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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        good qualities
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 24:1-25:18
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Abraham’s servant who had to find
.             a wife for Isaac.
.             REBEKAH, LABAN
Set & Props:  Bible;  jar, sack, ring, 2 bracelets


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         And hoping for another happy ending.

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(ABRAHAM steps out.)

BROOK         Huh, Abraham is starting to look
.             a little old.  But happy, I must say.

DARREN        God kept His promise of blessing Abraham,
.             as Abraham had honored and obeyed God.
.             Well, Abraham did make a few mistakes
.             along the way, but God always made sure
.             those mistakes were corrected.

(ELIEZER enters and approaches ABRAHAM.)

DARREN        And that is Abraham’s oldest servant.

BROOK         He was probably the most trustworthy.    2

ABRAHAM       Eliezer, I want you to find a wife
.             for my son, Isaac.

BROOK         Oh, it’s a love-story.

(DARREN rolls his eyes.)

ABRAHAM       And I want you to swear by our Lord
.             that she will NOT be a Canaanite.

BROOK         Right, because those Canaanites
.             did NOT honor or live for God.

ABRAHAM       Go to my country and to my relatives,
.             and find a wife there.

ELIEZER       What if she does not want to leave her
.             country?  Should I take Isaac over there?  

ABRAHAM       DO NOT take my son back there!
.             Because, the Lord, the God of heaven,
.             brought me here – and promised me THIS land
.             for me and my descendants.

ELIEZER       I do not know how you expect me
.             to do all of this.

ABRAHAM       God will be there with you, and will
.             work this out for you.  And – if the woman
.             is not willing to come here, then you
.             will be free from this oath.  All I ask
.             is that you do not take my son over there!

ELIEZER       All right, I swear I will follow
.             God’s will and your wishes.

ABRAHAM       Take ten camels with you, as well as
.             many gifts.  You will need those.

(ELIEZER nods a bow to ABRAHAM and both exit.)

BROOK         Where are they going?

DARREN        (turns Bible page)  The servant, Eliezer,
.             went to the city of Nahor, in Mesopotamia.

(ELIEZER enters carrying a sack and stands watching
something offstage, then starts pacing, wondering.)
.                                                      3
DARREN        Eliezer made the camels kneel down by
.             the well at the city outskirts.
.             It was evening, the time when the women
.             went out to draw water.

BROOK         I guess it was cooler at that time.
.             Great way to stay in shape!

(ELIEZER thinks, then kneels in prayer.)

ELIEZER       O Lord, God of my master Abraham,
.             please give me success today, and show
.             lovingkindness to my master Abraham.
.             You can see that I’m at the water well,
.             and the women are coming to draw water.
.             Could you maybe work it out, that when
.             I ask a young woman for a drink of water,
.             she not only offers me a drink, but that
.             she also offers to give water to all
.             these camels?  Then I will know that
.             this is the right woman for Isaac.  Amen.

(ELIEZER sees REBEKAH entering with a big jar of water
and quickly stands up.)

ELIEZER       Excuse me, could I possibly have
.             just a little drink from your water?

REBEKAH       Of course.  (gives jar to ELIEZER to drink)
.             Drink, my lord...  I can also give water
.             to the camels for you.

ELIEZER       Thank you.

(REBEKAH exits with the jar.  ELIEZER looks up.)

ELIEZER       Thank you!

BROOK         That was a fast answer to prayer.

(ELIEZER digs into his sack for a ring and 2 bracelets.
REBEKAH enters again with the jar of water.)

ELIEZER       Thank you.  Ah, whose daughter are you?

REBEKAH       I am Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel,
.             the son of Milcah, whom she bore to Nahor.

ELIEZER       Nahor!  That is Abraham’s brother!
.                                                      4
REBEKAH       That means we are a distant relative?

ELIEZER       You are a distant relative to my master,
.             Abraham.  Please tell me, is there room
.             to stay in your father’s house?

REBEKAH       We have plenty room for you to stay,
.             as well as straw and feed for the camels.

(ELIEZER gives REBEKAH the ring and bracelets to put on,
then falls to his knees to pray.)

ELIEZER       Thank you!  Blessed be the Lord,
.             the God of my master Abraham!

(Relieved, ELIEZER gets up and follows REBEKAH out.)

BROOK         He better be thankful!  Now, who is that?

(LABAN enters.)

DARREN        That is Rebekah’s brother, Laban.

(REBEKAH enters, followed by ELIEZER.  LABAN immediately
sees the ring and bracelets and admires them.)

LABAN         Wow, these would be worth a fortune!
.             (to ELIEZER)  Ah, welcome here.
.             Come in, blessed of the Lord!  We will
.             take good care of you and your camels.
.             Come, let us wash your feet.

(LABAN leads ELIEZER out, followed by REBEKAH.)

BROOK         Ah, I’m already I’m a little suspicious
.             of Laban.  He seems a little greedy.

DARREN        Yes, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing
.             a little more of this man later on.

(LABAN enters, pulling ELIEZER in to sit down.)

LABAN         Come, sit, we will serve you a feast now.

ELIEZER       I cannot eat until I have told you
.             the reason why I’m here.

LABAN         All right.  Please, speak.

ELIEZER       I am Abraham’s servant.  The Lord        5
.             has greatly blessed my master, so that
.             he has become very rich.  And all that
.             he has, he has given to his son, Isaac.
.             I was sent here to find Isaac a wife.
.             Now, my concern was that this woman would
.             not want to leave her home – so I asked God
.             to help me find the right woman to be
.             Isaac’s wife, who will go to live with
.             Isaac in his land, the land of Canaan.
.             If the woman does not want to leave
.             her home here, then I am free of my oath.
.             Now, God made it obvious to me that
.             Rebekah is the right woman for Isaac.
.             So tell me now if you will honor the wishes
.             of Abraham.  If not, I can be on my way.

LABAN         It seems to be God’s will.  So you may
.             take Rebekah and go, and let her be
.             the wife of your master’s son.

ELIEZER       (bows in prayer)  Thank you.
.             (to LABAN)  Thank you.  I have many gifts
.             for Rebekah.  As well, many precious gifts
.             for you and your family.

LABAN         Thank you.  Now come, you can give me
.             the gifts - and we can then eat.

(LABAN and ELIEZER exit.)

BROOK         I do not trust this Laban.

DARREN        (turns page)  The next morning, Eliezer
.             was ready to leave with Rebekah.

(ELIEZER and REBEKAH enter, followed by LABAN.)

ELIEZER       It is time for us to leave.

LABAN         Oh, but we are not ready to see her go yet.
.             Please let Rebekah stay a few more days.
.             Like, ten days.  And then she can go.

ELIEZER       Please do not delay what I have to do.
.             I must return to my master.

LABAN         Hm, well, let us ask Rebekah
.             what she wishes to do.  (to REBEKAH)
.             Rebekah, will you go with this man?
.                                                      6
(LABAN shakes head slowly trying to influence REBEKAH.)

REBEKAH       I will go.

LABAN         (grimaces, then puts on a slimy smile)
.             Oh, all right.  We will miss you greatly.
.             Your nurse and servants may go with you
.             to make sure you are okay.
.             (to ELIEZER)  May we at least bless her,
.             and say our goodbyes before you go?

ELIEZER       Of course.

(LABAN leads REBEKAH out, with ELIEZER following.)

BROOK         Well, Laban, the brother, seems to be
.             a sneaky person, but at least Rebekah
.             seems very honorable.

DARREN        Isaac and Rebekah were married,
.             and they really loved each other.

BROOK         So it is a happy ending.

DARREN        To this part of the story!
.             Abraham had other children, and before
.             dying, gave those other children gifts,
.             and sent them to live in other places.
.             The only son of Abraham and Sarah was
.             Isaac- who got everything else.  Abraham
.             died at 175, and was buried with Sarah.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         I LOVE love-stories and happy endings.

DARREN        Until next time.