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SAMARITAN FRIEND – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       good Samaritan, how to be a friend,
.            how to help a friend
SCRIPTURE:   Luke 10:25-37
Style:       allegory/conversation: Ned has been
.            in a car accident.  Various people
.            have different reactions toward him.
.            Finally it is Sam who takes the time
.            to help him.
Cast:        Ned  (panicked and frustrated),
.            Pat  (abrupt and above-it all),
.            Lee  (cocky know-it-all),
.            Sam  (patient and sensitive),
.            Narrator
Set & Props: 2 chairs (set up like a bench)


(NED walks in and slumps down into the bench/chair.
PAT walks in briskly and notices Ned.)

PAT    Hey! Ned, right?  How’re you doing?

NED    Oh, I’m contemplating suicide.

PAT    Great!  Oh, ah, I’ll be praying for you.

NED    (mumbling) Thanks for caring –

(PAT rushes out.  LEE enters and stops to chat to NED.)

LEE    (enters)  Ned?  Hey-great to see you.
.      Then again, maybe not.
.      You look like someone just died.

NED    Not yet.

LEE    Oh, WELL, in that case,
.      you need to commit it to prayer,
.      and then have faith that God will answer it
.      in the best possible manner.

NED    Believe me, I’ve – sort of – prayed;
.      but I’m just not sure –
.                                                        2
LEE    Oh!  You’re in a doubting phase!
.      As someone said in Mark 9:24,
.      “Lord, I believe, help though mine unbelief.”
.      God has the power, just give Him the control.

NED    Well, I guess He can have it,
.      I mean, I’m really afraid –

LEE    Have you rebuked Satan yet?

NED    (confused)  What?  No, I mean,
.      I really messed up big time –

LEE    Nothing’s too big for God.
.      But you’ve got to repent, man.

NED    Repent what?  It was an accident –

LEE    Now you’re justifying your actions.
.      NONE of us are perfect, let alone me.
.      But you’ve got to be honest with yourself,
.      and with God.

NED    You don’t understand, I’m confused.
.      I don’t know where to start.

LEE    Prayer and God’s Word.
.      The Bible has all the answers.
.      And God always provides a way out.
.      1 Corinthians 10:13, I believe.

NED    (sarcastically)  Thanks?

LEE    Glad I could help.
.      (slaps Ned on the back)  Hey! Any time.
.      I mean it.  Take care now.

(As LEE exits, NED collapses, head in hands.)

NED    I guess that was worth it.
.      I just helped someone feel good about themselves.

(SAM enters.  Noticing NED, SAM stops
and sits down next to him.)

SAM    Hey.  Looks like you’re pretty down.
.                                                        3
NED    Oh, I’m okay.

(SAM is unsure, so he slowly gets up to leave,
but hesitates.)

NED    It’ll ALL be over soon
.      and it won’t make a bit of difference.

SAM    Ah, I don’t want to butt in here,
.      but if you need to talk?

NED    I’ve tried that.  I just,
.      can’t see too many options here.

SAM    Sounds like you’ve just had
.      a pretty bad experience.

NED    An understatement!... Oh?
.      You’re waiting for ME?  Okay.
.      Well, I was just in a car accident...
.      A few hours ago...

SAM    Were you hurt?

NED    Just shook up a bit.  But the car!
.      I don’t exactly have the money fix it.
.      The worst part!  It’s my brother’s car.

SAM    Have you told your brother yet?

NED    Are you kidding?  No way!
.      But I guess I have to, don’t I?
.      I mean, he’ll eventually find out –
.      And then he'll kill me.

SAM    Do you REALLY think he will KILL you?

NED    No, but I might AS WELL be dead.

SAM    Are you serious about this option?...
.      Look, how about,
.      I give you a lift to the hospital first –
.      have you checked out just in case –
.      then take you home.
.      I’m sure, if you all sit down together,
.      you can figure out a way to make the payments.
.                                                        4
NED    Which will be a huge amount, I’m sure.

SAM    Well, later I can help you call around
.      for some estimates.
.      But before we go, I’d like to pray.

NED    (unsure of what to do)  Oh, sure.

SAM    (bowing his head)  Dear Lord, thank you
.      for keeping Ned safe.  We thank You
.      that we can come to You with any problem.
.      Please, let Ned find hope,
.      give him the courage to face his brother,
.      and give him the means to make the payments.
.      Through this experience, may You be glorified.
.      Amen.  (stands and waits)

NED    Thanks, man.  You’re really
.      going out of your way to help me,
.      and you hardly know me.
.      How can I EVER repay you?

SAM    (lightly teasing)
.      Now, if I expected to be repaid,
.      I wouldn’t have helped you.  Remember?
.      You just told me you have no money.

NED    Oh, yeah.  Well, thanks again.

(NED stands up.  NED and SAM talk as they exit.)

SAM    You’re welcome.  You know,
.      someone once helped ME out of a fix.

NED    (sincerely interested)  Really?

SAM    Yeah.  I was at a point in my life,
.      where I thought there was no hope left,
.      no reason to live, and no one who really cared.
.      But then I met someone,
.      who showed me a way that changed everything...

(NED and SAM exit.)

NAR.   What kind of friend are you?