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SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       sins revealed, God knows, conscience
SCRIPTURE:   Numbers 32:23; Proverbs 28:13, Matt.11:21;
.            1 John3:20
Style:       allegory/conversation: every time a man
.            walks toward sin, his shoes make
.            a big noise.
Cast:        PERSON 1, PERSON 2 (alone or with group)
.            (if WOMEN, change the names and topic)
Set & Props: squeak toy (something to make a noise)
NOTE:        There are several options with this skit:
.            1.  The temptation topic can be different.
.                Depending on audience and message,
.                this would be simple to improvise.
.                Some other topic ideas:
.                - skipping school/work
.                - doing something other than what
.                  is promised or expected
.                - shopping when you don’t have
.                  the money (etc.)
.            2.  See end for optional endings.


(PERSON 1 walks right.  PERSON 2/alone or with group
walks left.)

P2    Hey, Bobby!  We’re heading over to Sam’s
.     to watch some dirty movies.  Wanna join us?

P1    Ahhh.  I – don’t think so.

P2    What’s wrong?  Your wife (or “mommy”)
.     won’t let you?

P1    Yeeaah.

P2    Come on, you’re not going to let them
.     tell you what you can or cannot do.
.     Who’s gonna know?

P1    Well, I will.  And – God will know.

P2    Seriously?  What’s God going to do?
.     Zap you with a lightning bolt?
.     Seriously.  Whatever.
.     So?   Maybe we’ll see you there then?
.                                                       2
P1    Yeah, maybe.

(PERSON 2 [and group] continue to walk left and exit.)

(NOTE: At this point,
.      whenever PERSON 1 takes a step to the left,
.      with every step, there is a fairly loud noise.)

(PERSON 1 stands and thinks.  Takes a step right.  Stops.
He turns and walks left.  Hearing the noise, he stops.
He slowly takes another step left.  Noise.
He wonders at the noise.  Takes a few more steps.  Noise.
He then walks right.  No noise.
He tries walking left again, balking at the noise.
He stops to think.  He tries to take a few steps
to the left while walking sideways.  Still noise.
He walks to the right.  The noise stops.  He stops then-
He tries to walk backwards to the left.  Still noise.

PERSON 1 nods with understanding
and walks to the right and exits.)

NAR.   “Be sure your sin will find you out.”
.      Proverbs 28:13 says, “He who keeps his sins secret
.      will not do well;  but one who is open about them,
.      and gives them up, will get mercy.”

PERSON 1 covers his eyes, and then while peeking through
his fingers and quickly walks left and exits,
ignoring the noise)

- This could be effective at the beginning of sermon,
. depending on how it will be approached or delivered.
- This could be very effective at the end of a sermon,
. leading into an altar call,
. i.e. “How many of you are walking in
.       the wrong direction and ignoring the noise
.       that is in your heart?...”