.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        consequences
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 28:10-31:55
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Jacob as he had to deal with Laban
Set & Props:  Bible;  baby doll, “mandrake” leaves,
.             shepherd staff for Rachel (optional)


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         Well, I cannot wait to find out
.             what happens to Jacob.

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         And how!

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(JACOB enters and looks around.)

BROOK         There’s Jacob, but where’s he going?

DARREN        Remember, Jacob took the birthright
.             and the blessing away from
.             his twin brother, Esau.

BROOK         Making Esau very angry - and wanting
.             to kill Jacob.

DARREN        So his parents, Isaac and Rebekah, sent
.             Jacob away to stay with his uncle- Laban!
.                                                       2
BROOK         To find a wife!  Another romance story!

DARREN        Ew.

(JACOB exits.)

BROOK         Do you think I scared him away?

DARREN        (turns Bible page)  He cannot hear us.
.             Oh, this is where he camps overnight
.             in a field – using a rock for a pillow –
.             and has a dream about a ladder to heaven,
.             with angels ascending and descending it.
.             Then reminds him of the promises
.             God made to Abraham and Isaac.

BROOK         About the land, seed and blessing?

DARREN        Exactly!  The promise that God would
.             give their people the promised land,
.             give them lots of descendants,
.             and blessings.

BROOK         AND the big blessing for the entire earth.
.             Through their descendants would come Jesus,
.             who would one day come to earth and be the
.             salvation for everyone wanting to be saved.

DARREN        Nice!  So when Jacob woke up, he called
.             the place Bethel.  And promised to God
.             that if God protected and provided for him,
.             then the Lord would be his God.

BROOK         Huh!  Is that such a good idea?
.             Jacob is trying to bargain with God?
.             I mean, God always keeps His promises-

DARREN        It’s very great of God to be so
.             understanding and patient with us.

(DARREN turns Bible page and JACOB enters from
one direction, while RACHEL enters from another.)

DARREN        Jacob continued his journey east, and came
.             to a field where there were some men
.             with their flocks of sheep.  After speaking
.             with the men, Rachel came with her sheep.

BROOK         Rachel is very beautiful.
.                                                       3
DARREN        Rachel was the daughter of Laban, who was
.             the brother of Jacob’s mother, Rebekah.

JACOB         (to RACHEL)  I will roll the stone away
.             from the well to help you water your sheep.

(JACOB exits with RACHEL.  DARREN turns a Bible page.)

DARREN        Rachel went to tell her father, Laban,
.             about Jacob-

(LABAN enters, then turns around when RACHEL enters.
JACOB enters after RACHEL.)

RACHEL        Dad!  I just met your sister’s son, Jacob!
.             He helped me water our sheep.

LABAN         Jacob?  (hugs JACOB, then looks at him)
.             Yes, you definitely look like you could
.             be related. You look just like your mother.
.             Come in.  You must stay with us.

JACOB         And I will work for you to pay for my stay.

LABAN         Now listen, you’re family.  You cannot
.             work for me and I give you nothing else.
.             Tell me, how should I pay you?
.             You know I have two daughters.  This is
.             Rachel, the youngest.  The oldest is Leah.

JACOB         I want Rachel!  I will work for seven years
.             in order to marry Rachel.

LABAN         Agreed!

(JACOB, LABAN and RACHEL exit.  DARREN turns a page.)

DARREN        Seven years go by, and there is a wedding.

BROOK         Aw!

(LABAN enters, followed by an angry JACOB.)

JACOB         Uncle Laban!  What have you done?!
.             I woke up and realized that I have
.             married Leah instead of Rachel!

LABAN         But – Leah is my oldest.  I cannot have
.             the youngest get married before the oldest.
.                                                       4
BROOK         How did he not realize sooner?

DARREN        I guess the bride wears a veil, and the
.             wedding took place during the evening
.             when it was dark.

BROOK         So Jacob was tricked!  Hm. Jacob is kind of
.             getting back some of his own medicine.
.             Jacob tricked Esau a few times, now Laban
.             tricked Jacob.

LABAN         (to JACOB) If you work another seven years,
.             you can marry Rachel.

JACOB         Deal!

(LABAN and JACOB exit.)

BROOK         Another trick to get seven more years
.             of work out of Jacob.

DARREN        And the temptation to have two wives.
.             God has never approved of that – ever.
.             We already know this leads to trouble.

BROOK         Especially because Jacob loves Rachel
.             more than Leah.  Oh, there’s Leah now.

(DARERN turns a page.  LEAH enters holding a baby.)

LEAH          God has seen that my husband loves
.             my sister more than me, so God allowed me
.             to have another baby.  Maybe now Jacob
.             will love me.  I have given him four sons.

(RACHEL enters to see LEAH and stomps her foot.)

RACHEL        Jacob!

(JACOB rushes in.)

JACOB         Yes, my dear?

RACHEL        Give me children, or else I will die!

JACOB         Ahhh- I am not God!  I cannot control that!

RACHEL        (getting an idea)  Come!  You will marry
.             my maid, Bilhah!
.                                                       5
(RACHEL takes JACOB’S hand and drags him out.  
LEAH hears this and watches them leave suspiciously,
then exits.  DARREN turns a page.)

DARREN        So Rachel’s maid has a baby-

(RACHEL enters with a baby, followed by LEAH.)

RACHEL        Ha!  Now I have two babies!  I have given
.             Jacob two sons!

LEAH          You mean, your maid gave Jacob two sons!

RACHEL        I’ve noticed that YOU have stopped giving
.             Jacob anymore sons.

LEAH          Jacob!

(JACOB enters with some fear.)

LEAH          You will marry my maid, Zilpah!

(LEAH takes JACOB’S hand and drags him out.  
RACHEL hears this and watches them leave suspiciously,
then exits.  DARREN turns a page.)

BROOK         This is really looking more like
.             a soap opera!

(LEAH enters carrying a baby, as well as some
mandrake leaves, followed by RACHEL.)

LEAH          My maid has given Jacob two more sons!

RACHEL        Where did you get those mandrake leaves?

LEAH          My oldest son brought them to me.
.             (rubbing it in)  Isn’t that sweet?

RACHEL        Can you give me some of those?

BROOK         Ah, what exactly are mandrakes?

DARREN        Ahhh, apparently something they believed
.             would help them – have more babies.

LEAH          You took my husband away from me –
.             and NOW you want to take my son’s mandrakes
.             away from me?
.                                                       6
RACHEL        (angry, thinks)  If you give me your
.             mandrakes, you can be with Jacob tonight.

LEAH          Deal!

(RACHEL grabs the mandrakes, then both RACHEL and LEAH
stomp out.  DARREN turns a page.)

BROOK         This entire family is full of tricks
.             and deals, aren’t they?

(LEAH enters with a baby, followed by RACHEL.)

LEAH          I have given Jacob two more sons –
.             and now – a daughter.

(RACHEL starts crying loudly and rushes out.
LEAH smirks and follows after.  DARREN turns a page.)

DARREN        God remembers Rachel, and-

(RACHEL rushes in with a baby, followed by LEAH.)

RACHEL        I did it!  I did it!  I gave Jacob
.             a son.  I will call him Joseph!
.             Look, I did it!

BROOK         Ah, God actually did that for her.
.             She should really be thanking God.

RACHEL        I did it.  Jacob will now love me
.             even more!

(RACHEL rushes out, followed by a gloomy LEAH.
JACOB enters with LABAN.)

JACOB         Listen up, Laban, please allow me
.             to return to my homeland with
.             all my wives and children, and
.             everything else that I have earned.

LABAN         But why not stay here.  I see that
.             God has blessed me because of you.

BROOK         Wow!  How selfish of Laban.
.             I feel a tricky deal coming on.

LABAN         (to JACOB)  Look, name your price.

JACOB         Seriously, when I came here,              7
.             you did not have all that much.
.             I have helped you get very rich!
.             But it is now time that I provide
.             for my own family.

LABAN         Right, so – name your price.

JACOB         (thinking)  You don’t have to give me
.             anything.  Except for this...
.             I will look after your flocks, but you will
.             let me keep all the sheep and goats
.             that are black, or speckled or spotted.
.             All of the perfect ones will be yours.

LABAN         (stepping away and speaking to himself)
.             There are way more perfect sheep and goats.
.             And if Jacob tries to steal any of them,
.             it will be very obvious!  (turns back)
.             Deal!

(JACOB and LABAN exit.  DARREN turns a page.)

BROOK         Huh!  Was that some sort of tricky deal?

DARREN        Well, Jacob had spent over 14 years
.             as a shepherd while working for Laban,
.             so Jacob had learned a few things
.             about genetics and selective breeding.

BROOK         Huh?

DARREN        Jacob managed to manipulate how the
.             sheep and goats had babies.  So he wound up
.             having a much bigger, stronger, healthier
.             flock, compared to Laban’s all-white flock.

BROOK         This must have made Laban and his sons
.             very angry.

DARREN        Indeed!  They accused Jacob of stealing,
.             and really didn’t like him very much; so
.             God told Jacob to go back to his homeland.

(JACOB sneaks onto stage with RACHEL and LEAH.)

JACOB         Listen, we must pack up and leave.
.             I see your father’s attitude is no longer
.             friendly toward me.  And God has told me
.             that we should leave now.
.                                                       8
(JACOB sneaks out.)

LEAH          Are we just going to leave Dad?

RACHEL        (shrugs)  We know if we go, we’ll be rich.
.             And Jacob’s God, whoever He is, told us to.

(LEAH and RACHEL sneer at each other, then exit.
DARREN turns a page.)

DARREN        So Jacob packed up all his things,
.             and his families, and got away.  But-
.             Laban noticed that something of his
.             had been stolen, and took some of his men
.             to hunt down Jacob.  So God warned Laban
.             in a dream not to hurt Jacob.

BROOK         That must have scared some sense into Laban
.             to hear a warning from God.

(LABAN enters from one direction, JACOB from another.)

LABAN         Jacob! Jacob! You left!  Ah... why did you
.             sneak away like that and take my daughters
.             away from me?  I mean, without telling me.
.             I, ah, probably would have - thrown a party
.             in order to say “goodbye” - properly.
.             What you did was very rude, and I could
.             hurt you – but– ah– well- your God told me
.             in a dream last night – to be nice- to you.
.             Okay, I realize, you must miss your family.
.             But why?  Why did you steal my gods?!

JACOB         (thinking)  I snuck away because I was
.             afraid you would not let me keep my wives.
.             But- please- look through all of my things,
.             and if you find anything that is yours –
.             you should take it back.  And if
.             one of my wives took your gods,
.             then they should not live.

LABAN         I will start looking for them.

(LABAN exits while JACOB watches.)

BROOK         Wow, how could Jacob say that?

DARREN        Jacob did not know it was Rachel
.             who took the household gods.
.                                                       9
BROOK         And what exactly are those?

DARREN        They were really just idols – like –
.             little statues.

(LABAN enters and comments while exiting again.)

LABAN         I did not find them in your tent, or
.             in Leah’s.  I will now check Rachel’s tent.

JACOB         Rachel- would not – have taken them.

(As LABAN exits, JACOB looks concerned.)

BROOK         Except Rachel was the one to take them.
.             What’s going to happen now? Jacob said that
.             Laban could kill the wife who had them.

(LABAN re-enters, a little embarrassed, but keeps facing
the exit like he is talking with RACHEL.)

RACHEL        (from offstage)  Sorry, Dad.  Don’t be
.             upset that I cannot get up to see you.
.             The manner of women is upon me.

LABAN         Okay, never mind, dear.  Have– a nice trip.

BROOK         Whew!  Except Rachel lied about having her-
.             monthlies.  And what does she need with
.             fake idol-statue-gods anyway?  Why not put
.             your faith in the real, and living God?

JACOB         (to LABAN)  What did I ever do to you?
.             Notice – you did not find your gods-
.             or anything else of yours. I did not steal.
.             I worked for you for 20 long hard years,
.             and you still became rich because of me.
.             And if it were up to you, I’d have nothing
.             to show for it, except that my God
.             has been - and is - protecting me.

LABAN         Your wives are MY daughters, and those are
.             MY grandchildren... and everything you have
.             is MINE because it came from me. But let us
.             make a covenant!  While we’re living apart,
.             do not take any more wives.  And do not
.             hurt any of my daughters.  YOUR God is our
.             witness.  If we cross this area ever,
.             it cannot be to hurt each other.
.                                                      10
JACOB         Deal!  Come, let us eat to that agreement.

(JACOB and LABAN exit.)

BROOK         So, although Jacob suffered consequences
.             for mistreating his brother, Esau,
.             God still looked after Jacob.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         It will be interesting to see if
.             there are any further consequences.

DARREN        Until next time.