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SMALL GROUP SESSION - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        being involved with small groups
SCRIPTURE:    2 Corinthians 1:24, 8:4
Style:        dramody/satire: a doctor helps a patient
.             see that it is a okay to allow people
.             to help you, and to join a small group
Cast:         Doctor, Patient
Set & Props:  clipboard, pen, 2 chairs, or chair & sofa


(DOCTOR leads PATIENT into office and motions toward the
chair or sofa.  They both sit down during salutations.)

DOC    Hello, Pat.  Make yourself comfortable.
.      And, how are you doing?

PAT    (leaning back)  Thank you, Doc.  I’m fine.
.      Well, obviously not fine,
.      otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

DOC    Thus, my question.  You see, when I ask,
.      “How are you doing?”  I really want
.      to know the truth.

PAT    Isn’t it funny how people use that question
.      as a form of saying “Hi”, and
.      not really meaning what they say?

DOC    And isn’t it funny how people then
.      just automatically say “fine.”
.      Why do you think that is?

PAT    Probably just to get people off your back!

DOC    Oh, did I strike a nerve, there?

PAT    (lying back again)  Well, there are these
.      people who keep asking me to their
.      small group at church.  And they keep
.      asking me how I am doing.  All the time!
.      And - it’s like they really want to know.

DOC    (sarcastically)  Oh - no!

(Getting a sly look from PAT, DOCTOR goes back
to being serious.)
.                                                       2
DOC    So why do you think that is?

PAT    Why do they really want to know?
.      I THINK they want to HELP me.

DOC    (sarcastically)  Even worse!

PAT    Quit the sarcasm, Doc.  I don’t WANT any help.

DOC    You don’t?  Okay, goodbye then.

PAT    Wha – no – I want YOUR help.
.      But if I let THEM help me,
.      then I’ll wind up OWING them somehow.

DOC    Ahhh, well, you’re probably paying me
.      WAY more than what you’d ever owe THEM.
.      And they’d probably help you more
.      than I could, too.

PAT    (sits up, curious)  Are you trying
.      to talk yourself out of a job?

DOC    Oh, I still have a job to do here.

PAT    Really?  And what’s that?

DOC    To make you see that it’s okay to accept help
.      from others.  To trust others enough
.      to let them into your life.

PAT    They are only going to wind up hurting me.

DOC    On purpose?

PAT    No.  Probably not.  (lies back down)

DOC    Well, what have they done so far?

Pat    They’re always trying to be so – NICE.

DOC    (sarcastically)  I shudder to THINK!

PAT    Seriously, we’re all just human.
.      We all make mistakes.
.      It’s only a matter of time.

DOC    What about you?

PAT    Ah, yeah, I’m human.                             3
.      I know I’m going to mess up, too.
.      See?  So I might as well stay away from people
.      to avoid any kind of mess like that.

DOC    Don’t you think these small group people
.      know that?

PAT    Know what?

DOC    That you’ll probably - mess up?

PAT    Exactly!  Of course they do, and they STILL
.      want to have me part of their group.
.      That’s just WEIRD!  Unless – see –
.      they just want to – TEACH me stuff.  

DOC    What kind of stuff?

PAT    Bible-stuff.  Stuff about God, and love,
.      forgiveness, and this thing called –
.      fellowship.

DOC    (sarcastically)  Oh no!
.      This just keeps getting worse.  

PAT    So you agree with me?

DOC    No!  Of course not.
.      Love, forgiveness and fellowship.
.      These are things everyone needs.
.      (musing)  Maybe there’s something
.      to this God-stuff.

(PAT sits up straight, concerned)

PAT    Hey, you’re a doctor,
.      you’re supposed to not –
.      support things like that.

DOC    Oh, sorry, just curious.  What else?

PAT    Well, they pray for everything.
.      If you have a problem, they pray.
.      If something good happens, they pray.
.      If you eat, you pray.  And they say things like,
.      one can be free of sin, fear and worry –
.      and live a life of joy, thankfulness and hope.
.      Stuff like that.

DOC    Really?  I mean, hmm, curious.                   4
.      And?... Ah, go on.

PAT    (suspiciously)  Well, they like to encourage
.      each other.  And then they’ll try
.      to do things WITH the group, like,
.      go out and HELP in the community.

DOC    (firmly)  Do you have their names and numbers!
.      I should really go and speak with them!

(PAT pulls out a flyer from a pocket and hands it
to the DOCTOR then starts to lie down again.)

PAT    Are – are you going to tell them
.      to leave me alone?

DOC    No, I want to see if I can join their group.
.      Their – (looksat the flyer)  Their small group.

(DOCTOR marches out.  PAT sits up, bewildered.)

PAT    What?  Where are you going?  

DOC  (stops and turns around)
.    I’m going to go to this church.

PAT    What about me?

DOC    I’m starting to think you’re crazy.

PAT    What?!

DOC    Well, nice people want to teach you nice things,
.      and do nice things for you.  And you want
.      NOTHING to do with that?  You must be crazy!
.      Or maybe, you want to join me.  Your choice!
.      Free of charge.

PAT    This world is crazy.

DOC    Exactly.  That’s why we need all the help
.      we can get.

(PAT sighs and gets up to follow DOCTOR.)