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RUTH AND BOAZ - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       relationships, loyalty
Style:       satire/spoof on Dragnet:  Boaz, foreman,
.            and the kinsman go through the romantic
.            "deal" of how Ruth caught Boaz’s attention.
Set & Props: wear sandals


(BOAZ saunters on to address the congregation.)

BOAZ     It happened at the end of one
.        drought-filled season.
.        It was when I went out to observe
.        my crops being harvested –
.        that I noticed her.  Curious,
.        I called over my foreman...

(FOREMAN rushes up to BOAZ to talk.)

BOAZ     So, can you tell me anything
.        about the new girl?

FOREMAN  She asked permission
.        to glean in your fields.

BOAZ     Really?  Know her name?

FOREMAN  Ruth, from the land of Moab.

BOAZ     Ruth, the Moabite.
.        Who does she belong to?

FOREMAN  Was married to Mahlon.  He died.
.        As did his brother, Kilion.

BOAZ     Any chance of one being born?

FOREMAN  Her father-in-law, Elimelech - died.

BOAZ     Lots of death in that family.

FOREMAN  She chose to leave her land and come here       2
.        with her mother-in-law, Naomi.
.        Said she’d look after her mother-in-law.

BOAZ     Didn’t want to stay with her people?

FOREMAN  She wanted to make Naomi’s people – her people,
.        and Naomi’s God – her God.

BOAZ     That’s one loyal, hard-working woman.
.        Caring, too.  Heard Naomi isn’t
.        the happiest mother-in-law to have around.
.        Have your men leave
.        extra stalks behind for her to collect.
.        Let her drink from your water –
.        And while you're at it - keep her safe.

FOREMAN  That all?

BOAZ     No - ask her to join me for lunch.

(FOREMAN leaves. BOAZ turns back to the congregation.)

BOAZ     Over a light lunch, I discovered
.        she was a humble woman of integrity,
.        and I told her I was a kinsman
.        of her late husband’s.
.        She must have told her mother-in-law.
.        Because one night, Ruth surprised me,
.        during the time me and my men were
.        protecting the grain from theft.
.        Following Naomi’s instructions,
.        she went through our normal customs
.        in requesting my hand in marriage.
.        There was just one hitch –
.        I was not the kinsman next in line.
.        This needed to be addressed.  So –
.        I hung out at the town gate.
.        It was there that I found him...

(KINSMAN walks past BOAZ who catches his attention.)

BOAZ     Hey, you’re the kinsmen
.        next in line to Elimelech?

KINSMAN  Yeah, what about it?

BOAZ     Naomi is selling the land                       3
.        that belongs to our brother.

KINSMAN  I’m interested.

BOAZ     When you buy it,
.        you also get Ruth, the Moabite.
.        You will have to maintain the name of the dead
.        with his property.

KINSMAN  Then, I'm not interested.
.        Don’t want to endanger my own estate.
.        Don’t need the aggravation.
.        YOU'RE the next in line, you redeem it.

BOAZ     I will.

(KINSMAN takes off a sandal, gives it to BOAZ, then leaves.
BOAZ turns back to the congregation.)

BOAZ     And so I did.
.        After we went through all the proper customs,
.        an elder blessed me.
.        Ruth and I were married
.        and we had a son named Obed,
.        who became the grandfather of King David.
.        Naomi cheered up, telling everyone that
.        her daughter-in-law’s love
.        was better than having seven sons.
.        And I would have to say –
.        I certainly HAVE been blessed.