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PARABLE OF SHARING – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        parable of the rich fool, hoarding
SCRIPTURE:    Luke 12:15-21
Style:        allegory/prose: as the narration
.             tells the story about how a rich ruler
.             had to change from being selfish
.             to wanting to share, the people finish off
.             each segment with their sentiments
Cast:         1-7 NARRATOR/s, 2-12 or more PEOPLE
.             NOTE: you can reassign lines appropriately
.             depending on how many actors you have
Set & Props:  as simple as you want


(KIDS can all enter and stand in a line, waiting to say
their lines, meanwhile acting along, or enter as needed.
KIDS can have their own lines, or several lines,
or different little groups can have their own lines,
or they can all say all the lines together.)

NAR. 1      There once was a rich ruler
.           in a land most abundant.
.           He had everything needed
.           to be happy and content.
.           And the workers of his land
.           enjoyed peace and fulfillment.

PERSON 1a   Life is good.

PERSON 1b   There’s nothing urgent.

NAR. 2      But there came a day
.           when the rich ruler saw
.           he could maybe have more
.           and was struck with selfish awe.
.           Maybe he should have more!
.           So he laid down the law!
.                                                      2
PERSON 2a   Our ruler wants more.

PERSON 2b   He will work us raw.

NAR. 3      As the rich ruler
.           grew greedier and greedier,
.           he forced his workers
.           to work harder and harder.
.           And so, very soon,
.           all they could do was murmur.

PERSON 3a   I’m so hungry I could scream.

PERSON 3b   I’m too tired to holler.

NAR. 4      With the money he made
.           he bought lots of stuff.
.           Every day he bought something
.           but it was never enough.
.           He need more storage,
.           Everything needed a shelf.

PERSON 4a   But where is the joy?

PERSON 4b   Life is now very tough.

NAR. 5      Soon there was nothing left,
.           the rich ruler had it all.
.           The workers were destitute,
.           and were ready to fall.
.           But blinded by greed,
.           he could not hear their call.

PERSON 5a   Too tired to walk.

PERSON 5b   Too tired to crawl.

NAR. 6      One day, the ruler’s eyes were opened,
.           his things were turning to rust and ruin.
.           And realizing he was no longer content,
.           he asked himself, “What was he doing?”
.           Tearing open the storage doors,
.           with a humble heart, he started caring.

PERSON 6a   This is good news!                            3

PERSON 6b   Our ruler is now sharing.

NAR. 7      A real lesson learned,
.           the most valuable part:
.           true joy is found in sharing
.           the treasures of one’s heart.