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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        judgment, compassion
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 18:16-19:38
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Lot to be saved from danger again
.             “JESUS,” LOT, MEN 1-2’S VOICES
Set & Props:  Bible


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         Jesus and the two angels just ate
.             at Abraham and Sarah’s house, and were
.             about to leave.  Time to find out
.             what Abraham and Jesus are going
.             to talk about.

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Let’s go!

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(ABRAHAM enters walking across the stage with
JESUS [who can be the same actor with God’s voice]
and ANGELS 1-2.  DARREN refers to the Bible.)

DARREN        The Bible says that when Jesus came
.             to see Abraham, Jesus decided to let
.             Abraham know what was about to happen.

(JESUS motions across the stage.  ABRAHAM looks off
in that direction then looks back at JESUS.
.                                                       2

ABRAHAM       My Lord, I thank you for your visit.
.             Where are to go now?

JESUS         The outcry of Sodom and Gomorrah is
.             great!  Their sin is exceedingly grave.
.             I will see now that it is true.

(JESUS nods at ANGELS 1-2, who then exit in the direction
that JESUS just motioned.)

ABRAHAM       Wait!  You are going to destroy the city?
.             Will You destroy the righteous along
.             with the wicked?  What- what if
.             there are 50 righteous in the city?
.             Will you spare the city then?  Shall not
.             the Judge of all the earth deal justly?

JESUS         If I find 50 righteous living in the city
.             of Sodom, then I will spare the whole place
.             on their account.

BROOK         Does Abraham think he’s really going
.             to change God’s mind?

DARREN        I don’t know.  But obviously, God
.             is willing to listen to us, and allows us
.             to ask Him about things.

ABRAHAM       Now, I have dared to speak to the Lord,
.             although I am but dust and ashes.
.             Suppose there are only 45 righteous.
.             Will You still destroy the whole city?

JESUS         I will not destroy it if I find 45 there.

ABRAHAM       Well, what if there are only 40?

JESUS         I will not do it on account of the 40.

BROOK         Is Abraham going to keep going?

ABRAHAM       May the Lord not be angry.  Suppose 30
.             are found there?

JESUS         I will not do it if I find 30 there.

ABRAHAM       20?

JESUS         I will not destroy it on account          3
.             of the 20.

ABRAHAM       May the Lord not be angry, and let me
.             just ask this:  suppose ten are found?

JESUS         I will not destroy it on account of the 10.

(DARREN and BROOK hold their breath as they wait.
ABRAHAM finally bows his thanks.  As JESUS walks off,
ABRAHAM exits in the direction they entered.  As he does,
it is obvious ABRAHAM is still nervous from the talk.)

BROOK         Well, now what will happen in Sodom?

(LOT enters at the side where ANGELS exited.)

DARREN        Remember, Lot chose to live in Sodom,
.             which is a very evil city.

BROOK         Oh yeah, and not only that, remember?
.             The city had been attacked by a bunch
.             of kings who then took Lot hostage.
.             Abraham has already saved Lot
.             and the city once already!

DARREN        I remember.  The king of Sodom had
.             tried to give Abraham a reward for that,
.             but Abraham turned down the reward.

BROOK         Maybe Abraham thought that because
.             he did not take the king’s reward,
.             that the king would think of him
.             as an enemy.

DARREN        Except God knows everything and was
.             guiding and protecting Abraham.

(ANGELS 1-2 now enter.  LOT approaches them and bows
his head to the ground.  DARREN watches this.)

BROOK         So not only is God punishing an evil city,
.             but if God destroys the city, this would
.             also protect Abraham from that king.
.             I wonder why Abraham would NOT want
.             God to destroy the city, then?

DARREN        Probably because his nephew, Lot, was still
.             living there.  Now, why would Lot bow down
.             to the angels?  They are not God or Jesus.
.                                                       4
BROOK         I guess Lot doesn’t know the difference.

LOT           My lords, please stay at my house
.             for the night.  Then, I suggest that
.             you wake up early and leave quickly.

ANGEL 1       No, we will spend the night in the square.

LOT           But- this is really NOT a safe place to be.
.             I insist!  You must stay at my house!
.             I’ll wash your feet and feed you well.
.             Please come with me!

ANGEL 1       Very well.

(LOT leads ANGELS 1-2 out.)

BROOK         I’m pretty sure the angels
.             can take care of themselves.

(LOT enters again with ANGELS 1-2.)

LOT           Welcome to my house.

(MEN 1-2’S VOICES start yelling out from offstage.)

MAN 1 VOICE   Lot!  Where are those men who came into
.             our city tonight?  Bring them out to us!

LOT           (calls out to MAN 1)  Please, my brothers,
.             do not act wickedly.

MAN 2 VOICE   Lot, we have your house surrounded!

(BROOK gets scared and puts a hand up to her mouth,
while LOT still tries to reason with the men outside.)

LOT           Listen, I have two daughters.
.             I can give them to you-

MAN 1 VOICE   Better stand away from the door,
.             we’re about to break it down.

LOT           I just ask that you do nothing
.             to these men.  They are my guests.

MAN 1 VOICE   Lot!  You’re not even from around here,
.             but you think you can tell us
.             what we can and cannot do?
.                                                       5
MAN 2 VOICE   Once we break into your house,
.             we will treat you the worst!

(ANGELS 1-2 push LOT aside, then step off stage.)

BROOK         What’s happening? What’re the angels doing?

DARREN        They’ve struck the evil men with blindness.

MAN 1 VOICE   What just happened?!  I cannot see!

MAN 2 VOICE   What did you do to us?!

MAN 1 VOICE   We’ll get you yet, Lot!  Just you wait!

(ANGELS 1-2 come back in and face LOT.)

ANGEL 2       Whom else is here?  You need to bring
.             your entire family out of the city.

LOT           I cannot ask them to leave their home.

ANGEL 2       The LORD has sent us to destroy the city.

LOT           Ah, well... let me speak to my sons-in-law
.             who are about to marry my daughters.

(LOT exits in the other direction.)

BROOK         I wonder if they’ll listen?

DARREN        I can’t understand why they wouldn’t.

(LOT comes back in and comments to ANGELS 1-2.)

LOT           They think this is joke!  There’s no way
.             they will leave.  This is the place
.             they grew up.  This is all they know.

ANGEL 2       Then, take your wife and daughters
.             or you will be swept away
.             in the punishment of the city.

LOT           I don’t know.  This is my wife’s home.
.             And my daughters will certainly
.             not want to leave their future husbands-

(ANGELS 1-2 grab LOT by his arms and usher him toward
the other side as if getting his wife and daughters.)
.                                                       6
ANGEL 1       We will take you just outside the city,
.             along with your wife and daughters,
.             because the LORD has compassion on you.

ANGEL 2       As you escape for your life - do not look
.             behind you.  Escape to the mountains,
.             or you will be swept away.

LOT           (stops them for a moment to protest)
.             Oh no, my lords!  Listen, I cannot move
.             that fast.  I’ll never make it to the
.             mountains in time.  What if I go
.             to the small town of Zoar.

BROOK         Sounds like he just wants to stay
.             as close to Sodom as he possibly can.

DARREN        Maybe Lot still doesn’t believe that
.             this will really happen.

ANGEL 1       Your request is granted but you must hurry!

(LOT exits on his own to that side, while ANGELS 1-2 exit
to the other side to take care of business.)

BROOK         So what happened next?

(DARREN studies the Bible as he speaks.)

DARREN        Lot, his wife and his daughters made it
.             to Zoar;  but when the destruction fell
.             on Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot’s wife
.             looked back, and became a pillar of salt.

BROOK         I guess her heart was not with God,
.             but with the city of Sodom.
.             Was Lot and his daughters at least thankful
.             that they were saved?

DARREN        They did not trust God to look after them,
.             and wound up living in a cave
.             up in the mountains.

BROOK         Why would God bother saving them?

DARREN        Well, we know that God is loving, and
.             God knows the future.  Maybe at some point,
.             they decided to live for God.

BROOK         We may not understand, but at least       7
.             we know that we can trust God
.             to do what is fair and right.

DARREN        Well, that ends the story of Lot!

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

BROOK         I wonder what we’ll see next week?