.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.                           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        reconciliation
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 42:1-50:26
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Joseph to reconcile with his family
Cast:         BROOK, DARREN,
.             JACOB, REUBEN, JUDAH
Set & Props:  Bible;  cane/stick


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         Does the Jacob-story still continue?  

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Yeah.  I’m curious to see if things
.             are going well for Jacob and his family.

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(JACOB is getting older, so he uses a can to enter.
REUBEN enters from the opposition side to meet him.)

REUBEN        You called.  Is everything okay, Father?

JACOB         You know that we are running out of food.

REUBEN        We still have some left in our bin-

JACOB         Reuben, it will all be gone very soon,
.             and it does not look like it will rain
.             any time soon.  And then what?
.             Now, I hear that there is grain in Egypt.
.                                                       2
REUBEN        Egypt!  That – is - quite a journey.

JACOB         Ohhhh, okay then, stay right here,
.             and we can all watch each other as we die.
.             Listen to me, Egypt is the only place
.             that has food stored up.  They must have
.             somehow known that this long drought
.             was coming.  Anyway, you will go with your
.             brothers, except for Benjamin, of course.

REUBEN        (dryly)  Of course.  Why should Benjamin
.             do anything too difficult?

JACOB         You know he is the only son I have left
.             from Rachel.  I am afraid that something
.             bad will happen to him if he goes there
.             with the rest of you.

REUBEN        Fine.  I will get my brothers and
.             we will leave at once.

(REUBEN and JACOB exit in the directions they entered.)

BROOK         I remember now.  The ten brothers
.             wanted to kill their brother, Joseph,
.             because they were jealous of him,
.             but instead they sold him into slavery.
.             That’s how Joseph winds up in Egypt,
.             and interprets the Pharaoh’s dream
.             about the coming drought.  This is why
.             Egypt is so prepared.

DARREN        (reading)  Now, when the ten brothers get
.             to Egypt, they have to go before Joseph,
.             because Joseph is in charge of everything.
.             And the brothers bow down to Joseph–

BROOK         Ha!  Just like in Joseph’s dream.
.             Wait – did they recognize Joseph?

DARREN        (reading)  No, but Joseph recognized them.

BROOK         So what happened next?

(DARREN turns a page of the Bible.  REUBEN enters
and calls out.)

REUBEN        Father!  We’re back!

(JACOB enters as fast as he can.)                       3

JACOB         Reuben!  How did it go?

REUBEN        Ah, well... Ah...

JACOB         What is wrong?

REUBEN        All of us came back – except - Simeon.

JACOB         What do you mean?

REUBEN        The man, the lord of the land,
.             the ruler, spoke very harshly with us,
.             and thought we were spies of the country.
.             We told him that we were not spies,
.             but that we were just a normal family
.             with twelve brothers in all, and a father
.             who is still alive.  But – then –
.             the ruler noticed that there were only
.             ten of us and started questioning us
.             about the other two.

JACOB         Why would you tell this man about us?
.             What else did you say?

REUBEN        We had to tell him that the youngest
.             was with you, and the other brother
.             was no longer – alive.

JACOB         And why did Simeon stay behind?

REUBEN        The ruler was convinced that we were spies.
.             And the only way he would be able
.             to believe and trust us - is if – we left
.             one brother behind, return home, and-
.             bring back the youngest brother to him-

JACOB         Benjamin?!  You cannot take Benjamin
.             away from me!

REUBEN        If we do not – then Simeon stays in jail-
.             in Egypt.

(JUDAH enters, very concerned.)

JUDAH         We opened all the bags of grain.

JACOB         The grain is not good?  So we will starve?

JUDAH         The grain is good.  But– all our money-   4
.             was in the bags.  ALL of our money!

JACOB         What?  What does that mean?

JUDAH         That means we will be accused of stealing.
.             That means we did not pay for the grain.

JACOB         You have made me mourn over the loss
.             of my children:  Joseph is no more,
.             and Simeon is no more, and now you will
.             take Benjamin!  What else can you do to me?

REUBEN        Father, you may put my two sons to death
.             if I do not bring Benjamin back to you.

JACOB         No.  My son will not go down with you.
.             His brother, Joseph, is already dead.
.             He alone is left.  If anything would happen
.             to Benjamin, it would kill me.  So - no!

(JACOB exits.  REUBEN looks at JUDAH.)

REUBEN        It is because of what we did to Joseph.
.             I told all of you not to do anything
.             to him.  Now because of that sin –
.             I believe that God is punishing us.

(REUBEN and JUDAH exit.)

BROOK         But Joseph is not dead.

DARREN        They don’t know that.

BROOK         So they’re just going to leave their
.             brother Simeon stuck in that Egyptian jail?
.             I cannot take this.  What happens next?

(DARREN turns a page of the Bible.  JACOB enters
with JUDAH.)

JACOB         We are running low on grain, again.
.             You must all go back to Egypt.

JUDAH         Father, you are forgetting –
.             the Egyptian ruler solemnly warned us
.             that we could not return to Egypt
.             or see our brother – unless we brought
.             the youngest brother with us.

JACOB         How could you have done that to me –      5
.             WHY would you tell that man
.             you had another brother?

JUDAH         He was asking all of these questions.
.             We had no choice.  And we had no idea
.             what he would do or that he’d ask for
.             such a thing.  But - if we do not do
.             as he asked...  we will all die anyway.
.             Allow Benjamin to go with us.
.             I will take full responsibility.

JACOB         (sadly)  If it must be so.
.             (thinking)  But you must also bring gifts.
.             You must bring the best of our land.
.             a little balm, some honey, aromatic gum,
.             myrrh, pistachio nuts and almonds.
.             AND - take twice as much money!
.             You must pay for now, as well as last time.
.             Perhaps it was all just a mistake.
.             But we do not what to look like thieves.
.             And may God Almighty grant you compassion
.             in the sight of that man!

(JUDAH nods and exits.  JACOB slowly follows behind.)

BROOK         So they took Benjamin?

DARREN        I guess they had no choice.
.             Let’s see how this ends.

(DARREN turns a page in the Bible.  JACOB enters
and looks into the distance, curious but perplexed.  
Finally JUDAH and REUBEN enter.)

JACOB         What?  What is all of that?
.             I see extra donkeys and wagons.
.             You did not leave here with those.
.             And - new, expensive clothes?
.             Now what have you done?  Now what happened?

REUBEN        You will not believe this-

JUDAH         He may have a heart attack.

REUBEN        True.  We should tell him the story
.             from the beginning- and ease into it-

JACOB         Is Benjamin here?  As well as Simeon?

REUBEN        Yes-yes – they are both fine.  And-       6

JUDAH         Ah!  Slowly.  We will start -
.             from the beginning.  Shall we sit?

(REUBEN puts out calm, agreeing hands, and motions for
them to all sit.  REUBEN and JUDAH sit on the ground, but
JACOB remains standing, so REUBEN and JUDAH stand up.)

JUDAH         Or stand.  Either way...  So,
.             we reached Egypt, and the ruler
.             invited us to his house- for a meal.

REUBEN        At first we were worried that he was
.             going to accuse us of stealing.
.             That is why we quickly explained to the man
.             how our money had been found in the bags.
.             And let him know that we brought back
.             extra money.  And- we gave him the gifts.

JUDAH         And then this man started asking
.             more questions about our family.

JACOB         What is this man’s problem?!
.             I hope you didn’t say too much.

JUDAH         He was acting very strange.

JUDAH         He would keep rushing out –
.             like he had to cry - or - throw up.

JACOB         And the Pharaoh puts such a man
.             in charge of the entire country?

JUDAH         He certainly has strange ways.
.             So we were given our grain and left.
.             But we had not gone very far when
.             guards caught up to us and accused us
.             of stealing a silver cup.  Psh,
.             we were so confident that none of us
.             took it that we said -
.             if anyone of us had the silver cup –
.             they could kill that brother!

JACOB         What did you all do now?

RUEBEN        They found the silver cup in the bag
.             belonging to Benjamin.

JACOB         What?!  You said that he is here.
.                                                       7
JUDAH         (to REUBEN)  Ah, not exactly a good part
.             of the story to ease into things.
.             (to JACOB)  It’s okay, Father.
.             We were brought back to Egypt, where-
.             I approached the ruler, fell to my face
.             and BEGGED for mercy.  And explained
.             that our father would just die
.             if anything happened to Benjamin.

JACOB         I will die right now if you do not
.             get to the point of this.

REUBEN        Joseph is still alive!

(JUDAH gives REUBEN a dirty look.  JACOB sinks
to the ground using his cane for support.)

JACOB         What?

REUBEN        This great ruler in Egypt – is Joseph.
.             That is why he kept asking about
.             the family.  That is why he asked
.             about us having more brothers.
.             This is happy news.

JUDAH         Sure, that’s one way to look at it.

JACOB         Why would you not be happy?

JUDAH         There are reasons to reconcile.

REUBEN        Joseph did hug us.  That’s a good sign.

JUDAH         But ah, more on that later.  Meanwhile,
.             Joseph – wants the entire family
.             to move to Egypt where there is plenty
.             of food.  And we met the Pharaoh!  Who
.             has offered to us the best land in Egypt.
.             Then – he gave us extra wagons, donkeys,
.             clothing- whatever we need to move there.

JACOB         (still in shock)  What?

JUDAH         Joseph is still alive, and he is ruler
.             over all the land of Egypt.
.             Joseph wants us to move to Egypt right now.

REUBEN        You do want to see Joseph, your
.             favorite son?  Yes?
.                                                       8
JACOB         How- how can I believe this is true?

REUBEN        Before leaving Egypt, Joseph told us
.             not to quarrel on the way over here.

JACOB         Ha!  That does sounds like Joseph.
.             It is enough! My son Joseph is still alive.
.             I will go and see him before I die.

(JACOB gets up with the help of REUBEN and JUDAH and
they all exit together.)

BROOK         So they were saved from dying of
.             starvation – basically because they had
.             tried to kill their brother.

DARREN        Obviously, even after we make mistakes,
.             God can STILL carry out His plans.

BROOK         And that is how the Israelites
.             all wind up living in Egypt.
.             And hey, Jacob’s name had become Israel.
.             The twelve sons become the twelve tribes
.             which make up the Israelites.  Huh!

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         Well, I did not expect such a happy ending
.             to THAT story.

DARREN        I wonder what we will see next time.