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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        sin, judgment, God’s care
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 5:1-9:17
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for Noah during the time of the flood
.             PERSON 1-2
Set & Props:  Bible; twig with leaves


NOTE:         ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

DARREN        For the earth just being created,
.             it did not take too long
.             for people to mess things up.

BROOK         Adam and Eve disobeyed God by eating
.             the forbidden fruit, and their oldest son,
.             Cain, murdered his brother.  Now what?

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Ready if you are!

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(NOAH enters, and BROOK looks at DARREN.)

BROOK         So, where are we and who is that?

DARREN        That would be Noah.  He was 500 years old
.             when he had his three sons,
.             Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

BROOK         I must say, he looks pretty good         2
.             for being that old!

(NOAH kneels in prayer.)

BROOK         And it is nice to see that he had
.             a close relationship with God.

DARREN        Right, but the rest of the world had become
.             very wicked, and God wanted to destroy
.             all of those people with a great flood.
.             Remember, where there is sin,
.             there is a spiritual death.

BROOK         But just like that?  God was just going
.             to send the flood to destroy the earth?

DARREN        God actually warned all the people, and
.             gave them 120 years to change their ways.

BROOK         Hm, way more than just counting till ten.

DARREN        But the people just became more evil.
.             Except for Noah.  So God had a plan,
.             which would punish the earth,
.             but save Noah and his family.

(NOAH pays attention at the sound of GOD’S VOICE.)

GOD’S VOICE   People are filled with violence; behold,
.             I am about to destroy them with the earth.
.             Make for yourself an ark-

(NOAH nods and gets up to exit.)

DARREN        God told Noah exactly how to build the ark
.             which would be big enough to hold them,
.             enough food to survive, and then
.             all the animals, two of every kind,
.             and seven of every kind of clean animal.

BROOK         Look at how the people made fun of them.

(PERSON 1 and 2 enter laughing.)

PERSON 1      That thing is such an eye-sore.
.             And it is blocking our view.

PERSON 2      Noah and his sons have been building
.             that for over a hundred years now.
.                                                      3
PERSON 1      That man is crazy for listening
.             to God!

PERSON 2      Seriously.  What is a “flood” anyway?
.             I’ve never heard of - or seen - a flood.

PERSON 1      I’m thinking - what you do not see,
.             or have never seen - cannot be true!

PERSON 2      Come on.  Let’s go hurt someone, or
.             steal something.

(PERSON 1-2 exit.)

BROOK         Well, that’s just not nice at all.

DARREN        When the 120 years warning-time was up,
.             God told Noah to enter the ark
.             with all his family and the animals.

BROOK         So Noah was over 600 years old by now.
.             He still looks pretty young, I must say.

(NOAH enters.)

DARREN        God closed the door behind them, and then
.             the floods came.

BROOK         Remember the firmament being created?  That
.             whole ceiling of water up above the sky,
.             which covered the entire earth,
.             came crashing down.  As well, all of those
.             springs of water from under the earth,
.             came gushing up.  I cannot imagine.

(NOAH, DARREN and BROOK start rocking back and forth,
like they are in a boat, floating.)

DARREN        That would have changed the climate control
.             of the entire earth, causing instant
.             freezing at both the North and South Poles.

BROOK         I’m– I’m kind of getting sea-sick here, and
.             this seems to be taking a really long time.

DARREN        The flood lasted 40 days and nights.
.             The waters rose above the earth, which then
.             destroyed all living things still there.
.             Hey, we’d be floating over mountaintops.
.                                                      4
BROOK         And now- I think I’m getting light-headed
.             from the altitude.  At least I’m getting
.             used to the smell of all those animals.
.             Are we almost done, yet?

DARREN        The water stayed on the earth 150 days.

BROOK         Ugh.  How- how did they not go stir-crazy?
.             Maybe this is when board games were
.             invented.  (mimicking a complaining child)
.             I’m so bored.  Let’s make up a board game.

DARREN        Are you having fun yet?

BROOK         No!  How did they do it?  How much longer?

DARREN        After ten months, as the waters slowly
.             went down, the ark rested on top of
.             the mountains of Ararat.

(NOAH, BROOK and DARREN stop rocking back and forth.)

BROOK         Whew.  At least that’s over.  So?
.             Ten months.  I’m good.  Can we go now?
.             Where is he going?  Why does he get to go?

(NOAH exits.)

DARREN        Ah, after another 40 days, Noah sent out
.             a raven which came back again and again-

(NOAH enters and shakes his head solemnly.)

DARREN        Until it finally found some land.

BROOK         So we can go now?

DARREN        Ravens are scavengers, so they don’t mind
.             if things are still a little messy.
.             People generally do not like to
.             walk through or live in mud.
.             So they waited a little longer,
.             THEN, Noah sent out a dove, which
.             is a clean animal, and will not
.             even land on anything messy or muddy.

(While DARREN has been speaking, NOAH exits again,
then comes back shaking his head.)

BROOK         Let me guess, the dove came back.        5

DARREN        So- Noah waited - another seven days,
.             then sent out the dove again.

(NOAH exits and comes back with a smile.)

BROOK         (hopefully)  The dove found land
.             and did not come back?

(Smiling, NOAH holds out a twig with leaves.)

DARREN        Ah, no, the dove returned.  BUT it did
.             return WITH- a freshly picked olive leaf.
.             So Noah knew that the water had gone down.

BROOK         So we can get off the ark now?

(NOAH calmly taps his foot, then exits as per
DARREN’S commentary.)

DARREN        Noah waited for another seven days,
.             then sent out the dove again.
.             THIS time, the dove did not return.

BROOK         Okay, so what’s the deal here?

DARREN        They were on the ark in total:
.             377 days.  Pretty much 54 weeks.

BROOK         Yeah, got it, that’s just over a year.

DARREN        Of course, God never forgot about Noah,
.             and told him that they could now
.             all leave the ark safely.

(BROOK jumps up and down.  NOAH kneels down in prayer.)

DARREN        Noah immediately built an altar,
.             and offered burnt offerings to God.
.             And God made a promise.

GOD’S VOICE   I establish My covenant with you;
.             there shall never again be a flood
.             to destroy the earth.

(NOAH gets up to look out and up.  BROOK points.)

BROOK         Look, the first rainbow.

DARREN        That was the sign that God gave Noah,    6
.             and us, as a reminder of His promise-
.             the covenant of the rainbow.
.             (looks at BROOK)  What’s a covenant?

BROOK         Ah, that’s a fancy word for a really
.             serious and big promise, like- a contract.

DARREN        Which just shows us how much God loves us,
.             and cares for us, and shows us
.             how much we can trust Him.

BROOK         Obviously God knows that people
.             are still going to make a mess of things!
.             And still, God wants to have
.             a personal relationship with all of us!

(NOAH exits.)

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

DARREN        Somehow, God always allows us to get
.             a fresh start on things.

BROOK         I wonder how long this will last.

(BROOK comments as they exit.)