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PRAYER, THE ACT OF LOVE – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        Jesus prayed for us while on the cross
SCRIPTURE:    Mt.26-27, Mk.14-15, Lk.22-23, Jhn.18-19
Style:        drama/conversation: cousins at an Easter
.             family gathering discuss how their
.             grandparents’ love and pray for them,
.             which is an example of what Jesus did.
Cast:         OC 1-5 (OLDER COUSINS), YC 1-6 (YOUNGER)
.             NOTE: if you have less kids, more kids,
.             or kids who want more or less lines,
.             you can reassign the lines.
Set & Props:  They can sit on the floor IF congregation
.             can see them all, otherwise stand... OR
.             you can set up some chairs, old sofa/s.


(OLDER COUSINS 1-5 amble onto stage without enthusiasm.)

OC 1   What a drag.

OC 2   Quarantined to the basement rec room again.

OC 3   We’re pretty much adults now, I don’t see why
.      we can’t hang out with the adults.

OC 4   And we’ll probably still have to sit
.      at the kid’s table.

(YOUNGER COUSINS 1-5 bounce in and jump around the
OLDER COUSINS with excitement.  If it feels comfortable and
appropriate, some of the YOUNGER can hug an OLDER COUSIN.
Next three lines should over lap.)

YC 1   There you are!

YC 2   We FOUND you!

YC 3   I missed you.

OC 2   It’s not like we have any place to hide.

OC 5   (with sarcasm)  Isn’t it great to be loved?

(OLDER COUSINS groan and roll their eyes as they        2
sit down, if there are chairs, etc.)

YC 4   How come we only get to see each other
.      at Thanksgiving and Christmas – and Easter?

YC 5   Don’t forget SUMMER – when we have
.      the family gathering PICNIC.

OC 1   Those are okay.

OC 2   Yeah, at least in summer, we don’t have to listen
.      to some LONG Bible scripture reading.

OC 3   At least it’s at a big park.

(OLDER COUSINS look around the room sadly.)

OC 2   Yeah, Gram and Gramp’s rec room is so lame.

OC 3   No TV.

OC 4   No electronic games.

OC 5   No kidding.

YC 1   (cheerfully)  They have some puzzles!

OC 1   Done those!

OC 2   A gazillion times!

OC 3   Just wait, you’ll see.

YC 4   But these are difficult to do.

OC 4   And one day, you’ll have every piece memorized.

OC 3   Just wait, you’ll see.

(YOUNGER COUSIN jumps on the back of an OLDER COUSIN.)

YC 1   So WHY do we only get to see you
.      a few times a year?

OC 1   Because we couldn’t take much more than that.

OC 3   Right.  And from what the parents say,           3
.      it’s a lot of work to have us all get together.

OC 2   Yeah, I get wiped out just carrying
.      my dirty plates to the sink.
.      I can’t imagine washing them all.

OC 5   And Gram and Gramps aren’t getting any younger.

YC 4   They’re ANCIENT!

OC 1   They’re not THAT old.  At least, they’re
.      young-minded.

OC 3   Yeah, for old people, they are pretty cool.

YC 2   So why aren’t there more toys down here?

YC 3   Doesn’t Grandma and Grandpa LOVE us?

(OLDER COUSINS look at each other and feel slightly
guilty for leading the conversation to this point.)

OC 1   Well... they DO love us.

OC 4   DEFINITELY they love us.

OC 5   Just because they don’t have a lot of money
.      to buy games and stuff, doesn’t mean
.      they don’t love us.

YC 4   Well, whenever we say something,
.      like what we want for Christmas –

YC 5   Or about something that’s not going right
.      for us –

YC 4   All they say is, (impersonating a grandparent)
.      “Let’s pray about that.”

(OLDER COUSINS chuckle at this and nod.)

OC 1   Yeah, that’s exactly what they do.

OC 3   They’ve ALWAYS done that.

OC 2   Totally!
.                                                       4
(OLDER COUSINS stop and think about this for a while,
while the YOUNGER COUSINS quietly watch and wait.)

OC 1   You know, that just proves how much they really
.      DO love us.  I mean, think about it.

(YOUNGER COUSINS look up into the air, thinking,
and wondering, then shrug.  Other OLDER COUSINS
look at OC 1 curiously.)

OC 2   Think about what?

OC 1   Well, we just heard the scripture reading
.      from Luke.

OC 5   Yeah, I wasn’t really listening all that much.

OC 3   You’re not going to make us think right now
.      are you?  I can’t think when I’m this hungry.

OC 4   Yeah, just lay it out there for us.

OC 1   Well, Jesus was about to be crucified.
.      And He knew that it was not going to be fun.

OC 4   An understatement.

OC 2   Yeah, I always wondered why Jesus didn’t
.      just fight His way out.  I mean, isn’t that
.      a bit wimpy?  To just give in like that?

OC 3   Yeah, He didn’t even try TALKING His way out
.      of it.  He was innocent!  He could have gotten
.      a good lawyer or something.

OC 1   He COULD have, but He loves us and wanted
.      to provide a way for us to get to heaven.
.      And to do that, He HAD to die on the cross.
.      Where there is sin, there has to be death.
.      Jesus died in our place.

OC 2   Okay, but what is your point?

OC 1   Well, the people wanted a strong King
.      who would fight.  THEY probably thought,
.      if Jesus loved us, Jesus would stand up and fight.
.                                                       5
OC 3   Okay.  You’re right.  That’s what I’d think.

OC 1   But He did the opposite of what they expected
.      or wanted.  Jesus did what was NEEDED.
.      And then, what else did Jesus do all the time?

OC 2   I have no idea.

OC 3   You’re expecting us to read your mind
.      or something?  I’m too hungry for this.

OC 1   No, I just realized this.  Jesus PRAYED – a lot!
.      Jesus was ALWAYS praying.  And even when He was
.      hanging on the cross, with tons of pain,
.      He prayed for the people.

OC 3   You’re right.  He even prayed for the people
.      who were being mean to Him.

(While the OLDER COUSINS sit around pondering this,
the YOUNGER COUSINS scratch their heads.)

YC 2   So what are you talking about?

OC 3   Well, we’ve always made fun of Grandma and
.      Grandpa - about how they always tell us that –
.      they’re praying for us.

OC 1   Yeah.  And praying is not an easy thing to do.

OC 2   Especially praying for someone who is
.      thick-headed...

OC 5   (joking)  You’re referring to yourself?

OC 2   Duh!

OC 1   Anyway, I mean, here Jesus was suffering – for us,
.      but He didn’t even focus His prayers on Himself –

OC 4   Yeah, I totally would have been asking God
.      to take away all my pain.  Like – I mean –
.      I would have been totally whining about everything
.      I was feeling.  Forget about praying
.      for anybody else.

OC 5   Hmph.  I get it now.  So Jesus showed His love,  6
.      not only by dying on the cross for us,
.      but by still praying for us.

YC 5   Oooooh, so Grandma and Grandpa really show us
.      their love when they are always praying for us.

OC 1   Exactly.

OC 2   Yeah, I guess we NEED lots of prayer, don’t we?

YC 3   I suppose we DON’T need lots of toys.

YC 5   I know NOW I’m going to appreciate Gram and
.      Gramp’s prayers a whole lot more.

(YOUNGEST COUSIN 6 runs out.)

YC 6   Dinner time!

OC 3   Already?

YC 1   Are you going to sit with us?

YC 2   Pleeeeeease?

OC 1   (smiling)  Yeah, we’ll PROBABLY be sitting
.      with you.

OC 5   It’s good that SOME things never change.

(YOUNG COUSINS all cheers as they ALL exit.)