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SOLOMON’S SEARCH - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       life in moderation, relationships
SCRIPTURE:   Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs
Style:       drama/conversation:  Solomon drops in
.            on a friend for advice, sharing that
.            wisdom, partying, and wealth has
.            not helped him.  The friend
.            reminds him to stay focused on God.
Cast:        SOLOMON, FRIEND
Set & Props: robes, chair, sofa or another chair


(SOLOMON knocks on the “door.”  FRIEND answers.)

FRIEND   Solomon, what a surprise.  Come in.
.        What brings you here?

SOLOMON  Just in the neighborhood.  Okay –
.        I need a friend.  I need help.

FRIEND   Help? You mean, as in advice?
.        But - you’re Solomon –
.        the wisest person in the world.

SOLOMON  I guess, I just need to bounce
.        a few things around.  Need to process.
.        Know what I mean?

FRIEND   Not really, but sit – sit down.

(SOLOMON lies down on the sofa, like he’s about
to talk with a psychologist... if it’s a chair,
he leans back in it.)

FRIEND   So, what’s up?

SOLOMON  Everything seems so – meaningless.
.        All is vanity!

FRIEND   You don’t pull any punches, do you?
.        So why don’t you just use all your wisdom
.        to figure it all out?

SOLOMON  Tried that.  Hey, wisdom isn’t all THAT,       2
.        you know.  It’s knowing how to use
.        the knowledge that you DO have.
.        Even me, I’m still capable of being foolish.
.        That, and knowing more only makes you
.        see how pathetic and crazy things are.
.        And that can make you feel
.        hopeless and very small.  Understand?
.        Wisdom cannot make you feel better.

FRIEND   Well, then, why don’t you just take
.        a break and go to a party?
.        Get your mind off all that.
.        Get happy - meet some women –

SOLOMON  Whoa.  Tried THAT.  And I’ve definitely
.        learned that women are NOT the answer.
.        I DON’T need any more women.  I mean,
.        it’s great when you find that special someone
.        who is also God-fearing, like I finally did.
.        But - only one!  A man should only EVER
.        have ONE woman in his life.  Trust me,
.        that’s all a man can handle.
.        Marriage is a LOT of work if you want
.        to keep the relationship where it should be.
.        God designed us that way...  You know
.        how God says, “The two shall become one?”
.        Any more than one, and you get ripped
.        into tiny little pieces.  Pieces everywhere!

FRIEND   I guess you should know.

SOLOMON  I do.  And partying?  Not worth it!
.        Talk about emptiness.  Maybe it seems
.        to fill you for a little while, but
.        it actually becomes pretty redundant.

FRIEND   Huh? Speak plainly, man.

SOLOMON  Sorry.  It actually becomes boring.
.        The same things just happen over and over again.
.        And you hear the same jokes and stories
.        over and over.  How much small talk can
.        a person tolerate?  You just start
.        going through the motions.  It all means
.        nothing and accomplishes - NOTHING.

FRIEND   If you want to be productive –                 3
.        then why don’t you throw yourself
.        into a project or something?
.        Build something big.

SOLOMON  Done that too!  I mean, how many palaces
.        and towers can a guy build?

FRIEND   Now, that’s something I don’t get.
.        You have all this wealth –
.        you should have nothing to worry about.

SOLOMON  Riches just add to your problems.
.        You tend to worry about it being stolen,
.        or who to trust because they might
.        just be after your money, or –
.        what’s the best way to invest
.        so you don’t lose it all,
.        or how to keep track of it all –

FRIEND   I’d like to TRY having that problem!

SOLOMON  No you don’t.  Riches might buy you things
.        like food to fill your stomach,
.        but it won’t fill your soul.

FRIEND   Okay, so wisdom helps to fill your head,
.        falling in love helps fill your emotions,
.        and wealth only fills your physical needs,
.        so – with what would fill your soul?

(Excited, SOLOMON sits straight up.)

SOLOMON  That – my friend – is a very insightful
.        question.

FRIEND   It is?

SOLOMON  Yes.  Out of the mouths of babes!
.        You have helped me immensely.

FRIEND   Ah, please explain how I helped you.

SOLOMON  You pointed to the most important thing
.        in life – filling the soul.
.        The other things - in moderation –
.        can be good.
.                                                       4
FRIEND   I think I understand.

SOLOMON  But the ultimate hope, the
.        ultimate answer, my friend, is God.
.        I need to get back to God:
.        to remember what He has DONE, to consider
.        His power and what He CAN DO and WILL do,
.        to listen to what He is saying now,
.        and to fear and obey Him.
.        I’ve been way to “ME-focused.”
.        I'm NOTHING compared to God.
.        I may be wise, but God knows everything
.        and His ways cannot be understood.
.        I may have found love,
.        but God is the ALL-loving Shepherd.
.        I may be a wealthy king,
.        but God is the King-of-kings,
.        all-powerful and in control of everything.
.        I need to stay “GOD-focused.”
.        (stands up to leave.)
.        You know - I feel inspired to write something.
.        Thank you so much for listening.

FRIEND   Sssure, any time.  And thank you!
.        I got to learn something from your pain
.        and – ah – “processing”.

(FRIEND walks SOLOMON out.)