.           all rights belong to Tanis Harms –
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.                                - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        the reason for joy in Easter
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 24:40-49
Style:        comedy/spoof of Sherlock Holmes:
.             helps a girl find the joy in Easter
Cast:         SHRILLOCK HOMES, MUMSON (assistant)
.             Jane, boys and girls
.             (You can determine how many children
.             and adapt the lines accordingly.
.             All of these roles can be either male
.             or females except for girls wearing hats.)
Set & Props:  magnifying glass, notebook, pen,
.             Easter hat/s, basket, decorated eggs,
.             chocolate bar
NOTE:         SHRILLOCK has the most lines,
.             and can keep the script in his notes,
.             which he can refer to as often as needed,
.             and pretend to write notes, etc.


(CHILDREN play hopscotch on one end of the playground.
JANE sits on the ground, way on the other end of the
playground, crying silently.  SHRILLOCK HOMES and MUMSON
enter on the side with the group of children and
stop to observe.)

SHRILL    Oh look, Mumson, LOOK at all the children.
.         I wonder what they’re all doing here.

MUMSON    It is a playground, Shrillock.

SHRILL    I suppose it is.  But there seems
.         to be more children than usual.
.         And they’re all happy.

MUMSON    Yes, I believe you are right.
.         I wonder why that is.

SHRILL    (taps a kid on the shoulder)
.         Excuse me, there.  What is going on?
.         Why are there so many of you?
.         And why are you all so happy?

KID 1     It’s Easter.

SHRILL    (looks at Mumson and shrugs)                  2
.         Oh, it’s Easter.
.         (to kid)  Thank you.

MUMSON    And that clears it up for you?

SHRILL    No.  But at least we know
.         that there is in fact a reason
.         for all these kids being here.

(SHRILLOCK and MUMSON continue walking until they
are standing next to JANE who sits on the ground and
wipes tears from her face.)

MUMSON    Don’t look now, Shrillock, but I think
.         the little girl is crying.

SHRILL    Brilliant deduction, my dear Mumson.

MUMSON    My question would be “why,” Shrillock,
.         WHY is the little girl crying?
.         All the other kids are happy,
.         why is this little girl crying?

SHRILL    You ARE the very curious one today, Mumson.
.         But that IS a very good question indeed.

MUMSON    Perhaps she is lost and she needs help.

SHRILL    Oh!  Yes-yes, you are quite right.
.         I will see.  Step aside, Mumson.
.         (clears throat)  Ahem, little girl,
.         is everything all right?  Are you – unhappy?

JANE      Does it LOOK like I’m happy?

MUMSON    See, now THAT is a very good question –
.         because it is actually an answer in disguise.

SHRILL    Yes-yes – very clever.  I believe that
.         sort of thing is also called “sarcasm.”

(SHRILLOCK gets out pen & paper and his magnifying glass
and looks straight at JANE.  SHRILLOCK gets down
to business.)

SHRILL    All right then!  This is my trusty assistant,
.         Mumson, and I am Shrillock Homes,
.         at your service.  How may we help you?

JANE      It is Easter, and I am not happy.             3

SHRILL    (to Mumson)  Is one SUPPOSED to be
.         happy at Easter?

(MUMSON shrugs.)

JANE      Yes, we are supposed to be happy!
.         I just don’t know WHY we are
.         supposed to be happy.

SHRILL    Right!  Well, we should be able to find out
.         the answer – right here!

JANE      Good!  Because it WOULD have to be right here.
.         My parents are right over – there –
.         watching me.  I am not to leave this area!

SHRILL    Very good, then!  Of course!  Now then,
.         let us look for the answer.

(SHRILLOCK gets out his magnifying glass and begins
searching the area.  MUMSON and JANE follow behind.
SHRILLOCK’S magnifying search finds himself looking
right at an Easter hat.)

SHRILL    Hmmm.

(SHRILL takes a step back to see a girl, then takes
the magnifying glass away to talk to the girl/s with
the hat.)

SHRILL    Hi.  You look happy.  What is this?
.         (points to hat)

GIRL      (shrugging)  I got a new hat for today.

SHRILL    Splendid.  And that makes you – so happy?

GIRL      (shrugging)  Well, I LOVE my hat.

SHRILL    So it makes you happy.

GIRL      Well, it’s okay, I guess.  But like, if I was
.         having a bad day, and then I got the hat,
.         it would be, like, whatever.  Getting a hat
.         wouldn’t change my life or anything.

SHRILL    Hmm, okay.  Interesting.  Okay, so let’s see
.         what other clues we might find.
.                                                       4
(SHRILLOCK uses the magnifying glass to look around
until he sees a chocolate bar in the hands of KID 2.  
SHRILL takes a moment to observe very close up KID 2
eating it, then looks up at him/her.)

SHRILL    A chocolate bar!  Does this make you happy?

KID 2     (nodding, and then...)
.         Only for a while though.
.         Then I get hungry again.

SHRILL    All right.  Shall we continue?

(SHRILLOCK uses the magnifying glass to look around.  
SHRILLOCK hands MUMSON his notebook & pen and bends down.
This time he finds a decorated Easter egg.
Picking it up, he takes a very close look at it.)

MUMSON    It’s an Easter egg, sir.

(SHRILLOCK keeps holding the egg, and keeps looking.  
He finds another egg, and then another.)

KID 3     Hey, those are the eggs
.         for the Easter egg hunt!

(SHRILLOCK looks at the KID 3 and notices his basket.
SHRILLOCK takes the basket and puts the eggs in it.)

KID 3     Hey, that’s my basket for the Easter egg hunt!

(SHRILLOCK keeps hunting and finds more.)

SHRILL    Hey, this is fun.

MUMSON    Does it make you – HAPPY?

SHRILL    Well, (seeing KID 3’s sad face)
.         now, not so much.  Here.

(SHRILLOCK holds the basket full of eggs to KID 3.  
KID 3 smiles again.)

SHRILL    So the Easter eggs make you happy?

KID 3     Well, they are pretty!  But, I would have been
.         HAPPIER if I could have been the one
.         looking for them!

SHRILL    Oh.  Sorry.                                   5

(KID 4 enters and walks up to the group carrying a Bible.
SHRILLOCK sees the Bible and quickly uses the magnifying
glass to look at it and then up to KID 4’s smile.)

SHRILL    What is that?

KID 5     Hey, Billie, how come you brought your Bible?

KID 4     We’re going from HERE straight to church.

KID 6     Oh.  We’re going to go home first,
.         to change and pick up our Bibles,
.         and THEN go to church.

SHRILL    Wait a minute – do all of you kids
.         go to church?

KIDS      Yes, sir.

SHRILL    (to JANE)  Do you go to church?

(JANE shakes her head.)

SHRILL    (to KIDS)  So going to church makes you happy?

KID 7     It’s not really just going to church
.         that makes us happy.

KID 8     It’s what we LEARN at church.

KID 9     And it’s not so much HAPPINESS,
.         but kind of a JOY, that you get.

KID 9     Yeah, the joy you get from learning about
.         what Jesus all did for us, and then
.         accepting Him into our hearts,
.         THAT’S what gives us great joy.

KID 10    That’s what Easter is all about.
.         It’s a time when we make a special effort
.         to remember that God loved us so much,
.         He came down to earth to die for our sins.
.         And three days later, He rose again.

KID 11    Victory over death, so we can have
.         everlasting life.

KID 12    And – JOY.
.                                                       6
KID  4    In Romans 15:13 we’re told,
.         “Now may the God of hope fill you
.         with all JOY and peace in believing,
.         that you may abound in hope by the power
.         of the Holy Spirit.”

SHRILL    Wow, that does sound like it would give
.         someone joy.

KID 13    Not just someone - ANYONE.

JANE      Me too?

KID 14    Of course.  D’you want to come to Sunday School
.         with us and learn more about it?

JANE      Sure.  Let’s go ask my parents too.  Come on.

(Jane and KIDS run off.  MUMSER starts to follow.)

SHRILL    I guess our job here is done –
.         Hey – where are you going?

MUMSER    I’m going - to church.

(SHRILLOCK sighs.  Suddenly thinking it would be
a good idea, SHRILLOCK turns and joins everyone.)