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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        love, needs, test, trusting God
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 21:1-21, 22:1-23:19, John 3:16
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Abraham when he finally has Isaac
.             GOD’S VOICE
Set & Props:  Bible;  baby doll


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         I’m so curious to see if Abraham
.             can really keep trusting God.

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(ABRAHAM and SARAH step out, SARAH holding a baby.)

BROOK         Oh!  Abraham and Sarah finally have
.             their baby!  God did not forget
.             to keep His promise and reward them.

DARREN        They named the baby boy – Isaac.
.             Abraham was 100 and Sarah was 90.

SARAH         (looking sweetly down at baby)
.             God has certainly given me great joy!

ABRAHAM       Come, let us hold a great feast!

(SARAH nods happily, but then thinks of something sad.)
.                                                      2
SARAH         All right, but- I need you to get rid
.             of Hagar.  She has been making fun of me.

ABRAHAM       But Hagar has given me a son, also.

SARAH         I do not want her son to be around
.             our son, Isaac, who is your rightful heir.

ABRAHAM       Let me ask God what I should do.

(SARAH exits while ABRAHAM gets to his knees to pray.)

BROOK         Well, even though Abraham and Sarah had
.             made that mistake with Hagar, at least
.             they’re asking God what to do about it.

DARREN        God told Abraham not to worry, but to
.             do as Sarah asked – and send Hagar away.

(ABRAHAM gets up and exits.)

BROOK         So Abraham just sent Hagar and her son
.             out into the wilderness with
.             a bit of bread and water?

DARREN        Well, as Hagar and her son were close to
.             death, Hagar called out to God for help.
.             And God looked after them,
.             as He promised, that this son, Ishmael,
.             would also become a great nation.
.             And now – we jump ahead a few years -

(As DARREN turns a page in the Bible, ABRAHAM enters,
holding the hand of ISAAC, now a boy.)

BROOK         That must be Isaac.

(ABRAHAM kneels in prayer.  ISAAC copies his father.)

GOD’S VOICE   Abraham!  Take your son, Isaac – your
.             only son, whom you love.  You will go
.             to the place where I tell you,
.             and offer him there as a burnt offering.

BROOK         What?! Doesn’t Abraham think that strange?

DARREN        Back then, there were people with some
.             strange religions, who would burn their
.             children as sacrifices to their gods.
.                                                      3
BROOK         But why would God tell him to do this?

DARREN        It was a test.  God was testing Abraham.

BROOK         Well, in the past, Abraham has done
.             a lot of things on his own without
.             trusting God, in order to get a son.
.             Now that God has finally given him a son,
.             God is asking Abraham to basically- kill
.             his only son– to show his obedience to God?

DARREN        Usually what the Israelites did was
.             offer a lamb as a burnt offering to God.
.             But God is asking Abraham to offer his son.

BROOK         That is taking the idea of “giving
.             everything to God” to a whole new level!

(ABRAHAM gets up and takes ISAAC’S hand.  Very sadly,
ABRAHAM looks down at ISAAC.)

ISAAC         I see you have the fire and the wood,
.             but where is the lamb for
.             the burnt offering?

ABRAHAM       God will provide the lamb.

(ABRAHAM leads ISAAC out.  BROOK cringes in fear.)

BROOK         I can’t look!  What is going to happen?

DARREN        Trusting and putting his faith in God,
.             Abraham was just about to kill Isaac,
.             when - God provided a ram to sacrifice-
.             instead of Isaac.

GOD’S VOICE   Abraham!  Do not harm your son, for I know
.             that you fear God, since you have not
.             withheld your only son from Me.

BROOK         Phew!  So God provided an offering
.             in place of Isaac.  Wait a minute!
.             Isn’t that what God has done for us
.             by offering Jesus as the perfect,
.             sacrificial Lamb – to die in our place?

DARREN        Exactly!  This was like a prophecy,
.             AND an illustration.

BROOK         Like John 3:16 says - “For God           4
.             so loved the world, that He gave
.             His only begotten Son, that whoever
.             believes in Him shall not perish,
.             but have eternal life.”

(ABRAHAM enters with his hand around ISAAC’S shoulders,
talking to ISAAC.)

ABRAHAM       God keeps His promises, and always -
.             provides all that we need.

DARREN        And much more than food and clothing,
.             we NEED to be saved!  Because of sin,
.             we deserve to die.  But when we
.             put our faith in God, and believe,
.             God saves us, because He sent His only Son,
.             JESUS, to die in our place.

BROOK         God provided the sacrificial Lamb!
.             For Abraham – AND for us.

(At the sound of GOD’S VOICE, ABRAHAM and ISAAC kneel.)

GOD’S VOICE   Abraham, because you have done this thing
.             and have not withheld your only son,
.             indeed I will greatly bless you,
.             and I will greatly multiply your seed.
.             In your seed all the nations of the earth
.             shall be blessed.

BROOK         God reminds Abraham again of the covenant.
.             And the promise of Jesus, his descendant,
.             who will bless all people - WHICH is
.             the same promise that was made to Eve.

(ABRAHAM and ISAAC exit.)

DARREN        Another prophecy about Jesus!
.             Abraham then returned to live at Beersheba.
.             Sarah lived 127 years, then died.
.             Abraham bought a field in that place
.             to bury her.

BROOK         Isaac was 37 years old when his mom died.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         That story was the ultimate example      5
.             of what happens when we put our faith
.             in God.  What happens next?

DARREN        We will just have to wait and see.