to see their Promised Land, they must
.             start trusting God and learn to obey.

BROOK         It makes sense that the more you trust God,
.             the more you will WANT to obey!

DARREN        (reads)  So Moses hears God’s plan!
.             While showing God’s power to the world,
.             God is going to teach His people to
.             trust in Him and obey, AND God is going to
.             make the powerful Egyptians - weak.

BROOK         Just how is God going to do that?

DARREN        (reading)  For one thing,
.             Pharaoh’s heart will be hardened.

BROOK         I do not understand.

DARREN        Maybe if we see it first.

(DARREN turns a page.  PHARAOH enters from
one direction.  MOSES and AARON enter from the other.)

MOSES         Pharaoh, you saw my staff become a snake.

PHARAOH       My magicians did the same thing.

MOSES         But my snake ate your snake.  
.             This was so you will know God’s power.
.                                                       4
PHARAOH       That does not change my mind.

MOSES         God says, “By this you shall know
.             that I am the Lord:  behold,
.             I will turn the Nile’s water into blood.
.             It will stink, and it will be undrinkable.”

(AARON stretches out a hand, and with the other
reaches out and taps the floor with his staff.)

DARREN        (reading)  All the water became blood,
.             which made all the fish die.

PHARAOH       I am not concerned.

BROOK         Ew!  I don’t want to smell that anymore.

(DARREN turns the page.)

MOSES         Thus says the Lord, “Let My people go,
.             that they may serve Me.  If you refuse,
.             I will smite your country with frogs.

PHARAOH       No!

(AARON stretches out his hand.)

DARREN        (reading)  Swarms of frogs came up,
.             and got into their houses and bedrooms
.             and their beds- and into their food-

BROOK         Ew!  Okay, make it stop!

(DARREN turns the page.)

PHARAOH       (to MOSES)  Ask God to remove these frogs,
.             and then I’ll let the people go.

DARREN        (reading)  The frogs all died, but
.             started to REALLY stink up the place.

PHARAOH       I’m just relieved that the frogs are dead.
.             But - I - will not let your people go.

MOSES         Then there will be gnats in all the land.

DARREN        (reading)  Meanwhile, Pharaoh’s           5
.             magicians were always trying to copy
.             God’s power, but could never do it.

BROOK         WHY would they want to add to their misery?
.             Why would they not try to make
.             these bad things go away instead?

DARREN        At least the magicians were starting
.             to realize God’s power.

BROOK         These gnats are driving me crazy.

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES addresses PHARAOH.)

MOSES         If you do not let the people go,
.             behold, I will send swarms of flies!

BROOK         They’re EVERYWHERE!!!
.             Except where the Israelites live!

(DARREN turns a page.)

PHARAOH       If you ask your God to make the flies
.             go away, you may go – into the wilderness-
.             but - just not too far away.

(DARREN turns a page.)

PHARAOH       Much better.  But – you cannot go.

MOSES         If you do not let the people go, behold,
.             disease will kill all of your animals.

BROOK         (to DARREN)  I’m sensing a pattern.

(DARREN turns a page.)

MOSES         There will be boils and sores
.             on the skin of all Egyptians.

(DARREN turns a page.)

MOSES         There will be a hail-storm so great
.             it will destroy your crops of flax and
.             barley, and kill whoever is outside.

(DARREN turns a page.  BROOK looks around,              6
then points off stage. PHARAOH looks off stage
as if there are people talking to him.)

BROOK         Look, the Egyptians are asking the Pharaoh
.             to let the people go already
.             because they cannot take anymore.

PHARAOH       (to MOSES again)  I have sinned this time,
.             and God is the righteous one.
.             Please pray to Him on my behalf.
.             If this stops, I will let the people go.

BROOK         So Pharaoh is finally learning?

(DARREN turns a page.)

PHARAOH       No – you cannot go.

MOSES         Then locust will destroy your trees,
.             and the rest of your crops.

PHARAOH       If you can get rid of the locust,
.             then only the men can go.

BROOK         But?

(DARREN turns a page.)

PHARAOH       (back to Moses)  They still cannot go!

MOSES         Then there will be darkness
.             so you cannot see or do anything.

(LIGHTS could go out completely here.
If you can’t, have the actors pretend they cannot see.)

BROOK         Darren, are you still there?
.             I cannot see ANYTHING.

DARREN        At least the Israelites had lights.

BROOK         But Darren, right now - we’re not
.             where the Israelites are.  I’m scared!

DARREN        I’m turning the page now!

(LIGHTS can come back on.  DARREN turns a page.)        7

DARREN        (reading)  Ah!  So Pharaoh told Moses that
.             they could go, but without their animals.

BROOK         But – they need their animals
.             in order to make sacrifices to God.

DARREN        (reading)  Moses told Pharaoh that,
.             and then Pharaoh said...

(DARREN turns a page.)

PHARAOH       No, then you cannot go.  And – I never want
.             to see you again.  If I do – you shall die!

(AARON and MOSES exit.  Then PHARAOH exits.)

BROOK         But – Pharaoh thinks he has won.

DARREN        (reading)  There have been nine plagues
.             so far.  There is one more to go.

BROOK         Sounds like it’s going to be a bad one.

(DARREN turns a page.  MOSES and AARON enter and face
the congregation as if they are the Israelites.)

DARREN        (reading)  Moses and Aaron now talk
.             to the Israelites about what
.             is to happen.

MOSES         Thus says the Lord, “Around midnight
.             I am going out into the midst of Egypt,
.             and all the firstborn shall die,
.             even Pharaoh’s oldest child will die,
.             even the firstborn of all the animals.
.             You will now see how I will save you.”

AARON         God has instructed each family
.             to kill a Passover lamb, then take
.             its blood, and using a bunch of hyssop,
.             put the lamb’s blood on the doorposts
.             and the lintel of your house
.             in which you eat the Passover lamb.  And
.             make sure you stay inside until morning.

BROOK         It’s like, when we become Christians,     8
.             Jesus, the Lamb of God, enters our hearts
.             and His shed blood saves us from death.

MOSES         For the Lord will pass through the land
.             to smite the Egyptians; but when He sees
.             the blood on the lintel and doorposts, He
.             will pass over and not allow the destroyer
.             to come into your houses to smite you.
.             And you shall observe this Passover event
.             every year after this, with your families,
.             to remember what God has done for you.

(MOSES and AARON exit.)

BROOK         Do the Israelites finally get to go?

(DARREN turns a page.  PHARAOH comes out, upset.)

PHARAOH       (calling out)  Where is Moses and Aaron?!
.             (MOSES and AARON enter)  You!
.             Rise up, get out from among my people,
.             Take your animals and go.

(PHARAOH exits.  Then MOSES and AARON slowly exit.)

DARREN        (reading)  The Egyptians were so eager for
.             the Israelites to leave so nothing else
.             bad would happen to them, they were giving
.             them extra food, clothing, silver and gold.
.             The Israelites had lived in Egypt
.             for 430 years.

BROOK         Amazing!  God saved His people
.             from slavery and got them out of Egypt.
.             Just like when we become Christians,
.             we are no longer slaves to sin.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         So how fast does it take for them
.             to get to their Promised Land?

DARREN        We will find that out next time.