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SACRIFICIAL SHARING - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       providing, sharing, giving, generosity
SCRIPTURE:   Is.58:7, 2 Cor.9:6-8, 1 Tim.5:8
Style:       satire/spoof on documentary:  narrator
.            gives a family three different chances
.            to carry out charity properly
Cast:        family, beggar, beggar child, narrator
Set & Props: table, big wad of play money, envelope


(DAD, MOM and CHILDREN stand on one side of the table,
BEGGAR and BEGGER CHILD stand on the other side.)

BEGGAR    Please sir, could you spare
.         something for me and my child?
.         We just need help getting started –

B.CHILD   Mom (or Dad), I’m hungry.

(DAD pulls out a wad of money and flashes it
right in front of the beggars.)

DAD       Hmmm, well, let’s see.  Well,
.         we really need THIS for living.
.         (gives some bills to MOM)
.         And you wanted that new cell phone
.         that they’ve been advertising.
.         (gives some bills to CHILD)
.         AND there’s that whole computer game set.
.         (gives more bills to CHILD or another CHILD)

MOM       Don’t forget, we want to go
.         on that whole European trip.

(DAD hands more bills to MOM, who accepts it with
her other hand.)

DAD       And I want to buy at least ONE
.         of the biggest best SUVs possible.
.         (looking at BEGGARS shrugging)
.         Ah, sorry, we have nothing left.
.         Real sorry about that.

(EVERYONE freezes.  FAMILY has big greedy grins.
BEGGARS look worried.  NARRATOR steps out in front.)

NARRATOR  A mistake has been made.                      2
.         This family has been selfish and greedy.
.         And notice these poor folks over here.
.         See the hunger and fatigue in their eyes?
.         All hope is gone for them.
.         Let’s try that again shall we.

(NARRATOR points out the expressions then steps away.
EVERYONE comes back to “life”.)

BEGGAR    Please sir, we are so hungry.
.         We haven’t eaten in two days.
.         And I start work tomorrow,
.         but I don’t have any appropriate clothes
.         to wear to the job.

(DAD’S softens and becomes worried.)

DAD       Oh that’s terrible!  Well,
.         just wait a minute here.

(DAD looks down at his money, and holds it out for
BEGGAR to take.)

DAD       Here, take this.

(DAD looks at money in his child/ren’s hands and takes
all of it away and puts it in the BEGGAR’S other hand.)

DAD       And this.  We don’t need any
.         of this stuff.

(DAD sees the money in MOM’S hands and takes the money
from one hand, thinks, then takes the money from other
hand.  MOM tries to fight a bit with the last handful.
Finally getting it all, DAD puts it all on the table
and pushes it toward the BEGGARS.  EVERYONE freezes.
FAMILY now has worried expressions.  BEGGARS have happy
but confused expressions.  NARRATOR steps out.)

NARRATOR  Another mistake has been made.
.         Notice that the poor folks are happy
.         and relieved, but are also slightly confused.
.         They might even feel guilty, because now –
.         notice the expressions over here...
.         Mom looks very – very - angry – actually.
.         I believe Dad will be in big trouble.
.         Take note of the child/ren’s face/s – now
.         he/she/they are hungry.  There is nothing left
.         for them.  Let’s try this one more time.
.                                                       3
(NARRATOR steps away, and EVERYONE comes back to “life”.)

MOM       I can’t believe you gave EVERYTHING away!
.         What about providing for us?  Huh?
.         Just look!  Now we have nothing to eat!

CHILD     I’m hungry!

BEGGAR    I cannot accept all of this.

(BEGGAR puts all the money on the table and pushes
it back.  DAD picks up the money.)

DAD       Let me think – and pray about it.
.         (bows head for a few moments then continues)
.         Okay, this is what we’re going to do.
.         First - THIS goes go to God.
.         (gives ten percent to MOM
.           who puts it into an envelope.)
.         This, is what we need to live on.
.         (gives another amount to Mom)

CHILD     I want some FUN stuff!

DAD       Ah, this is for a little bit of fun stuff.
.         (gives a small amount to the CHILD/ren)

CHILD     But we want more fun stuff.

DAD       I think you should work for that
.         if you really want more fun stuff.
.         Now, this is for savings and investments...
.         (puts some money in his other hand)
.         And THIS is to help people.
.         How much do you think you need?
.         (divides the last of the wad into two piles
.          and looks at the BEGGAR.)

BEGGAR    I should only need about 100 dollars.
.         And I’ll pay you back as I can.

DAD       Please, no need to worry about it.
.         And I know – 100 won’t enough.  Take this.

BEGGAR    Thank you.

B.CHILD   Thank you, mister.

NARRATOR  And that - is how it’s done!