.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        favoritism and deception
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 25:21-28:9
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Jacob completely against Esau
Set & Props:  Bible;  2 baby dolls, spear or bow,
.             pot, spoon, 3 pieces of wooly fabric


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Let’s go team-Isaac!

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(ISAAC and REBEKAH enter, each holding a baby.)

BROOK         Aw.

DARREN        Abraham’s son Isaac was 40 years old
.             when he married Rebekah.  And just like
.             Abraham and Sarah, they had to ask and
.             trust God to provide children for them.
.             Isaac was 60 when they had Esau and Jacob.

BROOK         That was easy enough.

DARREN        Well-

REBEKAH       (cooing to both babies)  You both better
.             get along when you grow up.
.                                                      2
ISAAC         Why do you say that?

REBEKAH       When they were still in the womb,
.             they were struggling already.
.             God spoke to me saying that there were
.             two nations in my womb.  As well,
.             God told me that the older baby
.             would serve the younger baby.

ISAAC         Esau will serve Jacob?  That cannot
.             be right.

REBEKAH       That is what God told me.  (cooing to baby)
.             Isn’t that right, my little Jacob?

ISAAC         But Esau, here, is the oldest.

BROOK         (looking)  And very hairy for a baby!

(As DARREN turns a page in the Bible, ISAAC and REBEKAH
exit with the babies.  JACOB and ESAU enter as men.
ESAU carries a spear or bow.)

BROOK         Oh!  They grow up so fast!

DARREN        When the boys grew up, Esau became
.             a skillful hunter, and a farmer.

ESAU          I’m going to go hunting now.
.             And I won’t be back for a long time.

DARREN        So, Esau was Isaac’s favorite son.
.             Esau WAS the eldest, after all.

(As ESAU exits, JACOB eyes him jealously, then exits.)

BROOK         Parents should not have favorites!
.             I realize each child is different,
.             but having favorites can only lead
.             to jealously, fighting and trouble.

(JACOB enters with a pot and spoon.  Setting it on the
ground, JACOB begins to stir the “food” in the pot.)

DARREN        Well, Jacob was Rebekah’s favorite.
.             And Jacob was more of a stay-at-home
.             kind of guy, and loved to cook.

BROOK         So he was a chef!
.                                                      3
DARREN        Right!  (turns page of Bible)

(ESAU enters, grasping his stomach – famished.  
Seeing the pot of “food,” ESAU collapses beside it.)

JACOB         You’re finally back from hunting.

ESAU          Jacob, I’m famished!  Please let me have
.             a swallow of that red stuff there!  Please!

(JACOB stands up to think, then thinking of something
clever, he crouches down beside ESAU.)

JACOB         First - sell me your birthright.

ESAU          I might as well, since I am about to die;
.             so what use is the birthright to me THEN?
.             (reaches for the spoon)

JACOB         Ah!  First swear to me!

ESAU          (pausing to look at JACOB)  All right!
.             I swear– you may have the birthright.

BROOK         Nooooo!  That was a hasty decision!
.             And not a very good idea.

(JACOB nods and motions toward the pot, which ESAU grabs
and hugs as he exits while “eating.”  REBEKAH enters.)

JACOB         Mom, Esau just gave me the birthright
.             for that pot of stew!

REBEKAH       Good work, my son.

(REBEKAH and JACOB exit as DARREN turns a Bible page.
ESAU and ISAAC enter.  ISAAC is old and cannot see,
so he hangs onto ESAU’s arm, and feels that it is hairy.)

ISAAC         I love you, Esau, but what have you done
.             marrying these women from the Hittites?
.             They are nothing but trouble to your mother
.             and I.  You should have waited for us
.             to find you someone from our people.

ESAU          Because we are better?

ISAAC         Because those other people do NOT honor
.             our God.  The Canaanites are evil people.
.                                                      4
ESAU          Sorry to have disappointed you, yet again.

(REBEKAH sneaks in and stays in the back to eavesdrop.)

ISAAC         Listen, I know you lost the birthright
.             to your younger brother, Jacob;  but
.             as I am getting old –

ESAU          You’re not that old.

ISAAC         Esau, listen! I am blind, and will probably
.             die soon.  So I want you to go hunting,
.             then prepare my favorite savory dish.
.             Bring it to me, and then I will bless you
.             before I die.  Now, please, bring me
.             to my tent before you leave.

(ESAU leads ISAAC out.  REBEKAH drags JACOB in.)

REBEKAH       Jacob!  I just overheard a conversation
.             between your father and Esau.  He just
.             asked Esau to hunt down some game and
.             prepare his favorite meal – then he
.             is going to give Esau the blessing.

JACOB         I want that blessing!

REBEKAH       I know!  So here’s what you will do:
.             bring me the best goats from our flock,
.             and I will make your father’s favorite meal
.             just how he likes it.  Then YOU will bring
.             that to your father so he will bless you.

JACOB         There’s just one problem!  Dad is going
.             to feel my arms, and because I am not that
.             hairy, Dad will know that I am not Esau.
.             Dad might very well curse me instead.

REBEKAH       Then your curse will be on me.  Because-
.             that’s just what a loving mother does!

BROOK         A loving mother should not be encouraging
.             her child to lie and be deceptive!

JACOB         Mom, I do not like that plan at all.

DARREN        Perhaps Jacob is wiser than we thought?

(REBEKAH thinks, then quickly looks at JACOB.)
.                                                      5
REBEKAH       I’ve got an idea!  You will wear some
.             of Esau’s clothes, and I will wrap some
.             sheep skin around your arms and neck.
.             Then you will feel and smell like Esau.

JACOB         Smart thinking, Mom.

DARREN        Spoke too soon.

REBEKAH       Of course.  Anything for my favorite son!
.             Now, come on!  Let’s go.  We need to
.             do this before Esau gets back.

(REBEKAH leads JACOB out.)

BROOK         Where did she learn this?

DARREN        Well, none of us are perfect.  Plus,
.             she probably picked up some sneaky tricks
.             from her brother, Laban.

BROOK         Oh yes, I remember her brother, Laban.

(JACOB leads ISAAC out, while ISAAC feels his arm.)

JACOB         Here you go, Dad.

ISAAC         Funny, you sound like Jacob, but your arm
.             feels hairy, like Esau’s.

JACOB         Ah, perhaps your hearing is going,
.             as well as your eyesight.

(As JACOB sets ISAAC onto the ground very gently, ISAAC
feels JACOB’S neck, where there is also sheep skin.)

ISAAC         You might be right.

(REBEKAH pushes the pot in, with the spoon in the pot.
JACOB goes to get it and bring it to ISAAC.)

JACOB         Here you go, Dad, your favorite meal.
.             Please, eat it so you might bless me.

ISAAC         But- how did you prepare this so quickly?
.             (“eating” some the food.)

JACOB         Ahhh, because the Lord your God caused it
.             to happen to me.
.                                                      6
ISAAC         Come here, so I might bless you.

(JACOB goes to sit down beside ISAAC, who feels the arm
again, and then smells JACOB’s clothing.)

ISAAC         Let’s see, yes, the smell of my son.
.             Now may God give you blessings
.             from the earth.  May peoples serve you,
.             and nations bow down to you.
.             Be master of your brothers, and may
.             your mother’s sons bow down to you.
.             Cursed be those who curse you,
.             And blessed be those who bless you.”

JACOB         Thank you, father.  I will leave you
.             to rest now.

(JACOB exits with the pot and spoon.)

BROOK         That was so not fair.  And lying like that!
.             Poor Esau!

(ESAU enters with pot and spoon and sits beside ISAAC.)

ESAU          Father, I’m back with your favorite meal.
.             Please, eat and then you may bless me.

ISAAC         But- I just blessed you.

ESAU          What are you talking about?

(ISAAC reaches for ESAU’S arm and neck to feel.)

ISAAC         (angered)  If you are Esau, who did
.             I just bless?

ESAU          I don’t know!  But – can you not just
.             give me the blessing, also?

ISAAC         No! It is done!  That must have been Jacob!

ESAU          He has now done this to me two times!
.             He took away my birthright, and now
.             he has taken away my blessing!
.             Dad, have you NOT saved a blessing for me?

ISAAC         I have already made him your master,
.             and everything is now his inheritance.

DARREN        Oo, I would be very angry!                7

BROOK         What will happen with him?

ESAU          Don’t you even have just one little
.             blessing for me?

ISAAC         This would be it- the earth will no longer
.             bless you.  By your sword you shall live,
.             and your brother you shall serve.
.             But as you become restless, you will
.             break his yoke from your neck.

(ESAU stands up, and paces angrily, speaking to himself.)

ESAU          As soon as father’s dead, I will kill
.             Jacob!  (stomps out)

BROOK         See!  Favoritism leads to jealousy, rivalry
.             and deception.

DARREN        And trouble!

BROOK         Well, Jacob may have gotten the blessing,
.             but I wonder if it will go so smoothly for
.             him, or will there be a few consequences?

(REBEKAH quickly leads JACOB in.)

REBEKAH       I just overheard that Esau intends to
.             kill you.  Now, listen to me.  You must
.             do as I say.  You will run away to Haran.
.             My brother, Laban, will take care of you.
.             Stay with him a few days until Esau’s anger
.             dies down and he forgets what you did.

BROOK         Ah, that might take way longer than
.             just a few days!

JACOB         That will take longer than a few days.

REBEKAH       Then I will send you a message when Esau
.             has calmed down.  I just do not want to see
.             one of my sons murder another.

ISAAC         What are you now planning?

REBEKAH       Oh!  Isaac!  Jacob will be going to see
.             my brother, Laban.

ISAAC         (strains to hear)  Why is that?          8

REBEKAH       Ahhh, because he needs to find a GOOD wife
.             for himself.  I do not want him to marry
.             a Canaanite woman like Esau has.
.             If he does, I may as well be dead.

ISAAC         Now, do not talk that way, Rebekah.

REBEKAH       Isaac, you know those Canaanite women
.             are nothing but trouble.

ISAAC         Yes-yes.  I see.  It is a good idea.
.             Come along.  I will bless Jacob
.             and send him safely away.

DARREN        Then Isaac reminds Jacob of the covenant
.             that God made to Abraham and himself,
.             and sends Jacob on his way.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         Okay, so Jacob has to run for his life.
.             I wonder if that will be the only
.             consequence to Jacob’s trickery.

DARREN        We’ll see what happens to Jacob next time.