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PRECIOUS GIFT – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus is the gift of salvation from God
SCRIPTURE:    Gen.22:1-13, Matt.2:11, Luke 21:1-4,
.             John 12:3, Rom.6:23, Eph.2:8-9,
.             1 Peter 3:18, Heb.11:4
Style:        drama/conversation: children wonder what
.             kind of gift they can give to God for
.             salvation, until they learn that it is free
Cast:         CHILD 1-7 (if you have more or less actors,
.             you can divide or combine the lines)
Set & Props:  podium, Bible


(CHILDREN enter and see the Bible on the podium.
Curious, they approach it.)

C 1   Someone left their Bible here.

C 2   It’s just a book.

C 1   No it’s not.  These are God’s words.

C 2   God wrote the book?

C 1   Yes, using men and through holy inspiration.

C 2   WHO is it for?

C 1   For everyone.

C 2   It’s still just a book.

C 1   The words in this book tell us
.     about God’s gift to us.

C 2   We get a gift?

C 1   Only if we accept it.

C 2   I like gifts.

C 3   Me too.  So how do we get it?

C 4   Remember when Jesus came to earth as a baby?      2

C 3   You mean the Christmas story?
.     Isn’t that story only good for Christmas time?

C 4   I think it’s good for anytime.
.     Jesus is God’s only Son.

C 3   I thought Jesus – is God?

C 4   Yeah, God came down to earth –
.     in a man’s body – as the Son of God.
.     Anyway, people brought gifts to Him.
.     The magi came with gold, and
.     frankincense and myrrh.

C 3   I have a gold chain I could give.

C 5   Oh, do you remember the woman, Mary,
.     who gave Jesus some very expensive perfume?

C 3   I could get some perfume too, I guess.

C 2   Too much for me.  I can’t afford anything
.     like that.

C 6   There was that part in the Bible
.     where rich people were giving lots of money
.     to the church.  And then a poor widow
.     only gave a few copper coins.
.     Jesus said that this woman put in more
.     than all of them because
.     she put in everything that she had.

C 2   Everything?  That takes a lot of guts.

C 7   Talking about guts – Abraham was
.     going to sacrifice his only son, Isaac.

C 2   You mean – kill him?

C 7   Yeah.  Well, Abraham was totally willing
.     to do that for God – but then God provided
.     a sheep for the sacrifice.

C 1   Back in the Old Testament times, people would
.     give sacrifices –
.                                                       3
C 2   Why?  Why would they do that?

C 1   To – cover their sins.  Romans 6:23 says that
.     “The wages of sin is death-“

C 2   What?  Sounds gruesome!

C 7   Or the people in the Old Testament times
.     would give sacrifices to show their thankfulness.
.     Like with Abel.  His gift of sacrifice
.     was better than Cain’s because Abel gave it
.     in faith, and with the right attitude.
.     But Abel’s sacrifice was the best
.     from the crops that he was growing.

C 2   So instead of sacrificing one of my pets, I could
.     just give God some fruit and vegetables?

C 1   No, we’re missing point here.
.     Let me finish reading Romans 5:23,
.     “For the wages of sin is death,
.     but the FREE gift of God is eternal life
.     in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

C 3   Okay, so what does that really mean?

C 1   We are all sinners.  And where there is sin,
.     there is death.  But Jesus died for us.
.     So if we accept Jesus as our Lord – we will have
.     the gift of God – which is eternal life.

C 2   But – what do we need to give – in order to
.     get that?  I don’t have very much to give.

C 3   I can give quite a bit.
.     My parents are super rich.

C 1   Nobody has enough.

C 3   What do you mean?

C 1   All the riches in the world are not enough.

C 3   Then we’re all doomed?

(CHILD 7 pages through the Bible to find Eph.2:8-9.)
.                                                       4
C 7   Let me read you something else, Ephesians 2:8-9,
.     “For by grace you have been saved through FAITH;
.     and that not of yourselves, it is the GIFT of God;
.     not as a result of WORKS so that no one may boast.”

C 1   It is a gift of God.  It is totally free.
.     All you have to do is have faith.

C 2   Ah, what about all those sins and death –
.     that you were talking about?

C 7   Jesus died for all our sins.  THAT is the gift.
.     1 Peter 3:18 says, “For Christ also died for sins
.     once for all, the just for the unjust,
.     so that He might bring us to God,
.     having been put to death in the flesh,
.     but made alive in the spirit.”

C 2   That is the best gift anyone could ever give.

C 1   You just have to decide if you want to accept it.

C 3   I suppose the question is – why wouldn’t you?

(CHILDREN exit.)