.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.           - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        creation, purpose
SCRIPTURE:    Genesis 1:1-2:23
Style:        fantasy/conversation:  BROOK and DARREN
.             time travel back into Bible times
.             to imagine what it must have been like
.             for God to create the earth.
Cast:         BROOK, DARREN, ADAM, EVE
Set & Props:  Bible, flower, stuffed real looking animal,
.             potted tree with some kind of fruit on it
.             which can be pulled off easily


(DARREN stands holding a Bible and just stares
at the book’s cover when BROOK walks in and notices.)

BROOK         Hi Darren...  What are you doing?

DARREN        Trying to read the Bible.

BROOK         It helps if you open the book.

(DARREN sighs and looks helplessly at BROOK.)

DARREN        I’ve tried that.  There are so many
.             big words, and funny names, and-

BROOK         I bet if it was a computer game,
.             you’d be all into it.

DARREN        Imagine – if we could time travel back
.             and SEE the Bible stories as they happen!

BROOK         Why don’t we try it?!

(DARREN holds the Bible back up, while he and BROOK
both open the Bible together, eyes wide, excited and
looking around wondering what will happen.  LIGHTS dim.)

DARREN        (disappointed)  Nothing.  There’s nothing.

BROOK         Except for God.  God has always existed.
.             And look, we opened the Bible to Genesis 1.
.             There’s nothing else here yet - because
.             He is going to create the universe.
.                                                      2
(BROOK pointed out scripture in Bible while speaking.  
LIGHT comes back on.)

DARREN        Light - this was the first day.

BROOK         On the second day, God made the earth
.             to spin.  As well, He made the firmament.

DARREN        See, THAT is a big word.  Fir-ma- firma-
.             What is that exactly?

BROOK         It was a dome of water that went
.             around the earth, just above the sky.
.             It stayed there until the great flood.

(BROOK motions and arch over her head.)

DARREN        Like a very high ceiling of water?
.             Feels good – not too cold, not too hot,
.             like the whole earth was -
.             climate-controlled.  But then what?
.             Was that where all the rain from?

BROOK         Only at the time of the great flood.
.             Up until that point, it did not rain.
.             God watered the earth with streams of water
.             that came up from the earth.

DARREN        I guess, it was kind of like dew?
.             Oh, cool, God landscaped the earth
.             with an entire sprinkler system.

(While DARREN is still talking, BROOK sees something
and go off stage to come back with a flower.)

BROOK         Then, on the third day, land and seas,
.             with all the plants and trees.

(Tree is pushed out onto stage as BROOK talks.
DARREN then points out things in the sky.)

DARREN        Fourth day:  stars, sun, and moon,
.             day and night, seasons, days, and years.

(SOUND of birds.)

BROOK         Fifth day:  every kind of bird, as well as
.             the big and small fish and sea creatures.

(SOUNDS of animals.)                                   3

DARREN        Day six!  All the animals and bugs!

BROOK         And to name them all and look after them,
.             God created man.

(ADAM enters, carrying a dog or cat.  ADAM does not see
DARREN and BROOK but spends the time tending to animal.)

DARREN        Notice that God says, “Let US-
.             make humanity in OUR image...”

BROOK         Who is He talking to?

DARREN        Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

BROOK         So Jesus was right from the very beginning.

DARREN        That is because Jesus - is God –
.             and part of the holy trinity.  Like,
.             one person– can have three different roles.
.             Take me for instance, I am a son, and
.             I am a friend, and - I am a student.

BROOK         Makes sense.  So what do you think
.             God means when He says – in their image?
.             Do you think God looks like - that?

(BROOK points at ADAM.)

DARREN        It says – “in our image- to resemble us-“
.             nothing about “looks” –

BROOK         But when Jesus came to earth-

DARREN        He came down from heaven in the form and
.             the body of a man- to look like one of us,
.             and be one of us.

BROOK         I guess if He looked like anything else,
.             we’d all be running and screaming – or –
.             fainting - like we saw an alien
.             or something.

DARREN        Besides that, God made man out of the dirt.
.             And when we die, our bodies go back to –
.             being dirt.  But – our soul lives forever.
.             So I believe being created in God’s image
.             means we have God’s characteristics.
.                                                      4
BROOK         Like, God is Creator, so we are able
.             to create things.

DARREN        We are?

BROOK         I like to draw and paint.

DARREN        Ah! I like to cook and make up new recipes.

BROOK         (points to ADAM)  So what could he do?

DARREN        Adam had to name everything.
.             I guess, Adam was creating names.

BROOK         I must say, he was very creative.

DARREN        And people were to take charge
.             of everything on the earth.

BROOK         Oh, just like God is the King and Ruler
.             of everything, we resemble Him when
.             we look after things and lead people.

DARREN        And God had planted a beautiful garden
.             for him-

BROOK         The Garden of Eden!

DARREN        Interestingly enough, the Garden of Eden
.             was in the area of the Promised Land...

(ADAM turns to look at the tree.)

DARREN        Anyway, God told Adam, “You can eat
.             anything in the garden, except fruit from
.             the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,
.             because IF YOU DO, you will die!”

(ADAM nods, then looks sadly out into the distance.)

DARREN        Then God saw that Adam was lonely.

BROOK         Aw.

DARREN        And that the man needed a helper, because
.             there were a lot of things to be named.

ADAM          (points out with each) Hippopotamus,
.             rhinoceros, elephant, lion, tiger-
.                                                      5
DARREN        God said, “It’s not good that the human is
.             alone.  I will make him a perfect helper.”

(EVE steps out and starts to point out and name animals
alongside ADAM, who smiles with a nod.)

EVE           Orangutan, porcupine-

ADAM          Horse and zebra-

BROOK         Oh, a perfect helper!  So us women
.             ARE perfect.

DARREN        Everything was perfect at that time.
.             God made her from the rib of the man,
.             while Adam was in a deep sleep.

BROOK         And her name was Eve.

DARREN        And everything that God made was good.
.             And after creating man and woman –
.             God said it was VERY good.

BROOK         Because God created us with a purpose:
.             to have a personal relationship with Him.

DARREN        I guess it’s kind of like why
.             parents decide to have babies.

BROOK         THEN it was the seventh day, which God
.             blessed and made holy – because on that day
.             God rested– as an example for us to follow.

(ADAM and EVE stop miming the naming of things and exit.)

DARREN        I need a rest just thinking about
.             everything God did in six days.

(INCLUDE ENDING:  unless going right into the
next skit.)

(DARREN closes the Bible.)

DARREN        I must say, time travel, even if it is
.             only in your imagination, definitely
.             makes the Bible stories come to life.

BROOK         Let’s continue our time travel again
.             next week.  (exit while speaking)