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SEEDS SOWN – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       gospel acceptance, parable of the sower
SCRIPTURE:   Matt.13:5-8,19-23, Mark 4:3-8, Luke 8:5-8
Style:       allegory/conversation: 3 flower seeds
.            are blown onto different soils.
.            Their stories portray how they react
.            to the gospel message.
Cast:        DAISY      (naive & hyperactive);
.            SNAPDRAGON (bitter & rebellious);
.            MARIGOLD   (arrogant & self-centered);
.            NARRATOR
Set & Props: 2 chairs,
.            something for SNAPDRAGON to hide behind


NARRATOR:  Three seeds blow around in the wind,
.          until they fall from the sky and
.          settle on various places on the ground

(3 SEEDS run & spin in, as they are being blown in.
DAISY and MARIGOLD each grab a chair and sit down.
SNAPDRAGON hides behind something.)

DAISY      This is a good spot.  This is great!
.          I’m really excited!

MARI       MINE is great! I wouldn't live
.          anywhere else.  I CERTAINLY
.          wouldn't live in your neighborhood!

DAISY      What do you mean?  Mine's okay.

MARI       Yours may be okay, but mine's the best.
.          I mean,  I picked it.

DAISY      Look at Fuchia, way over there.
.          (motioning to other side)
.          Looks like she may have gotten
.          some really good soil.

MARI       (looking to the side)
.          Ah, looks too good to be true.

DAISY      Well, I think I'm going                       2
.          to settle - down – right - here –
.          (grunting and wiggling)
.          That's good enough.  Who knows?

SNAP       Will you just be quiet!
.          You don’t know what you’re talking about.

DAISY      Who said THAT?

MARI       Why, Snapdragon!  How’d you
.          wind up way over there?
.          Looks like quite the slum!
.          Don’t you have ANY pride?

DAISY      (to SNAP, concerned)  Forget pride.
.          You are in a dangerous neighborhood.
.          And you don’t have ANY soil.
.          You need SOME soil to grow,
.          I think.

SNAP       No, I don’t!  Those are just rumors.
.          I don’t need any soil.

DAISY      Really?  I thought for sure
.          I heard that somewhere.
.          Or something to protect you
.          from the elements.
.          Something like that.

SNAP       Well, I don’t believe you.
.          You don’t HAVE to believe
.          everything you hear.
.          And until I see proof,
.          I’m going to stay right here.

MARI       Forget about her/him.
.          I just hope I have everything
.          necessary to bloom.
.          I’ve got big plans, you know.
.          I’m planning to branch out.

DAISY      Look at how much room Fuchsia has.
.          And her soil looks lush, too.

(MARIGOLD quickly glances over and shrugs it off
and begins to primp.)
.                                                        3
MARI       It's just not enough for me.
.          I definitely want more - I want it all.

DAISY      Well, I have enough.
.          What you have looks good too.
.          Although, look at Snapdragon over there –
.          he looks so carefree.

MARI       Snapdragon is a fool.
.          One should always have goals and plans.

SNAP       I really don’t care!
.          See - I’m not worried.

DAISY      But, don’t you want to live?
.          Don’t you want to bloom?

SNAP       I am living.  And who says
.          you have to bloom to live, anyway?

DAISY      Well, that’s how to get seeds.
.          That’s what gives new life.

SNAP       Have any proof?

DAISY      I think there’s some, yes.
.          You just have to trust that there is.

SNAP       So, DO you?  Do you know for sure
.          that you’ll bloom, and seed?

DAISY      Well, I certainly HOPE so!
.          (looking down at her side)
.          See?  Yes.  I’m sprouting something here
.          already.

SNAP       You're just imagining things.
.          Now, leave me alone!

DAISY      Wow!  Snapdragon says he’s happy,
.          but he doesn’t really sound it.
.          Marigold?  Are you listening?
.          Don’t you care about Snapdragon?

(MARIGOLD is still preening.)

MARI       Look at me.  LOOK at my kingdom!              4
.          I even have a stem starting.
.          (looks down)  Ahhhh!  What are those!

(Mime or have people acting as weeds creeping in
and grabbing at MARIGOLD.)

DAISY      They look like weeds to me.

MARI       How did those get here?
.          Well!  Have I got work to do!


DAISY      Oh no, what’s happening to Snapdragon?

MARI       Oh - a bird just took off with him.
.          Good riddance, I say.
.          He lived on the roadside,
.          he didn't deserve to live.

DAISY      (wiping her brow)
.          Look at that.  Remember Fuchsia?
.          SHE really picked a good spot.
.          It comes with a gardener,
.          and she’s blooming!  She’s gorgeous!
.          Why don't I look like that?

MARI       Who needs a gardener?  Look at ME,
.          I’m growing all by myself.  Hey!
.          (pulling arm in)  Watch it!
.          You’re tearing my sleeves.
.          I worked hard for those!

DAISY      It’s very hot!  And it’s very dry.
.          Don’t you think it’s hot?  I'm so thirsty.

MARI       Well, drink something and shut up.

DAISY      I’m trying, I can’t reach any water.
.          I’m dying and you don’t care.

MARI       It’s no secret.  I’ve never cared
.          about anybody, except myself.
.          You HAVE to, if you want to get
.          anywhere in life, you know.

DAISY      Well, at least I tried.                       5
.          I don’t understand.  I found some soil.
.          I’m sort if IN there.

MARI       At least I have some shade
.          to keep me from drying up.

DAISY      But the weeds that are shading you –
.          are the things that are choking you out.

MARI       Just, look after yourself,
.          I’ve got my hands full.  (slowly chokes)

DAISY      I’m wilting.  What was it that I heard?
.          I think Fuchsia over there told me about it.
.          I did listen,  I know I did.
.          It just didn’t make complete sense to me.
.          I bet I could probably live
.          a little bit longer this way.
.          So long, Marigold.
.          Best of luck in pursuing your dreams.

(MARIGOLD falls limp.)

DAISY      Well, it sure SOUNDED like you had it all.
.          I sure wish - I had - some water.

(DAISY wilts away and dies.)

NARRATOR   Which soil are you planted in?