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TOPIC:        salvation, obeying God
SCRIPTURE:    Daniel 7:1-12:13, 6:27
Style:        drama/conversation:  Daniel tells his story
.             about when they were taken into captivity
.             and he determined to remain obedient to God
.             and received visions of the future
Cast:         NARRATOR, DANIEL (adult)
Set & Props:  items to make a craft


NARRATOR   Ever wonder what we should be doing with our
.          lives?  Or what will happen in the future?
.          Well, the world was created for us,
.          and we were created – because God wants
.          to have a loving relationship with us.
.          But we were all given a choice,
.          and mankind chose to sin.
.          So now there is sin in the world,
.          with problems and dangers.
.          But no matter what the circumstances,
.          we can choose to look to God, because
.          “He delivers and rescues” (Daniel 6:27).
.          Today we are going to hear some truths
.          from the Bible, which were written
.          a long, long time ago –
.          truths which were written by Daniel,
.          which were given to him from God.

(DANIEL/a enters and stands to the side.)

DANIEL/a   My name is Daniel.  I was born in Judah,
.          in the land of Israel.
.          When I was young, my people were captured
.          and taken to a strange, and dangerous country.
.          I was also taken away from my family,
.          and made to serve the kings of Babylon.

NARRATOR   Ever wonder why Daniel’s people
.          were taken into captivity?

DANIEL/a   My people were taken into captivity
.          because they had forgotten to worship
.          and serve the one and only God.

NARRATOR   But why captivity?                           2

DANIEL/a   A long time before I was even born,
.          God made a promise to my people
.          that we would be blessed and have land.
.          When my people chose to obey – God would
.          bless them, and allow them to live peacefully
.          in the land.  But when they chose to disobey –
.          they would lose the land.  It would still
.          be their land, they just would not live in it.

NARRATOR   Even though Daniel obeyed God, just because
.          his people disobeyed, Daniel had to live
.          in a strange and dangerous land, without
.          his family.  You would think that this would
.          make Daniel very angry at his people.

DANIEL/a   I forgave my people by asking God to forgive
.          my people.  Their actions just made me
.          very sad because they were not enjoying
.          a close relationship with God.  And so then,
.          I prayed for my people all the time,
.          that they would choose to turn back to God.
.          I knew that if my people would turn back
.          to God and choose to obey and serve God again,
.          God would bring them back to our land.

NARRATOR   Did God ever answer Daniel’s prayer?

DANIEL/a   My people did finally choose to obey
.          and serve God again, and God allowed them
.          back in their land.  But, if you know anything
.          about people, you know that we have
.          a hard time being good and doing
.          the right thing.  So, my people, kept
.          falling away from God, then going back to God.

NARRATOR   How long could this go on?

DANIEL/a   This went on for many years, and is
.          still happening today.  But God gave me
.          a vision which explained how much longer
.          it would be until my people would have
.          a perfect obedient King in OUR land,
.          who would lead and guide us to obedience,
.          and to worship and serve only God.

NARRATOR   And would this only be for Daniel’s
.          people?

DANIEL     There was a promise made by God,             3
.          that one day, God was going to send someone
.          to deliver and rescue ALL people
.          from something even bigger -
.          so that we can choose to have
.          a relationship with God – forever.

NARRATOR   Do we know what we need to be saved from?

DANIEL     We have all sinned.  We all disobey.
.          So we need to be saved from our own sin.
.          But not only that, we need to be saved
.          from the consequences of sin – which is death.
.          We can see from some of the true stories
.          in the Bible, that God is able to save us
.          from death and many scary situations.
.          All things are possible with God.
.          So then you know, God can save us from death.

NARRATOR   How was God going to make this possible?

DANIEL     God would send His one and only Son
.          down to earth as a man.  He would be
.          the Messiah – He would be called Jesus,
.          and live in perfect obedience to God.
.          Then die in our place for our sins.
.          And after three days, Jesus rose again.
.          So when we choose to believe in this,
.          we can have a relationship with God –
.          forever.

NARRATOR   Is there ANYTHING that should – or could –
.          make us worry?

DANIEL/a   No matter what the circumstances,
.          we can know that God is greater than anything,
.          and we can choose to trust in God,
.          because He delivers and rescues.
.          But we need to ask God to forgive our sins,
.          and put our trust in God.  It is that simple.

(DANIEL/a exits.)

NARRATION  (optional)
.          Let me make it even simpler
.          to understand.

(Here you can go into the wordless book,
which uses colors to explain the gospel message...)

GREEN which represents creation.                        4

BLACK which represents sin.

RED which represents Jesus’ work on the cross.

WHITE which represents forgiveness.

GOLD which represents heaven.

(Then continue or end with...)

NARRATOR   As you could see, Daniel had
.          some serious challenges in his life.
.          But Daniel chose to trust
.          in his relationship with God,
.          and Daniel chose to obey God no matter what,
.          because “He delivers and rescues.”
.          And, God sent someone, His one and only Son,
.          Jesus, to deliver and rescue people
.          from death.  So that we can choose
.          to have a relationship with God – forever.
.          So no matter what the circumstances,
.          we can know that God is greater than anything,
.          and we can choose to trust in God,
.          because “He delivers and rescues” Daniel 6:27.

(SUGGESTION:  MAKE A CRAFT, maybe a lion,
Click here for a few ideas:  
http://www.daniellesplace.com/html/lioncrafts.html )

(These skits can stand alone, or be used in a series.  
The first skit begins with “
Rescued from Defilement”.)