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RESCUED FROM LIONS - written by Tanis Harms

TOPIC:        salvation, obeying God
SCRIPTURE:    Daniel 6:1-28, 6:27
Style:        drama/conversation:  Daniel tells his story
.             about when they were taken into captivity
.             and he determined to remain obedient to God
.             and keep praying to God
Cast:         NARRATOR, DANIEL (adult),
.             DANIEL (option, if you are using puppets
.               otherwise you can have DANIEL/s step
.               into place during the dramatic parts),
Set & Props:  crown, whip, paper, quill/pen,
.             screen (option, if there isn’t an offstage)


(NARRATOR enters.)

NARRATOR   Ever wonder what we should do
.          if someone tells us NOT to do something
.          that we know we SOULD be doing?
.          Well, the world was created for us,
.          and we were created – because God wants
.          to have a loving relationship with us.
.          But we were all given a choice,
.          and mankind chose to sin.
.          So now there is sin in the world,
.          with problems and dangers.
.          But no matter what the circumstances,
.          we can choose to look to God, because
.          “He delivers and rescues” (Daniel 6:27).
.          Today we are going to hear a true story
.          from the Bible, which happened
.          a long, long time ago – -
.          The story is about Daniel.

(NARRATOR exits.  DANIEL/a enters and stands
to the side.)

DANIEL/a   My name is Daniel.  I was born in Judah,
.          in the land of Israel.
.          When I was young, my people were captured
.          and taken to a strange, and dangerous country.
.          I was also taken away from my family,
.          and made to serve the king of Babylon.
.                                                      2
(KING enters at center stage.)

KING       Where is my overseer?

(KING looks at congregation.)

KING       If you happen to see my overseer – tell him
.          that the great king of Babylon
.          has demanded to see him.

(KING exits.  OVERSEER enters and looks around.
NARRATOR steps in to get OVERSEER’S attention.)

NARRATOR   Ah, excuse me, are you the overseer?

OVERSEER   Me?  Ah, yes, I am the overseer.

NARRATOR   I think there was a message for you.
.          from the king of Babylon.
.          Now let me see, what was it again?
.          (give congregation kids a chance to answer)
.          Ah yes, the king demands to see you.

OVERSEER   I hope I’m not in trouble.

NARRATOR   He did not say.

OVERSEER   Did he seem angry?

NARRATOR   Not that I could tell.

OVERSEER   I better get going then.

(NARRATOR exits as OVERSEER hurries off stage.
KING enters.)

DANIEL/a   Now, the new king of Babylon did not serve or
.          worship God at this point of the true story;
.          and so, tried to make the people NOT do things
.          that they SHOULD have been doing.

(OVERSEER enters and approaches KING with a bow.)

OVERSEER   Oh great king of Babylon.  You demanded
.          to see me?  I hope that you are pleased
.          with my service.

KING       I am - interested to know how the man,
.          Daniel, is doing.  I like how he works.
.                                                      3
OVERSEER   Oh, ah.  He is - doing a good job.
.          Like he always does.

KING       I thought so!  I have watched Daniel and
.          can see that no matter where I put him,
.          he does such an excellent job.
.          He has something that no one else has.
.          Some kind of power that guides
.          and protects him.  And I believe I can
.          trust him with anything.  EVERYTHING!
.          In fact, I am thinking about putting Daniel
.          in charge of my entire kingdom.

(OVERSEER looks shocked.)

KING       Do you not agree with me?

OVERSEER   (quickly)  Oh, ah, yes, like I said,
.          Daniel is - an amazing man.

KING       Good.  I am glad that you agree with me.
.          That is all for now.

(OVERSEER bows as KING exits.  OFFICIAL enters
and approaches OVERSEER.)

OFFICAL    What did you talk about with the king?

OVERSEER   We mostly talked about – Daniel.

OFFICIAL   Ugh!  Daniel!  I’m getting so sick
.          and tired of hearing about Daniel.

OVERSEER   Well, according to the king,
.          Daniel can do nothing wrong.

OFFICIAL   That is why we have a group of spies
.          waiting and waiting, trying to catch Daniel
.          doing something wrong.

OVERSEER   And?  Have you caught him doing
.          anything wrong?

OFFICIAL   No!  Nothing!  The man cannot be perfect.

OVERSEER   We know Daniel that is not perfect.
.          No one is.  But - he never breaks any laws.
.          And for the king to stop trusting Daniel-
.          I do not know if that’s even possible.
.                                                      4
OFFICIAL   We know that we would have to catch Daniel
.          doing something really bad.  Something that
.          would go against what the king has commanded.
.          But so far – nothing!  Daniel is
.          very obedient.  And it makes me angry!

OVERSEER   And jealous?  Did you not hear?
.          The king wants to put Daniel
.          in charge of his entire kingdom.

OFFICIAL   What?!  Okay-yes!  That makes me jealous.
.          Now - I am jealous - AND angry.

(DANIEL enters or steps over to the side to kneel in
prayer, while folding his hands and looking up to God.)

OFFICIAL   See!  Look at him, over there!
.          What is he doing, anyway?
.          Daniel does that every single day!

OVERSEER   Oh, that.  Well, three times a day, actually.
.          He prays to his God three times a day.

OFFICIAL   Whatever for?

OVERSEER   Because I have noticed that his God –
.          comes first in his life.
.          Daniel obeys the king’s commands,
.          but only as long as they do not go against
.          the commands of his own God.

OFFICIAL   Wait a minute!  So what you are saying is,
.          if the king made up a command that went
.          against the commands of Daniel’s God,
.          then Daniel would break the king’s command?
.          Even if it meant death?

OVERSEER   (thinking)  Ahhhh, yes!?  Yes!  It has
.          happened before.

OFFICIAL   Then why is Daniel still alive?

OVERSEER   Because Daniel’s God keeps rescuing him.

OFFICIAL   Well, not this time!

OVERSEER   I don’t know.  Sound like Daniel’s God
.          seems to be always there for him.

OFFICIAL   Not this time!  This time we’ll get him.    5
.          You’ll see.  I have an idea.

(DANIEL exits.  KING enters.  OFFICIAL and OVERSEER bow.)

OFFICIAL   Oh great king of Babylon!  I come to you,
.          to bring you honor.  May you live forever.

KING       What is it?

OFFICIAL   All of the officials in your kingdom got
.          together and had a meeting, and we all agree
.          that the king should make a new law
.          commanding that no one should pray
.          to anyone else but you – for thirty days!
.          And if anyone breaks this law –
.          they should be thrown into the lions’ den.

OVERSEER   We, ah, only want to honor you.
.          You are the great king of Babylon.

KING       Why, yes I am, right?  Well, this is an honor.

(OFFICIAL quickly pulls out a paper and pen/quill.)

OFFICIAL   We have the law written up already.
.          All you have to do is sign it,
.          and that will make it official.

(KING signs the paper.)

OFFICIAL   There, now this law cannot be undone.

KING       So be it!  Spread the news that there
.          is a new command.

(OFFICIAL and OVERSEER bow as KING exits.
OFFICIAL chuckles as he rolls up the paper again.)

OFFICIAL   There!  Done.  And now we watch and wait.

OVERSEER   You kind of tricked the king.

OFFICIAL   Nonsense.  We are just trying to trap Daniel.
.          So – do you think he will really keep praying
.          to his God?  Even if it means death?

OVERSEER   I guess - if I were Daniel - I would not
.          pray to the king...  BUT - I would not
.          pray to God just for the thirty days.
.                                                      6
OFFICIAL   Maybe we should have made the time longer?

OVERSEER   Well, it’s already been made.  We better
.          warn every one about the new law.

(OVERSEER and OFFICIAL exit.  DANIEL/a enters.)

DANIEL/a   The kingdom was told about the new law,
.          which was trying to make me NOT do something
.          that I knew I should be doing.  I was never
.          going to pray to anyone or anything else!
.          I was only going to keep praying to
.          the one and only God – no matter what!

(DANIEL enters or steps over to the side to pray.  
OFFICIAL and OVERSEER enter to spy on DANIEL.)

OFFICIAL   There he is.  And look!  Look at that!
.          He is going to keep praying to his God
.          three times a day.  Come on,
.          we need to report him to the king at once!

(OFFICAL and OVERSEER exit.  DANIEL finishes praying,
then exits.  KING enters with OFFICIAL and OVERSEER.)

OFFICIAL   Oh great king of Babylon.  We have
.          something to report to you!  Daniel -
.          has broken your new command.  The command
.          to only pray to you for thirty days.

KING       (suddenly realizing)  Of course Daniel would
.          disobey that command.  I should have known
.          better!  I should not have made that command.

OFFICIAL   But you signed it and made it official.

KING       But I was going to put Daniel in charge
.          of my entire kingdom.  

OFFICIAL   The entire command, which you signed,
.          says that Daniel must now be thrown
.          into the lion’s den.

KING       Why did I have to be so selfish?  There must
.          be something I can do to save Daniel.  

OVERSEER   There is nothing you can do.  There is nobody
.          who can change your command!  Not even you!
.          oh great king of Babylon.
.                                                      7
KING       That does not make me very great, does it?
.          But I did sign it.  Sadly, it must be done.
.          Go – go throw Daniel into the lion’s den.

(OFFICIAL exits.  NARRATOR enters.)

NARRATOR   Any time someone was thrown into the
.          lion’s den – they were torn apart and eaten.
.          Now, the lions in the den were very hungry.
.          And lions roar very loudly when they
.          are hungry.  Like this... (roar)
.          And there were many lions.  Everyone roar.
.          (get the kids to roar loudly)
.          Okay, the lions were ready and hungry!
.          But let us watch and see what happened.

(NARRATOR motions the kids to stop roaring
and to pay attention and watch, then exits as...
OFFICIAL brings DANIEL in and up to the KING.)

KING       Daniel, I know you only worship and serve
.          your God.  And I know that your God
.          will protect you.

(OFFICIAL roles his eyes in disbelief then brings
DANIEL across the stage.  DANIEL exits.  OFFICIAL
proudly returns, wiping his hands, pleased with himself.)

OFFICIAL   That ought to do it.  We are done with him.
.          Well, NOW who is going to be put in charge
.          of the entire kingdom?

(OFFICIAL asks this as he and OVERSEER follow
the distraught KING, right off the stage.  
KING reenters and rushes to the side and calls out.)

KING       Daniel?  Daniel?  Servant of the living God!
.          I have fasted all night.  I need to know!
.          did your God protect you from the lions?

(OFFICIAL and OVERSEER enter to watch in disbelief.)

DANIEL     (calls from offstage)  O king of Babylon,
.          my God protected me and sent His angel
.          to shut the lions’ mouths.  I was not hurt.

KING       (to OFFICIAL)  Which proves that Daniel
.          is innocent!  Even his God found him innocent.
.          Now!  Get him out of there!
.                                                      8
(OFFICIAL refuses to move, so OVERSEER pulls DANIEL out.)

OFFICIAL   This is impossible!  The lions were hungry.
.          And Daniel does not have a scratch on him.

KING       Enough!  Just for your evil actions –
.          you and your family will be thrown
.          into the lion’s den.

(OVERSEER pushes OFFICIAL off stage as KING speaks.)

KING       Not only will Daniel be put in charge
.          of my entire kingdom.  But –
.          I make a new command.  There will be peace
.          in the land.  And everyone in my kingdom
.          is to fear and tremble before
.          the one and only God of Daniel!  For He is
.          the living God.  And His dominion will be
.          forever.  Because HE delivers and rescues!

(KING, OVERSER [and DANIEL] exit.)

DANIEL/a   And so, even though I was in a strange
.          and dangerous country, with no family,
.          God was with me and protected me,
.          because He delivers and rescues.

(DANIEL/a exits as NARRATOR enters.)

NARRATOR   As you could see, Daniel had
.          some serious challenges in his life.
.          But Daniel chose to trust
.          in his relationship with God,
.          and Daniel chose to obey God no matter what,
.          because “He delivers and rescues.”
.          And one day, God was going to send someone
.          to deliver and rescue people
.          from something even bigger –
.          so that we can choose to have
.          a relationship with God – forever.
.          So no matter what the circumstances,
.          we can know that God is greater than anything,
.          and we can choose to trust in God,
.          because “He delivers and rescues” Daniel 6:27.

(These skits can stand alone, or be used in a series.  
The next skit is “
Rescued from Prophesied Judgments”.)