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PARABLE OF DEDICATION – written by Tanis Harms
TOPIC:        parable of the lost sheep, and the lost coin
SCRIPTURE:    Matthew 18:12-14; Luke 15:3-7, 8-10
Style:        allegory/prose: narrator tells a story
.             about how much the king cares for
.             each one of them, and the people end
.             each verse with their sentiments
Cast:         1-6 NARRATOR/s, 6-36 PEOPLE
.             NOTE: you can reassign dialogue as it makes
.             sense depending on how many actors you have
Set & Props:  as simple as you want


NAR.1         There once was a king
.             in a kingdom far, far away,
.             who cared about each person
.             no matter what they did each day:

PERSON 1-A    I build homes.

PERSON 1-B    I clean homes.

PERSON 1-C    I bake bread.

PERSON 1-D    I butter the bread.

PERSON 1-E    I sew dresses.

PERSON 1-F    I clean up messes.

NAR.2         Everyone was important,
.             from the biggest to the smallest,
.             everyone in the king’s eyes,
.             from the lowest to the highest:

PERSON 2-A    I oversee people.                         2

PERSON 2-B    I sheer sheep wool.

PERSON 2-C    I make food taste good.

PERSON 2-D    I chop the wood.

PERSON 2-E    I dig for gold.

PERSON 2-F    I run a household.

NAR.3         One day, the king noticed
.             that a young boy was lost.
.             He asked the people about him,
.             wanting to find him at all cost.

PERSON 3-A    Who is he?

PERSON 3-B    Just a nobody?

PERSON 3-C    Then why look for him?

PERSON 3-D    Why go out on a limb?

PERSON 3-E    Why should we dare?

PERSON 3-F    Why should we care?

NAR.4         “The boy ONLY picked fruit”,
.             is what the people thought.
.             But the king knew better
.             and did what he ought.

PERSON 4-A    Where is our king?

PERSON 4-B    Is he out riding?

PERSON 4-C    Is he on his throne?

PERSON 4-D    Is he somewhere alone?

PERSON 4-E    Perhaps reading a book?

PERSON 4-F    Or did he go out to look?
.                                                      3
NAR.5         Soon there was no more fruit
.             and the people started to realize,
.             perhaps the boy did have value
.             much to their surprise

PERSON 5-A    I miss that kid.

PERSON 5-B    No matter what he did.

PERSON 5-C    He is worth it.

PERSON 5-D    Every little bit.

PERSON 5-E    I hope he is found.

PERSON 5-F    And safe and sound.

NAR.6         The king returned with the boy
.             which made everyone happy.
.             In order to celebrate,
.             the king threw a great party.

PERSON 6-A    It is very clear.

PERSON 6-B    There is reason to cheer.

PERSON 6-C    From the lowest to the highest.

PERSON 6-D    From the biggest to the smallest.

PERSON 6-E    Everyone is worth it.

PERSON 6-F    Every little bit.