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REASONS OF LOVE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        temptation, obedience
SCRIPTURE:    Eph.6:1-23
Style:        drama/conversation: two teenagers
.             discuss a decision they have to make
Cast:         TEEN 1-2
Set & Props:  


(TEEN 1 follows TEEN 2 onto the stage.)

T 1   Well, have you made up your mind yet?

T 2   I did.

T 1   So, you’re going to it?
.     And be part of the “in” crowd?

T 2   I have decided... no.

T 1   So you do NOT want to be part of the “in” crowd.

T 2   That is correct.

T 1   Are you crazy?

T 2   I would be crazy to do what you’re talking about.

T 1   Is this because your mommy and daddy said so?

T 2   My parents love me, and want to protect me.
.     And they actually know stuff.

T 1   Oh – you mean – that God-and-Bible stuff?

T 2   That too!  Speaking of which,
.     God loves me, and wants to protect me as well.

T 1   So you’re just going to do what they say?
.     You’re just going to let them control you?

T 2   I LISTEN to what they say,
.     And then I DECIDE to do what they say.
.                                                       2
T 1   WHY?!

T 2   Because I love and respect myself.
.     These sorts of things can wreck a person’s life.

T 1   Are you afraid?

T 2   Ah, yeah!  Well, not afraid-afraid.  I just want
.     to avoid doing things that would wreck my life.

T 1   Psh! You’re so weak.

T 2   If I was weak, I would cave,
.     and do what you’re talking about.

T 1   So you want to fight about it?

T 2   No.  I’m just working on being strong.
.     I just want to take everything into consideration
.     and make good decisions for myself.

T 1   I don’t see how we can be friends anymore.

T 2   Hm...  It’s too bad.

T 1   And if you think you can just change your mind,
.     you can forget about it.  We’re done!

T 2   Well, if you change YOUR mind,
.     you know where to find me.

(TEEN 1 and 2 exit in opposite directions.)