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RELEASING YOUR BURDENS - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       burdens, give everything to God
SCRIPTURE:   Ps.68:19, Matt.11:28-30, Gal.5:1
Style:       allegory/conversation: people drag different
.            sized boxes around with various labels.
.            Some let go (giving them to God),
.            others have a difficult time,
.            while others are too pious to admit
.            they have any sins or burdens.
Cast:        PERSON 1, 2, 3, 4
Set & Props: - 11 boxes pulled by a string
.              (each box is labeled with a word,
.              in order of size biggest to smallest:
.              pride, hypocrisy, slander, bitterness,
.              pride, worry, impatience, marriage problems,
.              drugs, finances, anger)
.            - podium or something big enough
.              to hide the 4 biggest boxes


(PERSON 1 poses beside the podium, secretly holding
the strings to the pride, hypocrisy, slander and
bitterness boxes, which can be stacked.
PERSON 1 watches as PERSON 2 drags the worry and
impatience boxes behind them.  PERSON 3 walks on,
empty handed and approaches PERSON 2.)

P3    Hey, why don’t you give your burdens to Jesus?

(PERSON 2 drops the string in her hand. She walks away
but rushes right back to pick up the string.)

P2    Oh, wait.  If I don’t hold on to these,
.     I may not be able to control them.

(PERSON 3 then looks over at PERSON 1.)

P3    Have you given your burdens to Jesus?

P1    (indignantly)  Yes!  I don’t have any burdens.
.     I’m not perfect, of course, but at least
.     I’m not like that guy over there.
.     (disgusted)  And he calls himself a Christian!
.                                                         2
(PERSON 1 motions over PERSON 4 who is about to enter.
PERSON 3 sees PERSON 4 enter dragging the pride,
marriage problems, drugs, finances, and anger boxes
behind him, really struggling with the weight of them.
PERSON 4 finally stops to wipe his brow.)

P3    Hey, let me help you with some of those.

(PERSON 3 also grabs the strings of PERSON 4
and helps to pull the boxes.)

P3    So have you ever tried
.     giving your burdens to Jesus?

P4    No.

P3    Why don’t you try it?

P4    I’ve just – never really thought about it.
.     Can you DO that?

(PERSON 3 nods his head.)

P4    It’s not that I really LIKE these things.

(PERSON 4 drops all his strings and steps away.)

P4    This is great!
.     I can’t believe how free I feel.
.     Wow!  Okay, it IS possible.
.     Thanks for telling me.

(As PERSON 4 walks off, PERSON 2 turns to PERSON 3.)

P2    Why can’t I do that?

P1    Do what I do,
.     just realize God doesn't want you
.     doing those things, and just STOP
.     doing all those things!

P3    (ignoring P1, gently to P2)
.     You have to ask yourself,
.     why can't you trust God enough
.     to take care of all your burdens?

P2    I keep giving my burdens to God,                    3
.     but then I panic
.     and take them all right back again.

P3    Do you think you’ll feel uncomfortable
.     WITHOUT your burdens?

P2    I guess, my burdens do seem comfortable
.     because they're familiar.
.     And I like to be in control.

P3    Do you think that worrying
.     really makes a difference?

P2    No, it does not.
.     And I usually find that
.     I’ve worried about something
.     all for nothing.

P1    I'll be praying for you.
.     You know, you REALLY shouldn't
.     be teaching Sunday School until you become
.     more disciplined in your walk with God.

P2    You know, I feel so guilty as it is.
.     You’d think it would be enough
.     to make me stop sinning.

P3    (to P2)  Oh!  Well, guilt should not
.     be what motivates you.
.     It should be your love and trust in God.
.     Do you believe that God is all-powerful
.     and is in control?

P2    Y-eesss.

P3    Except-your actions say otherwise.
.     You do understand what “all-powerful” means?
.     God is WAY stronger than you OR your problems.

P2    You know, that's right!
.     (drops strings and walks away)
.     Why did I think that I could handle my problems
.     better than God could?  This IS great.

(PERSON 3 looks over at PERSON 1.)

P3    I SEE your burdens, you know.                       4

P1    How DARE you say that to me.
.     I’ve told you, I don’t have any.
.     I’m a mature Christian
.     who has served many years in the church.

P3    Sin is sin.  Pride - being one of them.
.     No one is perfect until they reach heaven.
.     We should always be open to learning –
.     or relearning –
.     because we TEND to forget things.

(PERSON 1 starts to walk off, pulling all their
heavy boxes behind them.)

P1    Speak for yourself!
.     Now - go and find someone
.     who actually needs some help.

P3    Have you given all your burdens to Jesus?
.     In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says to us,
.     “Come to Me, all you who are weary and burdened,
.     and I will give you rest.”