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PRINCESS WITHIN – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        turning from pride, selfishness, control
SCRIPTURE:    2 Corinthians 5:20, 1 Peter 2:9, 3:3
Style:        satire/conversation:  women learn what
.             it truly means to be of royalty,
.             by humbling themselves, then living
.             an unselfish life, and giving their control
.             over to God for continual makeovers.
Cast:         DIVAS 1-3, PRINCESS, BEGGAR
Costume & Props:
.  for DIVAS – each have tiara/crown,
.              cape/rich looking jacket and/or jewelry,
.              scepters/wands
.  for PRINCESS – plain but decent looking clothes,
.              plain but nice sweater or jacket
.              basket of water, health bars, small towels
.  for BEGGAR – raggedy sweater or jacket
.              trash bins with paper garbage
NOTE:          This can be followed by



(DIVAS 1-3 strut out onto stage from stage left,
all wearing crowns, capes and holding their scepters.)

D 1   I just love when it’s princess pampering day.

D 2   Everyday is princess pampering day.

D 3   We deserve every minute.  In fact,
.     they should invent another day,
.     just so we could have more
.     princess pampering days.

(BEGGAR wanders out from stage left and rummages around
through some trash bins.)

D 1   Oh, don’t look now, but there’s a beggar
.     about to encroach on our princess fun.

D 2   Ew!

D 3   Double ew!  She’s dumpster diving –               2
.     right in front of us.

(BEGGAR finds a raggedy sweater and happily puts it on.)

D 1   Did you see THAT?

(DIVA 2 dramatically covers her eyes with a hand.)

D 2   Oh, my eyes – my princess eyes!

D 3   Something should be done so that we never
.     have to be exposed to such horrible scenarios.

(BEGGAR sees the DIVAS and approaches.)

B     Excuse me, kind ladies.

D 1   Ladies, yes, kind – that just depends.

(DIVA 3 snickers and catches it with a hand over
her mouth.)

D 2   THAT should tell you – we are not interested.

B     I was just wondering if you could tell me
.     where I might find the princess of this region.

D 3   Why, certainly, that would be us.

(BEGGAR looks at the women dubiously.  Finally-)

B     I will - keep – looking.

(BEGGAR goes back to looking through the trash bins.)

D 1   (gasping)  Well, I never!

D 2   Did she just imply that WE are NOT princesses?

D 3   That would be my take-away.

D 2   But we are wearing crowns – and everything!

D 1   You’d think that our crowns would be
.     a very clear indication - of our princess-ness.

D 2   Indeed.                                           3

D 3   And speaking of our princess-hood-ness –
.     I require someone to fetch me something to drink.

(DIVA 3 looks around.  PRINCESS enters from stage right.
Seeing BEGGAR, PRINCESS is about to go to her, but
DIVAS get PRINCESS to come over to them.)

D 1   Oh look, what luck, there’s a servant-girl.

D 2   Servant-girl, yoo-hooo, over here.

D 3   Servant-girl!  I demand some service at once.
.     I’m very thirsty and would like some water.

P     But-

D 2   (waving her scepter)  Some princess-water!

D 1   The very best you have.

D 3   NOW-please!

(PRINCESS exits stage right.  BEGGAR notices PRINCESS
leaving and turns to the DIVAS.)

B     Oh, that must be the princess.

D 1   (gasping)  What are you talking about?

D 2   Oh, my ears – my princess ears!

D 3   That was nothing but a servant-girl.

B     (desperately)  But do you know-will she be back?

D 3   She better.  We just sent her for some water.

D 2   Princess-water!

D 1   Just do not impede our demands.  Our needs
.     certainly come before someone like you.
.     Since WE - are the princesses.

B     (matter-of-factly)  You’re no princess.

D 2   Ah!  My heart – my princess heart.                4
.     I cannot take such abuse.

D 1   Kindly step away, you’re casting a shadow on me.

B     (rolling eyes)  Beg your pardon.

(PRINCESS enters from stage right with a basket
of water bottles and holds it out to the DIVAS.
DIVA 1 begins to reach for a bottle when
PRINCESS notices BEGGAR now standing behind her,
then quickly swings the basket around to BEGGAR
to take from it first.  DIVA 1 lounges at thin air,
almost tipping over, then gasps.)

B     Oh, thank you.

(PRINCESS then turns to hold the basket out to
the DIVAS.)

p     Sorry about that.  I just saw that this lady
.     here was in desperate need.

(Each DIVA takes a water bottle while studying
PRINCESS skeptically.)

D 1   I can’t believe you just did that.

D 2   How dare you insult our princess-ness-es.

D 3   We will get you fired, for that.

(PRINCESS smiles and turns back to the BEGGAR.)

P     Do you need anything else?-

(DIVA 1 pushes PRINCESS to get out.)

D 1   Go away now.  Both of you!  I do not like
.     to see beggars treated better than me.

D 2   Or even the same.

(PRINCESS tries to say something to BEGGAR again,
but DIVA 1 pushes PRINCESS again.  PRINCESS then
exits stage right.)

P     (whispering to Beggar)  Don’t worry,              5
.     I will be back.

(BEGGAR turns to DIVAS.  DIVA 1 waves scepter at her.)

D 1   I would push you away too, I just don’t want
.     to touch you, is all.  Now get going.

B     (motions to back to the exiting Princess)
.     THAT – was a princess.

D 3   No way!

D 2   She doesn’t even have a crown.

D 1   (truly curious)  How can you say that?

B     Because, a TRUE princess is not prideful,
.     a TRUE princess is humble.

D 3   That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

D 2   Yeah, who would ever want to take off their crown?

(BEGGAR shrugs and exits stage right.  DIVAS 2 and 3
shake their heads with disgust, then exit stage left.
DIVA 1 stays behind, head down, thinking, maybe praying.
Finally, DIVA 1 takes off her crown.  Staring at it for
a few seconds, DIVA 1 finally drops it into a trash bin
and exits stage left.)


(DIVAS 1-3 enter stage left.  DIVA 1 is without her crown
this time.)

D 3   I cannot believe you lost your crown.

D 1   I didn’t lose it, I took it off.

D 2   Why?

D 1   I – I – I decided that – well – I wanted to –
.     show off my new hairstyle.

D 2   Oh.
.                                                       6
(DIVA 2-3 study DIVA 1’s hair with confusion.)

D 2   Is it new?  It kind of looks the same to me...
.     maybe.

(DIVA 1 remains a little sheepish.)

D 3   Whatever.  At least you still look super cute.

D 2   We are ALL so - super cute.

D 3   And you still have all your glamorous clothes.

D 2   Super glam!  We all score high on the glamor-meter.

D 3   And you still have all your bling.

D 2   (to DIVA 1)  As you always say,
.     “Don’t just bring it – BLING IT.”

D 1   I – I – I DID always say that, didn’t I?

D 2   You... (now thinking)  diiiid?

D 3   (to DIVA 1)  You DID?  What about – you DO?
.     Don’t you DO anymore?  What is wrong with you?

D 2   Sounds like someone needs to be re-princess-ified.

D 3   (getting excited)  Or – re-accessorized.

D 2   Oh, buying more bling always perks up my day.

D 3   Although, I could also stand a spa-day.

D 2   Oh, the choices!  There isn’t enough time
.     in the day to do it all.

(DIVA 3 studies the somber DIVA 1.)

D 3   Whatever we decide to do, we must do it quickly.
.     Someone looks like they are about - to - die.

(DIVA 2 holds up the hand with the scepter.)

D 2   I vote for bling-buying.
.                                                       7
D 3   Well, then, if I could just freshen up –
.     then I’d be completely rejuvenated to carry on
.     with our bling-buying-excursion.  Where is
.     that servant-girl when you need her?

(PRINCESS enters from stage right.)

D 3   Perfect timing.  Servant-girl!  We need hot
.     towels to freshen ourselves.  Immediately!
.     It is a matter of life and death.

(PRINCESS smiles humbly then exits.  BEGGAR enters
from stage right and wanders by the trash bins.)

D 3   Is that the same beggar from yesterday?

D 2   I don’t know, they all look alike to me.

D 3   Well, now those hot towels can’t get here
.     soon enough.  I just want to bathe myself
.     all over when I see such a tragedy.

(As PRINCESS re-enters, carrying a basket of rolled
towels, she sees BEGGAR and her raggedy sweater.
Putting down the basket, PRINCESS takes off her
own sweater, then touches the BEGGAR on the shoulders.
When BEGGAR turns around, PRINCESS holds out her
nice sweater.  BEGGAR quickly takes off her
raggedy sweater and puts on the new sweater,
hugging herself happily, then hugging the PRINCESS.
PRINCESS picks up the basket and holds it out to BEGGAR.
BEGGAR takes a towel and begins to wash her hands, face
and neck with it.)

D 2   Ew!

D 3   Double ew!

D 1   Amazing.

D 2   Grossly amazing.

D 3   Extra grossly amazing!

D 1   I actually – didn’t mean it THAT way.
.     I mean, that was so – REAL princess like.
.                                                       8
(DIVA 2 and 3 look at DIVA 1 with horror in their eyes.
Then finally...)

D 1   Like, it was so – selfless.

D 2   I know, right?

D 3   Definitely!  You have to be selfish if you
.     want to get everything you WANT in life.

(Meanwhile, PRINCESS takes the basket to the DIVAS.
DIVA 2 and 3 take a towel to wipe foreheads and necks.)

D 3   Ah, refreshing.

D 2   Super refreshing.

(PRINCESS holds out the basket to DIVA 1, who
shyly takes a towel and dabs at her face.)

D 1   Thank you.

P     (with a kind smile)  Any time.

(DIVAS 1-3 put the towels back in the basket.)

D 3   Now!  Let’s hurry before all the good stuff
.     is bought up.

(DIVA 2 follows DIVA 3 out stage left while talking.)

D 2   I saw the cutest little diamond bracelet
.     that would look so super cute on me.

D 3   I love looking sparkly.

D 2   I love looking super-stunningly-sparkly.

(PRINCESS turns to BEGGAR to get her towel, but
DIVA 1 quickly jumps in and rushes over to BEGGAR.)

D 1   Uhhhh, wait a minute.  Excuse me – uh...
.     hold out your hands.  Please.

(DIVA 1 takes off all her jewelry and puts them into
BEGGAR’S hands.  NOT the wedding ring if there is any.)
.                                                       9
D 1   I know you can sell these and get a lot for them.

B     This isn’t necessary.

D 1   Sure it is.  You need this far more - than –
.     than I need to be sparkly on the outside.
.     It just doesn’t seem to - go – you know?
.     They don’t seem to match with my inside.

B     Thanks.  Thank you so much.  This is probably
.     enough to put a down payment on a house!
.     And then buy some clothes and food besides.

D 1   Then, that’s what you should do.

(PRINCESS smiles at DIVA 1.  BEGGAR wants to hug DIVA 1,
but DIVA 1 just quickly sticks out a hand to shake
BEGGAR’s fingertips.)

B    I think I’m starting to see you sparkle a bit
.    from the inside.

(DIVA 1 smiles a quick awkward smile, then rushes out
stage left.  BEGGAR and PRINCESS exit stage right.)


(DIVAS 1-3 enter stage left.  DIVA 1 is without her crown
and her jewelry this time.)

D 3   I just don’t understand you at all.
.     Now you are not only - NOT wearing your crown,
.     but you are not wearing any bling – at all.

D 2   I would feel – like - so totally –un-bling-like.

D 3   And un-sparkly-ish.

D 2   It’s so unprincess-ish-ly.

D 1   (more in wonder)  Actually, I’ve never felt
.     more like a princess.

D 3   You are losing it!

D 2   Yeah, totally.  You have totally lost            10
.     your crown and jewelry.

D 3   I meant – she is totally losing her mind.

D 2   Oh, so how in the world can we help her find THAT?

D 3   I have a great shrink.

D 2   Definitely, I know a great princess-shrink.

D 1   I don’t need a shrink.  I have never -
.     actually felt - so in control of my life
.     as I do right now.

D 2   Well, that’s because you still have
.     your scepter.  If you’d give away your scepter,
.     you’d totally give away all your control.

(DIVA 1 looks at the scepter in her hand, then clutches
it close, but still wonders if this is a good thing.)

D 3   There’s nothing wrong with control!  My house
.     is my kingdom.  I am princess and controller
.     of everything, so I can make sure to always
.     get my way.

D 2   Indeed.  It’s totally my way – or – like -
.     it’s only – totally my way.

(BEGGAR, now looking more like PRINCESS, has entered
and is in the vicinity.)

B     So how is it that you all get along?

D 2   We’re just lucky that we all want the same things.

D 3   We all have such princessly-ME-centered-minds.

D 2   And us princesses want...
.     (thinking for something to demand)
.     more power.

(DIVA 3 waves her scepter around at BEGGAR.)

D 3   So, you - get - us - more - power.

B     Sure, I’ll get you some.                         11

(BEGGAR rushes out.)

D 2   That was easy.

D 3   It was.  So princess-girls, what are we
.     going to do this afternoon?

D 2   Well, after using up SO much energy in exerting
.     so much of our super-like-princess-power,
.     I really feel like... having a super-spa-day.

D 3   A super-princess-spa-day.

D 2   Sounds - so - super.

D 1   I don’t - feel like a spa-day.

(DIVA 2 and 3 are horrified.)

D 2   How can you NOT feel like a spa-day?

D 3   And just what DO you feel like?

D 1   I feel – like there could be something more.

D 2   Oh!  I could go for something more.

D 3   So what are we talking about, here?
.     We have, and have done pretty much everything.
.     Now the only thing left to get – is just – MORE!
.     We just need more of the same things.

(BEGGAR comes back out with a basket of power bars,
then holds them out to the DIVAS.)

D 3   So– what is THIS?

B     Power bars.  You said wanted more power.

D 3   (laughing)  I was just kind of joking around.

D 2   Well, now that it’s here, it’ll do.

(DIVAS 2 and 3 take a power bar.  DIVA 1 smiles and
waves her want as a ‘no thank you.’)
.                                                      12
D 1   Thanks for your thoughtfulness.  And I –
.     I apologize here for my friends’ – rudeness.

(BEGGAR quickly brings basket back to stage left.)

D 3   Whoa, strange princess-type-words!

D 2   So un-super-cute.

PRINCESS enters from stage right.)

D 1   Hi.

P     (smiling)  Hello.

D 3   Why are you being so nice to SUCH people
.     who will not get you anywhere in life?

D 2   Seriously, we need to get you some serious help.

D 1   I am – really fine - actually.

P     (to Diva 1)  We’re going to a ladies’ tea
.     just down the road.  Did you want to join us?

D 1   (sincere)  That sounds interesting.

D 2   You’re seriously not considering - THAT?

D 3   You’re not going to let someone else
.     tell you what to do, right?
.     (waving her scepter with a mystical voice)
.     You’re going to come to the spa with us!

D 1   So then I’m just supposed to let YOU tell me
.     what to do?

D 3   (angry)  You know what I mean.

(DIVA 3 stares at DIVA 1 for a while.  When DIVA 3
doesn’t get the reaction she wants, she waves her scepter
at DIVA 1 and speaks with intimidating wide eyes.)

D 3   You will come to the spa with us, or we will
.     not be your friends any more.

D 2   (waving her scepter)  Pleeeeaaasse come          13
.     to the spa with us and have lots of super fun-

D 3   (adding)  Or we will not be your friends any more.

D 2   Right, because friends super-glue-stick together.

D 1   Well, I hope we can still be friends, but I’m
.     not going to do EVERYTHING that you want.
.     I believe there are some things that I should
.     be doing besides.

D 2   (to Diva 3)  What does that even mean?

D 3   I don’t know.  What DOES that even mean?!

D 1   It means that I’ve made some MORE friends,
.     and I’m going to do some other things with them.
.     (waving her scepter at DIVAS 2 and 3)
.     Did you want to come?

D 3   No.

D 2   Bye.

D 3   Don’t even talk to her.

D 2   Well, maybe she’s on to something.

D 3   (laying out more of an edict)
.     UNLESS it is the fountain of youth-

D 2   (in childlike wonderment with a little gasp)
.     Or she’s actually becoming a real princess.

(DIVA 2 and 3 talk as they exit stage left.)

D 3   (waving scepter at Diva 2)  You be quiet.

D 2   (waving scepter at Diva 3)  YOU be quiet.

D 3   (waving scepter at Diva 2)  Stop talking.

D 2   (waving scepter at Diva 3)  Stop making me
.     think so much.  Oh wait, you don’t LIKE me
.     to think.  I don’t like to think.

(Once DIVA 2 and 3 are gone, PRINCESS looks            14
at DIVA 1 and sees her still hugging her scepter.)

P     (sincerely, kindly)  So why are you still
.     holding on to your scepter?

D 1   Isn’t self-control a good thing?

P     Is that for self-control?

D 1   (confessing)  Noooo... it’s to control everyone
.     and everything around me.  (thinking of something)
.     Can’t I keep it - so that I can make people –
.     do GOOD things?

P     That would still be manipulating people.

D 1   So what exactly MAKES a true princess?

P     Humility, selflessness, and pure motives.

D 1   I suppose I would not want to be manipulated
.     no matter what the reason or outcome.
.     Manipulation - is manipulation.

(PRINCESS smiles with tiny nods.  BEGGAR returns
and stands beside PRINCESS.)

P     Are we all ready to go?

B     Yes, I am so ready.

(DIVA 1 thinks.)

P     Are you all right?

D 1   (still thinking, finally)  Yes.

(PRINCESS and BEGGAR turn to exit stage right.
DIVA 1 gives her scepter one final look, then throws that
into the trash bin.)