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RESCUED FROM DESTRUCTION - written by Tanis Harms

TOPIC:        salvation, obeying God
SCRIPTURE:    Daniel 2:1-49, 4:1-37, 6:27
Style:        drama/conversation:  Daniel tells his story
.             about when they were taken into captivity
.             and he determined to remain obedient to God
.             and interpreted the king’s dream
Cast:         NARRATOR, DANIEL (adult), DANIEL (youth),
.             KING, OVERSEER, MEN 1-2
Set & Props:  crown


(NARRATOR enters.)

NARRATOR   Ever wonder why we have to go through
.          scary things?  Ever wonder why the
.          answers cannot always be simple?
.          Well, the world was created for us,
.          and we were created – because God wants
.          to have a loving relationship with us.
.          But we were all given a choice,
.          and mankind chose to sin.
.          So now there is sin in the world,
.          with problems and dangers.
.          But no matter what the circumstances,
.          we can choose to look to God, because
.          “He delivers and rescues” (Daniel 6:27).
.          Today we are going to hear a true story
.          from the Bible, which happened
.          a long, long time ago – -
.          The story is about Daniel.

(NARRATOR exits.  DANIEL/a enters and stands
to the side.)

DANIEL/a   My name is Daniel.  I was born in Judah,
.          in the land of Israel.
.          When I was young, my people were captured
.          and taken to a strange, and dangerous country.
.          I was also taken away from my family,
.          and made to serve the king of Babylon.

(KING enters at center stage.)

KING       Where is my overseer? (look at congregation) 2
.          If you happen to see my overseer – tell him
.          that the great king of Babylon
.          has demanded to see him.

(KING exits.  OVERSEER enters like he has places to go.
NARRATOR steps in to get OVERSEER’S attention.)

NARRATOR   Ah, excuse me, are you the overseer?

OVERSEER   Me?  Ah, yes, I am the overseer.

NARRATOR   I think there was a message for you.
.          from the king of Babylon.
.          Now let me see, what was it again?
.          (give congregation kids a chance to answer)
.          Ah yes, the king demands to see you.

OVERSEER   I hope I’m not in trouble.

NARRATOR   He did not say.

OVERSEER   Did he seem angry?

NARRATOR   Not that I could tell.

OVERSEER   I better get going then.

(NARRATOR exits, and OVERSEER rushes out.)

DANIEL/a   And there we were, in a strange and
.          dangerous land, living each day as it came.
.          Not really knowing what to expect from
.          these people.  What my friends and I did know
.          was that we were going to trust God to
.          protect us, because He delivers and rescues.

(KING enters.  OVERSEER approaches the KING with a bow.)

OVERSEER   Oh great king of Babylon.  You demanded
.          to see me?  I hope that you are pleased
.          with my service.

KING       I had a very upsetting dream.  So I want
.          you to gather all the magicians, conjurers,
.          sorcerers and priests, and bring them to me.

OVERSEER   Right away, oh great king of Babylon.

(OVERSEER bows and exits quickly.)
.                                                      3
DANIEL/a   The overseer came to tell me that I should
.          join the group that was to approach the king,
.          but I did not want to be associated with them.
.          What they stood for was not what I stood for.
.          I had to trust God that if God was going
.          to use me, it would be in a way that would
.          only bring glory to God and no one else.

(OVERSEER approaches KING with a bow.  MEN 1 and 2
enter and stand before the KING, but not too closely.
These two men are to represent a large group,
so when KING speaks to the “GROUP”, KING looks around
the room as if speaking to a huge amount of people.)

KING       I had a dream which upset me, and made me
.          really want to know what the dream means.
.          I command you to tell me what my dream was
.          and what it means.

MAN 1      Oh great king of Babylon.  Tell us your dream
.          and we will tell you what it means.

KING       My command will not change.  If you do not
.          tell me what my dream is and what it means,
.          then you will put to death, and your homes
.          will be destroyed.  But if you tell me, I will
.          give you gifts, rewards and great honor.

MAN 1      But, that is impossible.  How can we know
.          what you dreamed?  Why will you not tell us
.          what your dream was so we can tell you
.          its meaning?

KING       If I simply tell you want I dreamed, then
.          you will go away and make up some meaning.
.          If you are able to tell me WHAT I dreamed,
.          then I will know if you are telling the truth
.          when you tell me what the dream means.

MAN 1      There is not a man on earth who could
.          tell you what your dream was.  Only the gods
.          could possibly do such a thing.

KING       Because of how you just answered me,
.          all of you servants will be put to death!
.          (to OVERSEER)  Collect all of the servants:
.          all magicians, conjurers, sorcerers
.          and priests – and put them to death.

(With a whip, OVERSEER ushers MEN 1 and 2 out.)        4

DANIEL/a   Now, the overseer came to me and my friends:
.          Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego.  He was there
.          to take us, and put us with the others
.          in order to be put to death -

OVERSEER enters from other direction and approaches them,
DANIEL mimes speaking to OVERSEER as DANIEL/a speaks.)

DANIEL/a   So I asked the overseer why it was
.          that we were all to be put to death.

OVERSEER   (to BOYS)  Because the king had an upsetting
.          dream.  He asked all the magicians, conjurers,
.          sorcerers and priests to tell him what
.          his dream was - and what it meant.

DANIEL/a   I told the overseer that I wanted the king
.          to know –I needed some time, and then
.          I would tell him what his dream was,
.          and what it meant.

OVERSEER   Do not get too comfortable.  I am most sure
.          that the king will have all of you
.          put to death, because there is no way
.          anyone can do this.  But, I will make sure
.          the king knows about this so that
.          you can at least TRY to do this thing.

(OVERSEER nods and exits.  DANIEL turns to SHADRACH,
MESHACH and ABED-NEGO and mimes talking to them.)

DANIEL/a   I now asked my friends, Shadrach, Meshach and
.          Abed-nego to pray, asking God to reveal the
.          mystery, so we would not be destroyed along
.          with the rest.  We put our trust in the one
.          and only God, because He delivers and rescues.

on their knees to pray, with folded hands raised to God.
In a few moments, KING and OVERSEER enter and face

KING       I have given you some time.  Can you tell me
.          what my dream was and what it means?

(SHADRACH, MESHACH and ABED-NEGO remain praying,
while DANIEL stands up and mimes speaking to KING.)
.                                                      5
DANIEL/a   I told the king that I could.  And that
.          there was no person able to figure this out,
.          but there is the one and only living God
.          who reveals mysteries, and has made it known.
.          God’s message to the king was about something
.          that would take place in the future.  This
.          was the dream that he had.  There was
.          an awesome statue in front of the king.
.          The head was made of fine gold,
.          its chest and arms were silver, its belly
.          and thighs were bronze, its legs were iron,
.          and its feet were partly iron and partly clay.
.          Then a stone hit the statue on its feet
.          and crushed them, causing the entire statue
.          to fall apart.  And just like dust,
.          it was blown away by the wind.
.          But the stone that hit the statue became
.          a great mountain and filled the entire earth.
.          Then I told the king the meaning of the dream.
.          The king of Babylon was the head of gold.
.          Once his kingdom fell, Persia and Greece would
.          rule.  They were the silver arms.  After them
.          would come Greece, which was the bronze.
.          The iron was Rome.  The feet which was a mix
.          of iron and clay meant that there would be
.          several kingdoms ruling, some weaker than
.          others.  And the ten toes represented
.          ten kingdoms.  And the stone which destroyed
.          the statue was God’s kingdom on earth.  THIS
.          would be the only kingdom to last forever.

(KING falls to the ground to bow before DANIEL.
DANIEL motions for the KING to stand up.
SHADRACH, MESHACH and ABED-NEGO also stand up.)

KING       Surely your God - is a God of gods, and
.          a Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries!
.          Daniel will be honored with gifts and rewards.

(KING leads the way, and ALL follow after him.)

DANIEL/a   I was made a ruler over an entire province
.          in the kingdom of Babylon.  And when I asked,
.          the king made Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego
.          my assistants in the province.
.          But, a few years later – it happened again.

(KING enters.)

KING       Where is my overseer?  Overseer?             6
.          (look at congregation)
.          If you happen to see my overseer – tell him
.          that the great king of Babylon
.          has demanded to see him.

(KING exits.  OVERSEER enters.
NARRATOR steps in to get OVERSEER’S attention.)

NARRATOR   Ah, excuse me!  Overseer!  Yoo-hoo.

OVERSEER   Me?  Ah, yes.  You again.

NARRATOR   I think there was a message for you.
.          from the king of Babylon.
.          Now let me see, what was it again?
.          (give congregation kids a chance to answer)
.          Ah yes, the king demands to see you.

OVERSEER   I hope I’m not in trouble.

NARRATOR   He did not say.

OVERSEER   Did he seem angry?

NARRATOR   Not that I could tell.

(NARRATOR exits as OVERSEER rushes off stage.
KING enters and OVERSEER approaches KING with a bow.)

OVERSEER   Oh great king of Babylon.  I hope that
.          you are pleased with my service.

KING       I had another upsetting dream.

OVERSEER   Did you want me to call Daniel?

KING       No!  I am afraid that he will tell me
.          something I do not want to hear.
.          Please, send in all the magicians, conjurers,
.          sorcerers and priests.

(OVERSEER snaps his fingers and MEN 1 and 2 enter.)

DANIEL/a   This time, the king told the men his dream.
.          But all the magicians, conjurers, sorcerers
.          and priests could not tell the king
.          what the dream meant.

(MEN 1 & 2 shrug and shake their heads.  DANIEL enters.)
.                                                      7
KING       Daniel!  I know you should be able to
.          tell me what this dream means –
.          because of your God.  Well, this was my dream.
.          There was a great tree which grew tall
.          and strong.  The entire world could see
.          this tree.  And it was very beautiful
.          with lots of fruit to feed everyone.
.          Then I saw something like an angel coming down
.          from heaven, shouting, “Chop down the tree!
.          Just leave the stump and roots!
.          And put a band of iron and bronze around it.
.          Let his mind be changed from that of a man
.          to that of a beast for seven years.”

(DANIEL puts a hand to his mouth, upset.)

KING       Daniel, no matter how bad it is,
.          I want you to tell me the truth.

(DANIEL mimes talking to KING as DANIEL/a speaks.)

DANIEL/a   Although it was not easy to give the king
.          bad news, I told him what the dream meant.
.          If only this dream was meant for his enemies.
.          The tree was the king.  But as God warned him,
.          he would become sick.  He would lose his mind,
.          and lose his kingdom during that time,
.          while he lived like an animal.
.          But the stump and roots were to remain,
.          so that once he was of sound mind again,
.          he would continue to rule his kingdom
.          once again.

(KING sadly nods and exits, followed by ALL,
except DANIEL/a.)

DANIEL/a   And all of these things happened to the king.
.          But after the seven years, when the king was
.          of sound mind again, the king actually praised
.          and gave glory to the one and only living God.
.          Then God allowed the king to continue to rule.
.          And as for me and my friends, even though
.          we were in a strange and dangerous country
.          where I had to give the king bad news -
.          twice - under the threat of death -
.          God was with us and protected us,
.          because He delivers and rescues.

(DANIEL/a exits as NARRATOR enters.)
.                                                      8
NARRATOR   As you could see, Daniel had
.          some serious challenges in his life.
.          But Daniel chose to trust
.          in his relationship with God,
.          and Daniel chose to obey God no matter what,
.          because “He delivers and rescues.”
.          And one day, God was going to send someone
.          to deliver and rescue people
.          from something even bigger –
.          so that we can choose to have
.          a relationship with God – forever.
.          So no matter what the circumstances,
.          we can know that God is greater than anything,
.          and we can choose to trust in God,
.          because “He delivers and rescues” Daniel 6:27.

(These skits can stand alone, or be used in a series.  
The next skit is “
Rescued from Fiery Furnace”.)