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ROAD MAP   - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       guidance, Bible, truth, the way to salvation
SCRIPTURE:   John 14:6; Heb.6:18; 1 John 1:1-10
Style:       allegory/conversation:  parents give son
.            the wrong directions to their new house.
.            An earthly father wouldn't do this, so
.            our Heavenly Father certainly would not.
Cast:        DAD, MOM, NARRATOR
Set & Props: sofa or 2 chairs, books, telephone


(DAD and MOM sit and read.  When the phone rings,
DAD answers.)

DAD   Hello... Oh, hello son.
.     We’re doing good, thank you...
.     Yes, the move went well
.     and we’re all unpacked.
.     We’re just sitting here, reading a book
.     and enjoying our new home...
.     (to MOM)  He wants to come
.     and see the new house.
.     (to PHONE)  Sure, we’d love
.     to have you come for a visit.

MOM   Don’t forget to give him our new address.

DAD   Right, our new address is now 1457 –

MOM   Dear, it’s 1-8-57 -

DAD   1-4-57 Deerfoot Run!

MOM   Lane!

DAD   Ahhhh... don’t you have a map?...

MOM   Remember, it’s a new community,
.     so it’s not even on the maps yet.

DAD   You could try MapQuest –

MOM   It's not there yet, either.
.     You’re going to have
.     to give him directions.

DAD   Okay-okay, you head west on route 155,            2
.     then take Highway 76 North –

MOM   What are you doing???!!!

(DAD puts a finger to his lips and giggles silently.)

DAD   Yeah – then turn left on Circle Drive.
.     It’s the third intersection after the lights.
.     Just go to the right...
.     Yeah, see you soon.

(DAD hangs up the phone, giggling.)

MOM   Why did you do that?
.     You sent him totally off
.     in the opposite direction.

DAD   Eh, he’s a grown man,
.     he can figure it out.

MOM   He’d have to scour the earth to find us.
.     There’s not a hope.

(Still snickering, DAD casually waves off MOM and
gets up to leave.  MOM follows, frustrated.)

MOM   He’s just going to give up!

DAD   Ah, you worry too much.

NAR.  Your earthly father
.     wouldn’t give you flawed directions,
.     why would your HEAVENLY Father?