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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        God’s purpose, being called
SCRIPTURE:    Exodus 1:1-2:15
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Israelites at the time Moses was born
.             MAID, PRINCESS (Pharaoh’s daughter)
Set & Props:  Bible;  
.             basket, wrapped up baby-doll


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         I wonder what we’ll see today?

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Let’s go!

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(MIRIAM enters carrying and sits down, pretending
to make bricks out of mud.)

BROOK         This is Egypt – but what happened?
.             When Joseph brought his family here,
.             they were all doing well.  Now –
.             the Israelites are working like slaves.

DARREN        (checking the Bible)
.             Well, there seems to be - a new Pharaoh.
.                                                       2
BROOK         But why would the new Pharaoh
.             make them work so hard?

DARREN        (checking the Bible again)
.             Apparently THIS Pharaoh had forgotten
.             all about Joseph and what he had done
.             for the country, and was now afraid
.             of the Israelites because they
.             had become very successful, and strong.

BROOK         Oh, so he thought that maybe the Israelites
.             would try to take over the country.

DARREN        And now he was trying to kill them off
.             by making them work very hard.
.             But – the harder he made them work,
.             the more they multiplied in number.

(MOM enters carrying a baby, trying to hide the baby
in her arms as best as she can.  Coming up to MIRIAM,
MOM crouches to the ground and pretends to work,
pretending to make bricks out of mud.  
MIRIAM squats beside her and they talk in hushed tones.)

MIRIAM        Mom, what’re you doing out here
.             with the baby?

MOM           I fear for his life.
.             (gently shushes the baby before it cries)
.             Pharaoh found out that our midwives
.             did NOT follow his command to kill
.             all baby boys when they were being born.

MIRIAM        Are the midwives in trouble now?

MOM           When Pharaoh questioned them, the midwives
.             told him that us Hebrew women
.             delivered our babies very quickly -
.             before they could even reach our homes.

MIRIAM        So the midwives will not be punished?

MOM           No, they are fine.  But now -
.             Pharaoh has given a new command...

(MOM holds the baby tight as if to protect it better.)
.                                                       3
MIRIAM        Mom, what is it?  You’re scaring me.

MOM           If an Egyptian finds an Israelite baby boy,
.             they are – to – throw the baby –
.             into the river Nile.

MIRIAM        Will you still try to hide the baby?

MOM           He’s three months old already.
.             I do not think I can hide him much longer.

MIRIAM        Then, what are you going to do?

MOM           I – will put him in the river, myself.

MIRIAM        What?  Mom!  Are you mad?

MOM           Shhh.  I am going to make a little – boat-
.             I’ll take a basket and make it waterproof.

MIRIAM        Then what?  Where will it float off to?

MOM           I will trust that God will protect my baby.

MIRIAM        What if – what if I try to follow it?
.             See where the basket goes?  But,
.             let’s go now, while no one is watching.

(MOM nods her agreement.  MIRIAM looks around
to see if the coast is clear then leads MOM out.)

BROOK         That sounds risky.  I don’t know if
.             I could ever do that to my baby.

DARREN        It’s better than having your baby killed.

BROOK         But does the baby survive?

(DARREN turns the page of the Bible, and PRINCESS enters,
wringing her hands with anxious excitement.
MAID enters carrying in a basket and rocking it gently.)

PRINCESS      You got the basket out of the water safely?
.             Let’s see if it’s okay.  
.             I know I heard a baby crying.
.             (concerned)  WHY is it not crying anymore?
.                                                       4
(MAID puts the basket down and picks up the baby.
PRINCESS takes the baby carefully into her arms
to check it out.)

PRINCESS      He- he seems okay.  He was probably scared.
.             Oh, he is so adorable!  (kissing the baby)
.             I’m going to keep him.  And I’ll name him –
.             MOSES! Because I drew him out of the water.

MAID          Your majesty, if I may be so bold to say,
.             this is a Hebrew baby.  And - it is a boy.
.             Your father will not be happy to know that
.             you are saving the life of a Hebrew boy.

PRINCESS      I am the Pharaoh’s daughter!
.             I usually get my way! And I am keeping him!
.             I will raise him as my very own son.
.             He is just so adorable, isn’t he?

MAID          But he’ll soon be hungry.
.             What exactly do you plan on doing?
.             How will you feed and raise him?

PRINCESS      I do not know.  I have never had a baby-

(PRINCESS cuddles and rocks the baby as MIRIAM sneaks up
to PRINCESS and MAID while they’ve been talking.)

MIRIAM        Excuse me.  I have an idea.  Your majesty.

(MIRIAM quickly curtsies.  MAID studies MIRIAM quickly.)

MAID          (to PRINCESS)  She is a Hebrew slave.

PRINCESS      Let her talk.  I would like to hear
.             her idea, since I have none of my own.

MIRIAM        I can find a nurse for you,
.             from the Hebrew women, your majesty.
.             Someone who could feed the baby for you!

PRINCESS      That sounds like a wonderful idea.
.             Let me meet her.  And let her know
.             that I will pay her well to
.             raise my baby until he is weaned.

(MIRIAM curtsies to PRINCESS and dashes off stage.      5
PRINCESS coos to the baby as she and MAID exit slowly.)

BROOK         Quick, what happens next?

(DARREN turns a page of the Bible, and MOM enters
carrying the baby and smiling down at it.)

BROOK         Very cool.  Not only did God save Moses
.             from death, but his mother was paid
.             to look after her own child!?

MOM           (talking sweetly to the baby)
.             You are meant for something great,
.             my dear - Moses.  I am most sure of that.
.             God has not only saved you,
.             but blessed you greatly.
.             When you are older, you will live
.             in the palace with royalty.
.             You will be a prince.  And you
.             will be able to talk with the Pharaoh.
.             Perhaps in this way, God will use you
.             to one day free our people.

(MOM kisses the baby’s forehead and exits.)

BROOK         I cannot wait! I need to know what happens.

DARREN        (reading)  Moses grows up in the palace,
.             and becomes a man, and...

(DARREN turns a page in the Bible.  PRINCESS enters,
followed by the MAID who is upset and anxious.)

MAID          Your majesty!  Some terrible news!
.             It is about Moses.  Apparently –
.             Moses has killed an Egyptian guard.

PRINCESS      What?  That does not sound like my Moses.
.             There must have been a good reason.

MAID          They are saying that the guard was only
.             beating a Hebrew slave.  Somehow
.             people knew about it and started talking.
.             Anyway, the Pharaoh is so angry,
.             he was ordered Moses to be killed.

PRINCESS      No!  Not my son!  Where is he now?        6
.             Where is Moses?

MAID          They cannot find him.

PRINCESS      Perhaps he escaped into the wilderness.
.             Oh! My poor son! I may never see him again.
.             My poor son!  He may as well be dead to me!

(PRINCESS rushes off to cry.  MAID quickly follows.
MOM now enters and pretends to make bricks out of mud.
MIRIAM rushes in.)

MIRIAM        Mom!  It’s Moses!

MOM           Did he speak to the Pharaoh?
.             Will we be set free?

MIRIAM        Mom!  Moses killed an Egyptian guard, and
.             now Pharaoh has ordered him to be killed.

MOM           Are you sure?  Moses would not kill anyone.

MIRIAM        Someone saw this.  It happened after
.             the guard had been beating one of us.

MOM           Well, our people can help protect Moses.

MIRIAM        Our people are angry at Moses
.             and want nothing to do with him.
.             They just see him as a spoiled prince.

MOM           Where is he now?

MIRIAM        Some say that he made his escape
.             into the wilderness.  If the Egyptians
.             don’t catch up to him, do you think
.             Moses will be able to survive
.             in a wilderness all on his own?

MOM           What has Moses done?  Why?  Why?  
.             Why did he act out in that way?
.             He has ruined everything!  He could have
.             convinced the Pharaoh to let us go.
.             He could have helped set us free.
.             Now what?  We will never be set free.

(MOM exits with MIRIAM following.)                      7

BROOK         But, if God saved Moses
.             from being killed as a baby,
.             and if God wants to use Moses somehow –
.             God can still do that!  Right?

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         It seems so hopeless.
.             How will God work out this mess?

DARREN        I’m hoping we will see next time.