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TOPIC:        resurrection, faith
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.26-28, Mk.14-16, Lk.22-24, Jh.18-21
Style:        drama/conversation:  Mary and Peter compare
.             their reactions to Jesus’ resurrection
.             demonstrating their newfound faith
.             (“
Reactions to the Crucifixion”/a prequel,
.               can be done the same day
.               or on Good Friday, which
.               demonstrates their lack of faith)
Set & Props:  Bible era costumes


(MARY and PETER step out on opposite sides and speak
to each other, but look out to the congregation only.)

PETER   Mary, dear Mary Magdalene.

MARY    Peter, your demeanor has changed.

PETER   Indeed.  I have seen Him.
.       Jesus has risen indeed.

MARY    (hopefully)  You NOW believe me?

PETER   I have finally seen Him for myself.
.       I – apologize for not believing you
.       when you told us.

MARY    I understand.  Right after the second earthquake,
.       when a few of us women went to prepare His body,
.       we saw the stone rolled away.
.       And when we entered the tomb –
.       not only did we see that He was no longer there –
.       but two angels were there instead
.       who told us that He had risen.

PETER   I knew the Pharisees were keeping
.       the tomb heavily guarded,
.       so I needed to see for myself.
.       What you were telling us didn’t make any sense.
.       But running over to see the empty tomb,
.       it STILL didn’t make any sense.
.       I just assumed someone had stolen Jesus’ body.

MARY    We all assumed the same thing,                  2
.       even though Jesus told us many times
.       that He was going to be crucified
.       and then rise again after three days.
.       I even went back to the tomb a second time
.       in order to mourn, and maybe find out
.       where they took His body.
.       I don’t know why I didn’t believe
.       the angel’s words.  Then, I heard HIS words.
.       I turned around, and He was asking me
.       why I was crying.  And even then,
.       I didn’t recognize Jesus at first.
.       I suppose I really wasn’t looking.
.       I just thought He was the gardener,
.       until He said my name.  THEN I looked,
.       and saw that it was Jesus.
.       Words cannot express how overjoyed I was.

PETER   And yet, I still refused to believe you -
.       or anyone else for that matter –
.       that you had really seen Him - alive.

MARY    Why do we take so long to believe?
.       We all saw the miracles of Jesus.
.       We have always heard - that with God –
.       anything is possible.

PETER   We do tend to limit ourselves and depend on
.       our OWN strength and our OWN understanding.
.       The eleven of us kept hearing the news and
.       only concerned ourselves with our own safety,
.       thinking that everyone would suspect us
.       of stealing the body.  Of course, when Jesus
.       finally appeared to us,  He reproached us
.       for our unbelief and hardness of heart
.       because we had not believed any of you.
.       We should have believed, simply because
.       of what the prophets have written
.       in the scriptures!  We were not looking
.       at the bigger picture - we were not seeing
.       that there was purpose in His death.

MARY    His death during the Passover feast –
.       JESUS was our sacrificial Lamb.

PETER   The perfect spotless Lamb of God!
.       Forgiveness to cover our sins – once and for all.
.       His blood was shed to provide this forgiveness –
.       no matter what we have done,
.       no matter how we may have betrayed Him.
.                                                       3
MARY    And rising again to conquer death!...
.       I had DIED with Him on that cross,
.       but seeing Him alive – I see that now -
.       I have LIFE in Him.  There is victory.

PETER   NOT only new life... ETERNAL life with Him.
.       This is the way to God’s kingdom that
.       He spoke about.  It’s starting to all make sense.
.       Jesus has sent us the Holy Spirit for guidance
.       and understanding.  To all believers,
.       it is our assurance – so that we may KNOW...
.       EVEN if someone has not witnessed
.       Jesus in the flesh.  We can enter
.       into a personal relationship with Him,
.       and enter into His kingdom with confidence.

MARY    Why Peter, your speaking with such authority!

PETER   (thinks)  There HAS BEEN a change in my life.
.       This is the greatest miracle, isn’t it?

MARY    I have had the SAME experience.
.       My life BEFORE Jesus, which was a hopeless,
.       helpless, shameful life, is NOTHING
.       compared to what I HAVE NOW with Jesus.
.       He is my hope, my help, and my Savior.

PETER   Mine had been a life of self-reliance and pride,
.       even though I was so wrong in my decisions
.       and direction.  My humbled, selfless life
.       NOW has purpose, direction and true strength.
.       There is still room for growth, but
.       I am saved from my life of sin.  Hallelujah!
.       There has been reconciliation and forgiveness.
.       I am a new man - with a newness everyday.

MARY    We need to let people know of this hope,
.       that they can ALSO have this experience.
.       But – now that Jesus has ascended –
.       they cannot see Him in the flesh –

PETER   They will see this truth in our LIVES, not only
.       when we speak His words of truth, but also how
.       we LIVE these words, ONLY because it is
.       Jesus living in us.  He is with us always!

MARY    He IS still with us!

(PETER and MARY exit, each to their side.)