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PARABLE OF LEARNING – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        reason for parables
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 13:9-17
Style:        allegory/prose:  Alice gets stuck
.             in a world that does not make sense,
.             until she pays attention
Cast:         ALICE, 1-7 NARRATOR/s, 1-12 KIDS or more
Set & Props:  could make it fun with strange costumes


(KIDS can all enter and stand in a line, waiting to say
their lines, meanwhile acting along, or enter as needed.
KIDS can have their own lines, or several lines,
or different little groups can have their own lines,
or they can all say all the lines together.
These lines are all directed to ALICE
as if trying to relay a message/hold a conversation.)

(ALICE enters, wondering where s/he is,
then acts along to what is said throughout.)

(Have one NARRATOR, or
have a different NARRATOR for each verse.)

NAR. 1   One day, Alice opened her eyes.
.        She was somewhere else, to her surprise.
.        In another world, in a very strange land.
.        “What is this?” was her demand -

ALICE    Where do I stand?

NAR. 2   The strange creatures there, spoke nonsense.
.        But were quite sincere, in their defense.
.        Although everything seemed lopsy-swervy,
.        Everything sounded so very –

KID 1    Topsy-turvy!                                    2

KID 2    Be-bop smirchy!

(ALICE tries to “clean or unplug her ears”.)

NAR. 3   She could see them, and hear them well,
.        but their words were like a ringing bell.
.        Was there purpose to what they said?
.        Or was it just gibberish fed -

KID 3    Ticklish, instead?

KID 4    Did you bump your head?

(ALICE holds her head, wondering.)

NAR. 4   Was her thoughts about to explode?
.        Or was there perhaps a secret code?
.        But what if she listened really closely?
.        Was it meant only supposedly –

KID 5    As secrets mostly?

KID 6    To share all-mostly!?

(ALICE takes a curious step closer to KIDS,
leaning forward with hand to ear.)

NAR. 5   Curious now, she wanted to know more.
.        Was there a hidden window or door?
.        Was she to leave, or should she stay?
.        Time was surely ticking away -

KID 7    No time to play!

KID 8    There is a way.

(ALICE stands up straight and alert, eyes wide open.)

NAR. 6   Their message was becoming more clear.
.        And the new little friends were so dear.
.        With uncontainable excitement and glee,
.        They began to share their joyful plea –

KID 9    You can be free!                              3

KID 10   This is the key!

(KID 10 holds up pretend key, or points to offstage.)

NAR. 7   The answer to everything was always right there.
.        Not looking or listening was always the snare.
.        Happily, Alice embraced what she had found.
.        She was now - understanding the sound -

KID 11   Homeward bound!

KID 12   Safe and sound!

(ALICE takes and hugs the “key”
then rushes offstage with all the KIDS.)