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PARABLE OF JOY – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        parable of the yeast, spreading good news
SCRIPTURE:    Matt.13:33, Luke 13:20-21
Style:        allegory/prose:  as a narrator recites,
.             people act along to the story of how
.             a young girl added color to a drab world
Cast:         NARRATOR (1-8, if you want one per verse)
.             GIRL, PEOPLE (as many as you want,
.                there are 24 “people” lines in total)
Set & Props:  brightly colored scarves or pieces of fabric
.             (enough for everyone on stage)


(NARRATOR/S stand to the side and begin to recite.
PEOPLE enter, sad and dreary.)

NAR.1    In a land far, far away,
.        there lived people, gloomy and grey.
.        For no reason, they were sad,
.        with nothing happy to say.

PER.1a   It’s bad.

PER.1b   So sad.

PER.1c   There is no reason to be glad.

(PEOPLE look around helplessly, then one by one,
break down to cry and weep.)

NAR.2    They looked and they looked
.        and they tried and they tried;
.        but could not find hope anywhere,
.        so they cried and they cried.

PER.2a   It’s bad.                                       2

PER.2b   So sad.

PER.2c   There is no reason to be glad.

(GIRL enters dancing, who has a bright scarf
that flutters behind and all around her.
PEOPLE do not react to this, but remain sad.)

NAR.3    Then one day, a girl in color came to town
.        who did her best to get them to smile,
.        but all they could do was frown and frown.
.        Even as she danced, they pouted all the while.

PER.3a   It’s bad.

PER.3b   So sad.

PER.3c   There is no reason to be glad.

(PEOPLE start to scratch their heads and wonder,
but remain skeptical.)

NAR.4    Although the people started to realize
.        that the girl had something different.
.        Perhaps it was her very small size.
.        And they began to question and comment.

PER.4a   She’s very small.

PER.4b   Not very tall.

PER.4c   Not very helpful at all.

(PEOPLE start to get extra angry, grumpy and critical.)

NAR.5    They did stop to look and look,
.        and they wondered, and they thought;
.        but no matter, by hook or by crook,
.        they could never see what they ought.

PER.5a   I just do not get it.

PER.5b   She does not seem to fit.
.                                                       3
PER.5c   Not one little bit.

(PEOPLE one by one become more accepting,
as GIRL keeps dancing.)

NAR.6    So at first her presence did annoy -
.        But on and on and by and by
.        as the girl kept dancing on with joy
.        the color of her scarf caught their eye.

PER.6a   I think I see it.

PER.6b   I am seeing it bit by bit.

PER.6c   Something she has just might fit.

(GIRL now gets bunches of scarves to hand out to people.
She could give a handful to a few PEOPLE,
who in turn, hand them out to other PEOPLE
and so on until everyone has a scarf.)

NAR.7    Very soon, it did not take long,
.        the little girl’s joy began to spread.
.        Hope took root and love grew strong,
.        giving way, the grey and gloom was dead.

PER.7a   This is good.

PER.7b   Who knew we could?

PER.7c   We finally understood.

NAR.8    Then the land, which was far, far away,
.        began to live in a bright new color,
.        growing brighter and brighter every day,
.        because now they were encouraging each other.

PER.8a   We can choose our way.

PER.8b   Joy is here to stay!

PER.8b   So then, have a good day!

(ALL wave and dance off stage.)