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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        choice, sin, hope
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 3:1-24
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for ADAM and EVE when they sinned.
Set & Props:  Bible;  potted tree with fruit on it
.             which can be pulled off easily


ONE TIME INTRO:  when doing this skit
.             outside of the series, use this intro


(DARREN and BROOK enter.  DARREN carries a Bible.)

BROOK         Time to check out what happens
.             to Adam and Eve who were just created.

DARREN        Ready for imagination time travel?

BROOK         Let’s go!

(DARREN holds the Bible up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited
and looking around wondering what will happen.)


(ADAM and EVE appear beside them.  AND at the same time,
the tree is pushed out into the same area.)

DARREN        There they are – Adam and Eve –
.             enjoying the Garden of Eden,
.             which was very rich with things
.             like gold and gemstones.

BROOK         Nice!

DARREN        As well as having all the food
.             they could possibly eat from the garden.

BROOK         But remember, God told Adam              2
.             that there was only one thing
.             NOT to eat from – which was the
.             tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
.             or there would be death.

DARREN        Why do you think God did that?

BROOK         Well, God created us with a free choice.
.             If God had NOT put that tree there,
.             we would not have had a choice to obey God.

DARREN        Why give us a choice at all?

BROOK         Then we would have been just - robots.

DARREN        Being a robot-man would be way-cool.

BROOK         But would YOU want robot-children that just
.             went around and did exactly as you said
.             because there was no other choice?

DARREN        Would that not be easier?

BROOK         Can a robot choose to love you?

DARREN        You have a point there.

BROOK         God created us with a purpose – which was
.             to have a relationship with Him.
.             But we have to want that.  And when
.             we want to be close to God, of course -
.             we should want to obey what He says.

DARREN        Right.  Okay, well- (checking Bible)
.             it looks like Eve found herself alone.
.             Maybe Adam and Eve had a fight.

BROOK         Naw-ah – things were still perfect.
.             Maybe she was just stretching her legs-
.             getting a bit of exercise.

(ADAM shrugs and exits.  EVE wanders around a bit.)

DARREN        Okay, we’ll go with that.  So -
.             Eve was alone when the snake came.
.             Why did she not freak out?

BROOK         Remember, things were still all perfect.
.             And all the animals were tame and friendly.
.                                                      3
DARREN        (looking at scripture)  AND it says that
.             the snake had legs and was very beautiful.

BROOK         And it could talk?  Could the animals talk?

DARREN        Actually it was Satan who was talking.
.             In later scriptures it says that Satan
.             spoke through the snake.

BROOK         Now that is creepy.

DARREN        Obviously the angels had already been
.             created, and THEY had a choice to make TOO.
.             Satan and a bunch of other angels chose
.             to go against God.  They became evil,
.             and became what are now called demons.
.             Satan’s goal is to mess up God’s plans.

BROOK         Throughout the Bible, we’ll see
.             that Satan TRIES to mess up God’s plans,
.             but we’ll also see that God always wins.

DARREN        So Satan entered the snake and spoke
.             very clever lies to Eve.

VOICE         (off stage, but close to the tree)
.             Ssss-ssss, Eve.
.             (EVE looks toward the VOICE)  
.             Did God really say that you should
.             not eat from any tree in the garden?

EVE           We can from any tree, except the fruit
.             from this tree right here. (points to tree)
.             God said, “Do not eat from it, and
.             do not touch it, or you will die.”

BROOK         (to DARREN)  God did not say anything
.             about not TOUCHING the fruit.

DARREN        I guess this is one reason why we should
.             keep studying our Bibles, so we won’t
.             get tricked or confused.

VOICE         (to EVE)  You won’t die!  God knows
.             that when you eat from it, you will
.             see clearly and you will be LIKE God,
.             knowing good and evil.

(EVE starts admiring the tree, thinking)
.                                                      4
BROOK         Oh-oh.  Eve, no!  It’s a trick.

(EVE picks a fruit and takes a bite.  
BROOK and DARREN groan with disappointment.
ADAM enters and sees EVE.)

ADAM          Eve, what have you done?!

EVE           The fruit was so pretty, and it is good.
.             And I – I wanted more wisdom.

DARREN        (to BROOK)  Why would she do that to Adam?

BROOK         She probably felt guilty, and didn’t want
.             to be the only one who made that mistake.

EVE           (to ADAM)  And now I have the knowledge
.             of good and evil.  God told us not to eat
.             from this just so we would not know
.             everything He does.

(ADAM takes the fruit to study before biting it.
DARREN and BROOK both groan again.)

DARREN        Dude!  Why did you?

BROOK         Noooo, there’s no way we can ever know
.             everything that God does.

(ADAM and EVE look at each other, alarmed,
and suddenly hide behind the tree.)

DARREN        Now what are they doing?

BROOK         They can now see that they are naked.

DARREN        Oh right.  I decided that in my imagination
.             they were wearing clothes.

BROOK         Me too.  But this is where they try to make
.             clothes for themselves out of fig leaves;
.             then they try to hide from God because
.             they felt very guilty.

DARREN        Notice God came looking for them.

BROOK         Because God still wants a personal
.             relationship with each of them.

DARREN        But God called out, “Where are you?”     5

BROOK         Of course God knew where they were.
.             God just never forces us to do anything.
.             He created us with the freedom to choose,
.             and always allows us that freedom.

DARREN        God asks them a whole bunch of questions,
.             giving them the opportunity to confess.

(ADAM and EVE step out with their heads hanging down.)

BROOK         But for sinning, and bringing sin
.             into the world for all the rest of us –
.             things were not perfect after this point.
.             Notice, Adam blamed Eve.

(ADAM points to EVE.  EVE points off stage to snake.)

DARREN        Eve blamed the snake.

BROOK         And then came the punishments.
.             The snake did not have any legs anymore,
.             and became slithery and icky!

DARREN        More than that, this verse is a prophecy.
.             When you follow the line of ancestors,
.             Jesus comes from Adam and Eve’s family.
.             And this part about the snake attacking
.             the heels of her children – really means
.             that Satan - would attack Jesus –
.             causing Him to suffer and die on the cross.

BROOK         And the part that says the children will
.             strike the snake on the head also means
.             that Jesus would rise and have the victory.
.             So because they brought sin into the world,
.             Jesus would come through their bloodline.

DARREN        Now, back to the punishment for all people–
.             the consequences of their sin...

BROOK         Women would now have lots of pain
.             when having babies.

DARREN        This is where men starting thinking that
.             they needed to be boss, and thus started
.             the squabbling of between man and woman.

(ADAM and EVE look at each other with angry postures.)
.                                                      6
BROOK         Working for a living would now be hard;
.             like farming came with things like weeds.

DARREN        And there was now a physical death.

BROOK         But worse than that – a spiritual death!
.             Meaning, whoever is born, is born
.             spiritually separated from God.  Everyone
.             must make a choice to be reborn –
.             to have a personal relationship with God.

(ADAM and EVE knee down into prayerful postures.)

DARREN        Fortunately for us, God loves all of us
.             and provides that salvation, as well as
.             provides for our physical needs.

BROOK         God even provided Adam and Eve with
.             leather clothes.  WAY better than leaves!

DARREN        Now, there was also a tree of life in the
.             garden.  Eating from this tree of life
.             while being spiritually dead, would mean
.             that people would live forever in that
.             state of spiritual death.  And because
.             God wanted to protect people from that,
.             Adam and Eve were sent out of the
.             Garden of Eden.

(As DARREN points to offstage, ADAM and EVE exit.)

BROOK         And God had angels guard the entrance,
.             so the people could never return.
.             WHY did they eat the fruit?!

DARREN        Do you think you’d have done any better?

BROOK         Probably not.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

DARREN        Well, I’m curious how people are going
.             to get along outside the Garden of Eden.

BROOK         I guess we’ll find that out next week.