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PATIENCE   - written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:       patience, waiting on God
SCRIPTURE:   Psalm 37:1-11
Style:       allegory/conversation:  Mom gives daughter
.            whatever she asks for, but because of this,
.            in the end, the daughter misses out
.            on the big treat.
Set & Props: table, chair, bowl, spoon, measuring cup,
.            doll with clothes, coloring book, crayons


(MOM puts a bowl onto the table and picks up the
measuring cup to start to pour.  DAUGHTER enters.)

D     Mom!  I’m bored.  Do something with me.

MOM   I have to make supper.
.     How about we play after we eat.

D     Pleeeeaase.

MOM   You can help me make supper.

D     I don’t want to do that.

MOM   But that way you would be doing
.     something with me.

D     Except I don’t want to do THAT.
.     I want to do something fun.

MOM   I’m making your favorite supper.

D     But I want to play dolls.
.     Can you get me my dolls?

(MOM puts everything down and brings over the doll
and clothes, then picks up the measuring cup
and starts to pour into the bowl.
DAUGHTER lays out the doll clothes, then tries
to put a dress onto the doll, but has problems.)

D     Mom, I want this dress on my doll.

MOM   Honey, I’m trying to make supper.
.                                                       2
D     But I want this dress on my doll.

(MOM puts everything down and puts the doll dress on.
MOM hands the doll back to DAUGHTER, and picks up the
measuring cup. DAUGHTER looks at her doll and sighs.)

MOM   What now?

D     I’m bored with this.
.     I want to color now.

MOM   My dear, at this rate,
.     I’m not going to have time
.     to make your favorite meal.

D     But I want to color!

MOM   If that’s what you want.

(MOM puts the doll and clothes away and gets the
coloring book and crayons.  MOM goes back to the cooking
and DAUGHTER starts to color.)

D     Mom. I am super hungry.  Can I eat now?

MOM   Darling, Honey, now you ARE going
.     to have to wait.  All I’ve been doing
.     is giving you what you THOUGHT you wanted.
.     And now that there IS something
.     you actually REALLY need,
.     and it isn’t ready yet –
.     because I was busy helping you
.     with all those other things.
.     In fact, I’m going to have to make
.     something else.  I don’t have enough time
.     to make your favorite meal anymore.

D     What?  Aw!

MOM   Aren’t we lucky that God doesn’t
.     always give us what we think we want,
.     and makes sure we get what we really need?
.     After we have asked God for something,
.     we need to trust Him and wait patiently.