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PRODUCTIVITY - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:         being productive, reaping fruit
SCRIPTURE:     John 15: 8
Style:         allegory/conversation: boss does job evaluations
.              on lazy Dale and eager Terry, which parallels
.              an evaluation on a Christian's attitude
Cast:          Mr/s Lawson (boss-wise);
.              Dale Harper (employee#1-lazy);
.              Terry Wise (employee-eager);
.              Narrator (could be boss, pastor, etc.)
Set & Props:   papers & pen, 2 chairs, telephone


NAR.    John 15: 8  “This is to My Father’s glory,
.       that you bear much fruit.”
.       This skit - is an allegory – of how we,
.       as Christians, might be serving God
.       and our church.

(MR/S LAWSON pretends to page a secretary.)

LAWSON  Henrietta, you may send in Dale Harper.

(DALE HARPER enters and slumps into a chair.)

LAWSON  Are you ready for your annual job evaluation?
.       So, first let me ask, how do YOU think
.       you did this year?

DALE    No idea.

LAWSON  Well, I have noticed quite a few things,
.       first being, you do not get along
.       with other people well.

DALE    Is that really necessary?

LAWSON  I have seen you be rude to your co-workers!
.       It seems you like to argue –

DALE    Why do you assume it’s me?
.       I’m not rude!

LAWSON  And most often, you lack the patience               2
.       to deal with the customers or
.       or hear out their concerns.

DALE    Hey!  I’m NOT their shrink!
.       Besides, all I hear is complaining.
.       They always want me to DO something for them.

LAWSON  Do you react appropriately, or do you
.       agitate the situation further?...
.       Our company’s motto is
.       “Good quality and faithful service.”
.       What you do or not do reflects on the company.

DALE    I just do what I have to.

LAWSON  There’s evidence that you do not want
.       to try your best.  Instead, you complain
.       about the working conditions.
.       It usually sounds a little bit like an excuse,
.       or you’re fishing for attention or compliments.
.       I would like to understand why.  You see,
.       we do want to help all employees here realize
.       their full potential.  We have counseling IF you
.       have any personal problems.  There are programs
.       to help you brush up on your area of expertise.
.       Or if you feel maybe you would like to explore
.       some other avenues within the company,
.       we can help you develop THOSE interests.
.       And if you’re still struggling, there are people
.       who want to help out in any way they can.
.       We just want you to enjoy working here,
.       as well as seeing you do your very best.

DALE    Why should I care?  It’s not my company.

LAWSON  A company is the collaborative efforts of all
.       the people.  Every part is vital to its success.
.       So we also want to see YOU succeed as well.
.       WHAT must we do to help you?

DALE    I just need a raise.  And the feeling that I’m being
.       appreciated.  And of course – better working
.       conditions:  spa days, free lunches, more fun.

LAWSON  I sense you don’t love your work.

DALE    Love is such a STRONG word.                     3
.       And the term “worrrrk” –
.       is not a pleasant word at all.

LAWSON  So you do not care about the clients,
.       the people you work with, your bosses,
.       or how well the company does?
.       Our records show a lack of productivity,
.       and your actions have caused
.       several clients to go to other companies.

DALE    People are just sooooo – sensitive.

LAWSON  That would be their issues to work on.
.       But you need to focus on what you are doing.

DALE    Give me a break.

(MR/S LAWSON talks calmly as DALE HARPER walks away.)

LAWSON  (agreeably)  Okay.  If you ever have
.       a change of heart in how you want to work,
.       give us a call.  (paging secretary.)
.       Henrietta, please send in Terry Wise.

(TERRY WISE enters and sits down.)

LAWSON  Hello, Terry. Please, have a seat.
.       How are you?

TERRY   Good morning, Mr/s Lawson.
.       I'm so excited to be here –
.       and – a little nervous –

LAWSON  That’s actually a good sign.
.       Shows that you care.

TERRY   Oh! I do care.  I love this job.
.       I love the company, I love what I do,
.       and the people I work with.  As problems come up,
.       I’m slowly figuring out how to approach people
.       in the best way.  And hopefully I’m learning
.       how to accept criticism better and work on
.       my weaknesses.  If you ever have any advice
.       on how I can do that better,
.       I’d really appreciate the feedback.
.       I just want to do the best job possible.
.                                                       4
LAWSON  Well, your love for employees
.       and customers alike, is shown
.       through your kind and patient attitude
.       towards everyone.  Remaining so positive
.       creates a peaceful atmosphere.
.       Your good behavior is an example
.       and encouragement to everyone.
.       Your commitment to our motto:
.       “Good quality and faithful service”,
.       demonstrates your love for the company.
.       We can see how productive you are,
.       and we'd like to give you a raise.
.       It is a pleasure to work with you.
.       Thank you for all your hard work,
.       and keep it up.

TERRY   Thanks, Mr/s Lawson, thank you so much.

NAR.    John 15:8 says “This is to My Father’s glory,
.       that you bear much fruit,
.       showing yourselves to be My disciples...”
.       What if we had job evaluations as Christians?
.       What would yours sound like?