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PETER’S RECONCILIATION - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       reconciliation, Easter
SCRIPTURE:   John 21:15-24
Style:       drama/conversation:  Peter, John and Thomas
.            discuss Peter's experiences of betraying
.            Jesus and the reconciliation that followed
Cast:        Disciples: Peter, John, Thomas
Set & Props: robes


(JOHN and THOMAS enter.  PETER enters from the other side -
deep in thought.)

JOHN    Oh, here comes Peter.  Why do you think
.       he's Jesus's favorite disciple?
.       He always seems to be struggling with something.
.       Happy-angry-mournful-happy-angry-mournful...

THOMAS  You’re forgetting about “passionate.”
.       He’s so quick to react.  Although, I could
.       probably learn something from that.

JOHN    You mean, not reacting at ALL because
.       you DOUBT everything?

(PETER has now noticed and approached JOHN and THOMAS.)

PETER   John... Thomas.

JOHN    Just fill us in NOW - are you happy or upset?

PETER   Both.

THOMAS  I didn't realize that was possible.

JOHN    But you’re not still upset about betraying Jesus,
.       are you?

PETER   No, Jesus spoke with me after breakfast.
.       He said, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me more
.       than these?”  And, of course, I said,
.       “Yes, Lord: You know that I love You.”  Then He said,
.       “Tend My lambs.”  He did that three times.
.                                                        2
THOMAS  Why three times?

PETER   I did betray Him three times.

JOHN    Well on your behalf, at least you didn’t run away
.       like the rest of us.

PETER   Except I had promised Jesus I would follow Him
.       and even die for Him.  Jesus told me
.       I would betray Him three times.
.       I refused to believe that.  So when it
.       did happen – you can't imagine how bad I felt.

JOHN    But you’ve just reconciled with Jesus,
.       what’s the problem?

PETER   He just told me how I will help build His church.

THOMAS  That would be an honor – if indeed
.       that’s what you’ll do.

PETER   It is an honor - as well as a huge responsibility.
.       Jesus also gave me an idea of how I’m going to die.
.       Not exactly looking forward to that.  And then –
.       I HAD to stick my foot in my mouth – again!

JOHN    When will you learn?  What you say now?

PETER   I asked Him how YOU were going to die.

JOHN    Me?  So what did Jesus say?

PETER   He said, “If I want John to remain until I come,
.       what is that to you?  You follow Me!”

JOHN    Does that mean I won’t die?  That would –

THOMAS  Ah – that’s not what He meant.

JOHN    You doubt EVERYthing, don’t you!
.       You’re such a skeptic.

PETER   Skeptic or not, Thomas is right.  Basically,
.       Jesus told me to mind my own business.

(THOMAS nods with new understanding.)
.                                                        3
PETER   It shouldn’t matter to me how you or anybody else
.       is going to die.  I just have to learn
.       when to keep my mouth shut.  And when to open it.

JOHN    Well, there is certainly reason to open it now.

THOMAS  Yes, Jesus rising from the dead –
.       how could we have known?

JOHN    Ah, welllll –

PETER   Well, now looking back, Jesus did tell us
.       many times.  We just didn’t understand.
.       Thick heads and all.

THOMAS  Speak for yourself.  I just – had a hard time –
.       believing.

JOHN    Even though Jesus did one miracle after another?

PETER   Like I said - thick heads.

THOMAS  So this – Helper – that Jesus says
.       is going to come?

PETER   I believe it.  And I can't wait.
.       Someone to help guide me in what I say!
.       And Someone to help people understand
.       the gospel message.

JOHN    God really knows exactly what we need,
.       doesn't He.

PETER   Yes, like forgiveness.  Jesus’ death and
.       resurrection gave us an endless supply
.       of forgiveness.  For all those times
.       I open my big mouth and say something stupid.

THOMAS  I have a feeling your big mouth
.       will be used mightily by God.

JOHN    And this coming from a skeptic.

(ALL walk off together during the last two lines.)